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By all definitions, LSI(Love, Sex, Intelligence) is truly an expression of LOVE – in your personal relationships, of your self, of literature, poetry, music, and of the world around you.
Text them after they fall asleepText them after they fall asleep and describe in large detail everything that you adore about them.
If a woman sacrifices for you and still fights with you for silly things and if she cries for you and says sorry to make up after a fight , it means she really really really loves you and can do anything for you. Real men know how to love their woman .If a man loves you to the core he will make every effort to strengthen his relationship with you.

For many of us, love, and intelligence are interconnected and comprise a state of higher understanding, happiness, and contentment. If he values you he will never cheat on you physically or emotionally .If he cares about your feelings he will never make you cry. But if you find a man who cares about your feelings and loves you with all his heart and soul.
But most of the time, if you like the person, the voice isn’t that much of a problem.

If you ever find such a man who gives you that special place in his life and treats you like the queen of his heart then he is a keeper.

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