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At one point when I was younger, I thought that by the time I reached 25, I would be married with kids (which I am going to shorten to MWK). I should come up with a list of clever responses for all the nosey people who keep asking me what’s my deal.
After doing the math, I am aware that there are an odd number of men to women, and I’m the one that lucked out. Even though I am 30, I don’t ever want to find myself in a “might as well” situation just so I can be MWK. I might as well take being asked why I’m not MWK with a grain of salt and not let it bother me.
Even biologically, we're far from the times where having a baby at 19 was considered ancient.
So is there some formula that she should use to find a mate and get married before her eggs expire?
It's just sad that when people try to be happy regardless of if it happens or not, other people, without fail, will always try to make them feel less-than. Granted it does tend to be more difficult for a woman to get pregnant as she gets older, especially over 35.
Let us also factor in that older male fathers may be contributing to a lot of genetic disorders in children these days. So, if you ain’t making babies (of course you want to choose the right man and have the resources), you are failing at life. But the worst part is, that since you are in direct rebellion against nature, you want people to be silent about it, when they are doing you a favor trying to get you on the right track. My understanding of getting married and having kids business is that you have to find someone and then they have to kind of..
As southern girl said below , we have to understand that life is more than marriage and children, and that life might not be meant for you .
I think what a lot of these relationship expert forget to mentioned is that every man and women want be married or have children, even if thats what their aiming for.
At times we can get so bogged down with the timing and biological clocks, we forget the possibilities.
Is there some formula out there that ensures that you will meet a partner by a certain age and then be married by a certain age? For whatever reason, everyone is overlooking the other options to having children regardless of age or medical complications, such as surrogacy, adoption, and foster care. To what I think is your other point, if you've gone 30+ years and NEVER found a man worthy of commitment, I would revisit why your requirements are so stringent that no man in 30+ years has ever been able to meet them or what you are doing (or not doing) to not allow yourself the opportunity for such a man to meet you. The reality is as a woman no matter how good you look or how perfect you are you may not get proposed to.
And of course most of your fam and friends and society will say stay with him and hang in there wtih him.
And even if u do leave a man after 3 or 4 years well 3 or 4 years of your life is gone, and not coming back, so your starting over for another possible 3 to 4 years. Obviously we don't just choose marriage partners like we pick out a car, shoes, and clothes. I kinda feel bad for women tho since they 1) hate the thought of settling and 2) have to get one of the handful of guys who meet their standards to commit, and thats if he's even the type to commit in the first place.
More than being Mothers women were created to be nurturers, care-takers and keepers of the home.
Dragon Ball (??????? Doragon Boru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The scene from the episode was eventually uploaded by 4chan user and YouTuber Kajetokun[1] on October 17th, 2006.
In the Dragon Ball franchise, the Power Level is a recurring concept which denotes the combat strength of a warrior. The phrase continued to take hold on YTMND and 4chan, where the number 9000 soon became adapted as a slang term to describe something or someone of impressive strength. In April 2008, Kajetokun was interviewed by Cybernetic Tigerz of Japanator,[4] in which he explained that he had not expected the video to become so popular and that he had originally edited it as an inside joke for his friends.
J: When you made the Dragon Ball cutup, did you have any idea it would go on to become such a huge phenomenon over the Internet? The phrase “over 9000” once again resurged in September 2008, when an Anonymous troll left an alarming message on Oprah Winfrey’s message board, in which he claimed to represent an organized network of over 9,000 pedophiles. A video clip of Oprah’s message to her audience was promptly uploaded to YouTube, however it was quickly removed due to a copyright claim by Harpo, Inc. As we were chatting it up, I asked her what she had been up to, and her response was that she is married now and has two kids. In my mind, I just figured that when a man and babies was supposed to happen for me, it would.

A “might as well” situation is when you’ve been with someone for so many years, and you two have been through so much together, that you “might as well” just get married. With so much media influence, and these newfound relationship experts, I am not surprised people are so concerned with everyone else’s status. If there is no current prospect for marriage or pro-creation … you have to factor in the time it will take to find one. Okay the window is closing, so she just randomly pick someone to marry or just have a baby?
For decades we thought older mothers were the root of most of these issues, but now we're seeing that old sperm can cause issues as well. Waiting is when a woman has her loving man, who is capable, willing and able to build a family with her, and she wants to… WAIT.
Yall will shade and shame eachother until you’re all married to a man making 6 figues, with kids, and have Tracee Ellis Ross curls sprouting from your scalp. If you do not possess those qualities then you will not be a good or happy spouse or parent.
You could meet a man in college and he want to date you for a year and be girlfriend and boyfriend for 5 yrs.
Cause people forget when you have relationships that last for several years but they don't end in marriage or children that is adding time. But the people on the outside seem to think it's YOU who is running away from good possible mates.
SD please chill with generalizing men and women and putting everyone in one big category of who is supposed to do what.
With the ending of Dragon Ball, Toei Animation quickly released a second anime television series, Dragon Ball Z. According to Dragonball Wikia, the highest number ever officially read aloud from a scouter is Captain Ginyu’s reading of Goku’s power level, which after powering up, is 180,000.
In the following weeks of October 2006, YouTuber Kajetokun’s video quickly drew attention from the fans of Dragon Ball, inspiring a series of remix videos on YouTube, various image macros and demotivational posters on 4chan, as well as parody sites dedicated to the phrase on YTMND.
Oprah took the bait and read the post before her audience in an episode of the show, which was met by ecstatic responses from the Anonymous community praising the prank as an epic win. She returned the question, and I responded very candidly that I am not married, and I do not have any kids, but I have been working on my career, writing and traveling. There are times when I get asked the MWK question often enough that I start to ask myself what’s wrong with me? Sure, I have my moments when I want the Cosby life, but I also want to be MWK under the best circumstances possible. Even if you have that itch and want to get married as soon as possible, never make light of your other attributes.
She has been writing for leisure since college, but has only stepped into the blogosphere in the last couple of years.
And even people who are not able quickly and easily reproduce can get medical assistance, (granted extremely costly medical assistance) but they can get it and have as many bundles of joy as they want and can afford.
Single people are whats in nowadays, that's why there are so many entities in society that market to the demographic. I’m 22 , after looking at a lot of the people I graduated high school with having babies I am more than happy to say I am childless. I guess for women getting married and giving birth is what yall were put on earth to do right?? I don’t want to be a single parent, many are and that’s cool with most black people, but someone who waits is crazy? Please share that formula so that I can use it to make sure that I have a kid before my eggs expire. They can, however, date men that are looking for commitment, and pass up men that aren't looking for commitment. I know far too many (men and women) who are unhappily married or divorced because their requirements weren't stringent enough. I also came to the conclusion in my 30's that even though by that time I wanted to be married with children, I was not willing to put up with half the bullsh** that I saw other women put up with just to have a husband.
You can always find someone good on paper and make it do what it do, have your baby, then get divorced (or stay miserable), which seems to be a popular path. He may want u to wait til his career is established and you get a house before marrying and having kids. Not only that even if u do get married by 30 your partner may want to wait several years before having a child..then what? But even many Americans that have been married are now single because they are Divorced, and in on big hurry to remarry.
I was almost sure men found value in women outside of creating babies hence the attempts to not get a girl pregnant.

In the 28th episode titled “Goku’s Arrival,” the main protagonist character Goku returns to the Earth after intense training in the Other World to square off against Saiyan warriors Vegeta and Nappa, who had killed his friend Piccolo right before his arrival.
The highest power level ever mentioned in Dragon Ball Z is Frieza’s power level of 530,000, said by Frieza himself while battling Nail. It is really rude and equally annoying to get caught up in conversations with third party individuals and other randoms who feel the need to question my tax filing status and potential dependents. Then I take a look at where I am in my life and where I want to be and I am reminded that it’s just not my time yet.
It may not be your time for marriage or kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s not your time to shine somewhere else.
You have to meet and really connect with someone to consider marriage and children…yall act like people are not finding mates on purpose.
I just hate when women get more mature (i dare not say older) and blame their status on us not having our ish together, not being trustworthy, etc.
I think most know my view on the Bible, so I won't hash it out here, but for those who follow the teachings to the letter, it pretty much says that as well.
They marry someone and spend the entire relationship hoping and wishing for them to change and being miserable.
Hence why I was still single._I am not saying the reasons for people being single are bad ones at all, I am saying there are usually specific reasons. You can get married or not married, but that doesn't change the fact that a baby takes 9-months to make and IF you want to have that baby within a relationship, a relationship will take time itself to develop, unless you know a Disney spell that will allow you to both meet a husband and have a child in the same week. There is a lot we aren't mindful of with regards to marriage, children and relationships. You could be meant to protect your country and provide for the less fortunate or your family as far as siblings, parents, neices and nephews.
According to the Japanese manga publisher V-Jump, the overall highest power level is 2,500,000,000 of Super Saiyan Gogeta. A woman who was a paraplegic had a baby, a woman with no legs had a baby, a woman with breast cancer had a baby after having a double masectomy. I know a woman whose tubes were tied and she still got pregnant because they were burnt and clipped. Everyone needs to stop acting like childfree single ladies over 25 (because that's when the worries start) are fighting off good men they are in love with.
So the pressure is foolish and unwarranted because basically its telling people that they should rush to marry and have kids by a certain age because its the societal right thing to do and everybody does it. It is interesting to note that Goku’s power level is actually read as “over 8000” in the original Japanese and English-translated mangas as well as the original Japanese anime series.
I have met enough “might as well” couples that are only married because someone was ride or die and stuck it out through all the BS, but they don’t truly seem happy. Oh and lets not forget the biblical Sarah, Abrahams wife who had their first child in her 90s. Whatever age you are, you have to add 1 year (for the relationship, at minimum) and 9 months for the baby. I think we are taught to build our career and establish ourselves professionally before worrying about marriage. The guy she with may already have teenage kids and he may want them to be out the house rather than trying to bring in new life. I, for instance, work and live in a city where swirling (or going for biracial people) is what most college educated black people do. So the only time I’m worried about is the time I need to be taking to build myself up as a woman before a husband and kids. It has always been that way, I just never realized it because I was dating (and at a certain point engaged to)BM. Now, I am forced to give WM a chance because otherwise I am dealing with a high percentage of baby daddies (I am 27).
These are situations that happen and there is not much you can do to change it but being a good person.
The ones I meet or know are full of resentment towards a man they never wanted in the first place. I would like to love my future husband and father of my future kids, in a way that I would like my kids to find love as well.

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