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We all know that Microsoft has released Windows 8 final version (RTM) to public and now anyone can purchase and install Windows 8 in computer. Although this offer is valid only for the customers who qualify the above mentioned condition but it seems currently the offer is working for everyone. So initially the upgrade offer was introduced for Windows 7 PC owners who purchased the PC after June 2, 2012 but now anyone can get its benefit. How to Restore Missing “Send To” Menuitem in File and Folder Context Menus in Windows? I am not sure if the Product Key they have provided will work or not, will just wait and see. The latest loophole lets anyone to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $14.99, even if they haven't bought a Windows 7 PC in the last 4 months.
For the uninitiated, the MRP of Windows 8 Pro version is $169.99 and during the promotional offer period, which runs till Jan 31st 2013, Microsoft is offering a big $130 discount to encourage early adaption of the latest Windows OS. Shockingly, the WindowsUpgradeOffer page requires people to enter some extremely basic details about their Windows 7 PC purchase as shown below.
We tried hard to get in touch with Microsoft PR & executives to alert them, but without success. Update 2: Looks like Microsoft has finally woken up and has started to compulsorily ask for Windows 7 key.
Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Unlike any other previous operating system version of Windows, the Windows 8 Pro can be now availed as an upgrade option to even those users who have been using the pirated and Non-licensed version of the Windows 7 OS. Although this offer is available for normal users who have bought new PCs or laptops within the last 2 months, they can enter the original details and get the upgrade done, the others who have purchased their laptops and PCs months or years back can also avail the same by entering a very recent date. You will soon receive another email that includes your personal promotion code which enables you to receive the special promotional pricing for the digital download of Windows 8 Pro.
And in a few minutes, you would receive an Email from Microsoft along with the Promo Code you can use to purchase and get the discount.

You need to use that promo code while ordering using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, the tool which would check for the apps compatibility and then let you upgrade by taking your order and providing you with a 2GB download file for the installation.
The above trick is working for almost everyone, and this could be an attempt from Microsoft to make people move away from piracy and pay a minimal fee to be ethical and use the genuine products from Microsoft in their computers.
Users of Illegal pirated version of Windows 7 can now get the original licensed copy of Windows 8 for just $39.99 which is around $130 less than the original final price of Windows 8 Pro.
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You can either do a fresh installation of Windows 8 in your PC or you can upgrade your existing Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8. If you enter a valid promo code in the order form, you can get a discount and you'll need to spend less money i.e.
This promo code is provided by Microsoft to the customers who purchased a Windows 7 PC after June 2, 2012 as mentioned here. At the moment anyone can get a free promo code and can use it while purchasing Windows 8 to get the big discount. May be its an intentional move from Microsoft to encourage more people to purchase Windows 8 legally as it costs very less amount using the promo code in comparison of the actual cost of Windows 8 i.e. It asks for a product key and fails when provided a valid key purchased prior to June 2, 2012. So far I only register one for my new Soni laptop, as it was bought on July 7th lol, I was lucky to be in this time frame. If you are using Windows 7 , you can directly upgrade to Windows 8 using the current Upgrade Offer for existing customers .
Though we have had the original licensed OS versions, so the upgrading was a normal process, but for the users who were having the non-genuine version of the same, they can also upgrade to the latest Windows 8 OS which was launched yesterday, and this is possible for a very stunning price of US $13 or INR 699.
To avail the discount offer, you need to enter the date of purchase of the Windows 7 as something within the last 2 months.

That email will also include instructions on how to order the Windows 8 Pro download and how to purchase an optional DVD. If that was intentional, then Microsoft is at trying hard to make people ignore piracy and use Original Windows 8, or this could be an attempt to push Windows 8 to as many PCs as possible. That means, even if you are using an illegal version of Windows 7 and wanted to upgrade, Microsoft would allow you to do that and they won’t ask for the license key for the current operating system version you are using. You just need to enter your name, email ID, telephone number and a few details about your existing Windows 7 PC such as date of purchase, PC brand and model number. Additionally, Microsoft had announced that those who bought a Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012, and January 31, 2013 are eligible for a further discount and can actually upgrade for a meagre $14.99. This promo code can be used to purchase the Windows 8 Pro edition via the Windows 8 Upgrade assistant app, for a nominal fee of USD 14.99. But seeing the kind of details Microsoft is asking people to get the Windows 8 promo code, we think they’re just desperate to sell as many licenses as possible, even at a loss.
Microsoft won’t bother much about the model number, brand and the Name of retailer, but the date is an important part.
This offer is not just for the Windows 7 OS users, but also for the Windows Vista and Win XP. Although you should enter the correct details but it seems the form doesn't check the validity of the details and you can enter any information but the date of purchase should be greater than June 2, 2012.
If I decide to buy, with this promo code it would cost me only around 500 baht for an edition of Windows 8 that is packed with great features.

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