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In light of Naya Rivera's surprising recent Kim Kardashian diss, we sort of have to address the obvious; is it just us, or has Naya been looking an awful lot like Kim lately?
The 23-year-old has reportedly spent a mega $150,000 to look like the beauty icon with more than 50 cosmetic procedures including botox, laser hair removal, cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos and perhaps most notably, lip injections. These stars may have gotten more than the predisposition for fame from their celebrity parents; they've inherited their looks, as well. Looks like Herbert Chavez who under went 13 years of cosmetic surgery to make himself look more like Superman has found himself a like minded individual with a Russia’s woman who wants to look more like Jessica Rabbit. The Russian nail technician who desperately wants to look like Jessica Rabbit confessed she is addicted to cosmetic surgery, now also wants an even bigger pout plus elf ears a nose and a boob job.
Kristina received her first procedure at 17, because she was tired of being bullied because of her looks. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Lightboxes allow you to categorize groups of photos and send them to your friends or colleagues. It’s not just about women either—getting the respect of other men is important to us too, both in our personal and work life. Aesthetics, muscle, health and masculinity are all so closely related to one another that how we train and eat can roll over into every area of our life.
If anything, as men sometimes we tend to think attractiveness matters less than it actually does. The tricky part is that some of the traits we portray are obvious… but some we’d never even think to think of. I should also point out that caring about building a manly physique isn’t just a skinny-boy thing. These are really important questions, and right away smart women will make assumptions about all of them based on the very first impression you give them.
All women thus come programmed with the ability to pick out an attractive, healthy, strong, intelligent, honest man. It’s no coincidence that business suits are designed to make men seem broader in the shoulders – constructed shoulders are the padded push-up bras of male culture.
The first things women will take in is your overall shape, allowing them to get a quick guess at how you’ll stack up in all the following aesthetic arenas. This particular ratio—the golden ratio—appears all over the ideal human body (and throughout nature) and sculptors and artists have been using it for millennia to depict the ideal physique.
Having your midsection mastered immediately suggests a lot of things about you: a healthy diet, possible good genetics, physical health, youth, and, of course, self control.
The drive for muscularity in men is both very innate and very cultural—sort of a chicken and egg scenario. Muscles aren’t just a man thing though, and one of the main reasons we love them so much is because of women—women love a certain degree of muscularity too. As ectomorphs we can start getting the benefits of being muscular pretty early into our development, since we’re often starting out fairly lean.
Eventually we get to that optimal level where we don’t just look fit—we look strong and masculine.
Going from strong to jacked is no walk in the park, and adding muscle beyond that point is a challenge for most men. See, men have always wanted to be muscular and women have always been drawn to it, but the whole really muscular thing doesn’t work for women. Mastering our muscularity and midsection will go a long way to changing how attractive women find our faces. Facial masculinity is just one piece of the puzzle though, and the next piece is perhaps even more interesting: women can subconsciously pick up on what our skin tone is saying about us. The more hormonally balanced a man is the more a woman will be inclined to get into a relationship with him.
It’s possible to balance masculinity with an equally impressive degree of health, making you irresistibly masculine yet stable enough to rock a successful relationship. Women can tell how masculine we are from our body language, stride, voice, muscularity and even our scent.
The variance in testosterone levels between men is huge, and it has a big impact on our personalities, appearance and health.
On the flip side, overly high levels of testosterone are actually quite unattractive, as they can cause selfishness, volatility and fragility.
Interestingly enough, men in longterm relationships have slightly lower testosterone output. Asymmetrical shoulder heights are also really common among our members and sometimes take a bit longer to fix.
Better posture increases your perceived masculinity, height, status, strength, and confidence. This is fairly advanced stuff, and one reason why I don’t make my own workout programming.
We place a lot of emphasis on lifting heavy and adding mass, but we also dig building wickedly functional, strong and aesthetic bodies, so we always round out our workouts with some quick postural exercises. Any article on aesthetics needs to be broken up by gender, since both men and women dream of having a body that’s rather different from what the other gender dreams of waking up next to. Women prefer a man who’s significantly leaner and more muscular than average, you know, like a man found in Cosmo.
Ectomorphs aside though, most men want slightly more muscular physiques than the men found in Cosmo, shooting instead for the stronger look popular in Men’s Health. Generally the more interested in fitness a guy is, the more muscle related media he gets exposed to and the bigger he wants to become.
This niche of dudes has relatively distinct goals, so it deserves a bit of attention of its own. So while most guys and gals dig strong human-like proportions, some guys strive to achieve superhuman proportions. While many professional bodybuilders these days do simply focus on size, there’s often an equally large emphasis on proportions. His exaggerated physique and remarkable good looks made him one of the first bodybuilding celebrities. There’s a dark side to bodybuilding too, and steroid abuse is becoming quite common, permeating even novice bodybuilding circles. Professional bodybuilding culture began to evolve as drugs became more potent, and nowadays many guys who don’t even take steroids are accidentally following routines initially designed and optimized for steroid users. Drugs have a huge impact on what style of lifting is effective though, and information trickling down from the trial and error of guys using steroids (and other drugs) can make it very hard for natural guys to figure out how to train. Now that steroids have been around for a few decades, studies are showing them to be the male equivalent of anorexia and bulimia—both typically being the result of anxiety and body image issues. We’re better off using big compound lifts (bench press, squats, deadlifts, chin ups, etc) that naturally build muscle mass everywhere. This ensures that you can use your muscles to both literally and metaphorically pick up women. But there’s still a bit of a discrepancy between how woman want us to look and how we want ourselves to look. As a result our biceps are perhaps the most visible and impressive muscle on our body—to us. Women judge our strength primarily through our posterior chain (legs, glutes, lats and traps) and the width of our shoulders. One thing we struggle with though is the temptation to over-emphasize our arms and chest at the expense of our posterior chain. We thus often sacrifice our chest, a powerful muscle that actually makes us strong and women actually care about (study), by neglecting our posterior chain—which is the strongest and most physically appealing muscle group out there! For better or worse, women judge each other’s ability to attract men largely based on physical attractiveness.
So while women get jealous of other beautiful women, as men we instinctively infer status amongst one another largely from our strength, posture, athleticism and the strength of our jawlines.
Interestingly enough even a guy with wealth, socioeconomic status, ambition and confidence will still have more social success if he’s fit and healthy, both with men and women. As we touched in the woman section, how fit you look is usually an indicator of how fit you are.
Strenuous physical activity stresses the brain and promotes adaptation and growth, improving brain function and allowing the brain to better respond to future challenges. Building muscle is also a matter of nutrition, which is strongly tied to brain function as well, reducing anxiety, increasing energy levels, improving concentration, etc. This deserves an article all on its own, but long story short, improving your aesthetics can also boost your intellect, make you as emotionally stable as a rock, and increase your enjoyment of life.

Easier said than done, I know, but these are extremely achievable goals with huge rewards, both inside and out. Realizing and accepting this may be a very hard pill to swallow, but is essential for ones happiness. Message to my ex: we are both beautiful & great people who just happened to bring out the ugly in one another at times. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Not only did the Glee star go blond shortly after Kim did — Kim has since dyed her hair back to a darker shade — but Naya has also been boasting a bustier look and sharing sexy photos of herself on Instagram (and we all know that Kim is basically the queen of racy social media snaps).
Earlier this year Claire Leeson revealed she spent ?18,000 to look like her heroine; with an overhaul including a boob job and bum padding. Thanks to BuzzFeed, we can revel in the uncanny, nearly creepy symmetry of the side-by-side comparisons of stars, like Angelina Jolie and Colin Hanks, to their fathers or mothers.
In fact, she hated them so much she spent $6,000 (?4,000) on 100 silicone jabs — and still wants more.
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Even if we train and eat well for our health and performance, we also want to attract great women, and ultimately spending the rest of our lives with the one we want is a pretty damn big deal.
So too is getting the respect of ourselves. I know that confidence should come from within, but that confidence also needs to come from real accomplishments.
A new study just published at the University of Notre Dame found that the whole successful but otherwise unattractive guy marrying a beautiful woman stereotype is pretty much just a myth. In a study done on college football players—guys who are madly in love with their sport and whose careers depend on how well they perform—they found that while most of them listed power and performance as their reasons behind wanting muscular bodies… they also admitted to caring a whole hell of a lot about their physical appearance and sex appeal.
Combine the right bone structure with fat in the right places and muscle in the right places and bam—you get that instinctive response that turns your head and knocks the wind right out of you. There are traits we don’t even know exist that can have a powerful drug-like effect on women. The benefits go all the way down to our bones*, improving our health, strength, intelligence, performance and mood.
Well broad shoulders are very indicative of a strong man, since adding muscle to your body invariably adds several inches to your shoulders. Well obesity has always been a sign of suboptimal health, and it can result in a plethora of issues. Having beastly back musculature and strong glutes is also incredibly important, and will both make your waist seem smaller and your shoulders seem broader. Further studies needed to be done to determine an ideal level of muscularity independent from our shoulder width, and they found that broad shoulders are attractive even in absence of muscle, and muscle is attractive even in absence of broad shoulders. In today’s society the same basics hold true, and while we may not need to hunt down food ourselves, protein is not the cheapest of foods, healthy food is more expensive than heavily processed food, and consistently eating well and training requires good health, time and dedication. As soon as our shoulders, back, glutes and chest (in order of importance) start beefing up we do pretty great.
It takes longer, but women really start to feel feminine, sexy and safe around us, since we have a larger and more classically masculine physique. You’ll be able to protect her, provide for her and help her raise healthy muscular kids like you. See, regardless of how large our noses are, we want faces shaped by muscle, not bone or fat.
Having the right amount of red and yellow in our colouring is an indicator of health, and will make us appear more attractive. One theory here is that only the most desirable of women are able to attract a very masculine man and keep him. This is that gut-level kind of attraction that women find irresistible—they’re just drawn to it. Having the right amount of masculine hormones changes us right down to the way we smell, and that can either make our scent irresistible to women or instinctively give them bad vibes. In a study done just a couple weeks ago they found that men whose testosterone levels had been increased (using a gel) were significantly more honest than the men who were given a placebo. While the golden zone of testosterone improves strength, confidence, integrity and ambition, overly high levels of testosterone can in some cases make men emotionally unstable (study), less likely to stick around in a relationship and more prone to illness. Testosterone is a costly hormone, and too much of it not only increases the likelihood that we’ll do stupidly dangerous crap, it also sacrifices our immune system in favour of power. Strength training and solid muscle-building nutrition will help regulate your masculinizing hormones (like testosterone) and feminizing hormones (like estrogen), and staying lean will help as well.
Just like your face is probably pretty symmetrical, chances are your muscles were relatively symmetrical by default but your lopsided desk-dude lifestyle has resulted in some asymmetries. Posture is so finely tied to status and confidence that improving your posture will improve not only the impression you give off, but also how confident you feel. Hockey players, soccer players and bikers often have large legs combined with small upper bodies (the t-rex), rock climbers tend to have really big backs with small chests and triceps, tennis players get one big arm and one little arm, and basketball players are often really tall. The best way to get an unbalanced body is by taking up desk-hunching and couch-riding without any solid physical activity. You really do want strong and plump pecs, since they’re such a huge indicator of muscularity and strength.
Muscle is a very masculine thing historically, culturally and biologically (men have much more muscle-building potential than women do) so it makes sense that we just want more of it. Perception varies between subcultures, and while women have a rather uniform preference for healthy, strong and athletic looking guys, different subsets of men shoot for different goals. Steve Reeves was among the early mainstream bodybuilding pioneers in the 40’s, taking relatively low doses of steroids (if any) by modern standards. Like Reeves, he was handsome and charismatic enough to popularize his even more exaggeratedly masculine physique and have massive success in the mainstream. Not so long ago this wasn’t a very well researched topic, and many of the bodybuilding pioneers were responsible for figuring out what worked best by simple trial and error.
This can affect how your body adapts, although many of the myths surrounding bulkier guys, like being slow or inflexible, are false. The same drive that causes even very thin women to develop eating disorders results in even already very muscular men taking steroids. It isn’t an obsession with beauty, after all, and more so an urge to develop extreme masculinity.
See, women place a high priority on balance and function… and don’t typically judge us based on how we look in the mirror. Since we judge ourselves partly based on how large our biceps are, we also look for it in other men.
And the good news is that so long as we’re strong and functional we can increase our arm size and get the best of all worlds. When it comes to men sizing each other up for competition though we don’t much care how attractive the other guy is, and place twice as much emphasis on how socially dominant* they are. As a result a good training program will have an impact on your memory, concentration, mood and ability to learn.
When you see a pristine Ferrari you instinctively expect what’s under the hood to be pretty impressive, too.
Part of being a normal healthy man is caring about the impression we give off, and we know that a lot of that has to do with our strength and muscularity. Our physical appearance is such an accurate representation of our health and strength that we really don’t need to be ashamed about caring about it.
Building muscle beyond a certain threshold is challenging and requires both consistency and patience, but as ectomorphs we often experience very rapid growth when we first begin training.
Don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay. Sometimes in our lives we are confronted with a huge problem, after giving a considerable length of time after breaking up, just when we think we are over someone we find ourselves feeling as though we cant make it without our ex lover.
If you are one of many of us in the world, and havent found or ever been in what you may consider true love, do not worry because you are not alone. Aside from their similar looks, both women became engaged to high-profile rappers in October; Kim said yes to Kanye West, and Naya to Kanye's protege, Big Sean. Sometimes a woman’s shape, personality, face, voice—it all just adds up to make her absolutely irresistible. And, of course, even once we have her that doesn’t mean we should stop striving to be the man of her dreams. Being able to put in the time and dedication required to build a strong, healthy and capable body is one of many things that can give us a true kind of confidence. It turns out that attractiveness attracts attractiveness, just like success attracts success.

Personal preference has its place, but a lot of it, in fact almost all of it, is basic human nature with some social conditioning sprinkled on top. I often find myself tempted to click on ridiculous ads featuring photoshopped girls for that very reason.
He’s a smart and well-read guy, too, and his voice, physique and confidence all make for a hell of a lot of charisma when he speaks. Some strong athletic masculine men convey them naturally, but I’ve always found that it pays to consciously know how we can improve, even if just to encourage ourselves to be the most that we can be.
Every study is in unanimous agreement here, and you’re probably already well aware of it. Since our male hormones cause us to store a lot of fat in our midsection, the best way to quickly spot a chubster is to look at his belt size. Thus broad shoulders are only attractive when paired with a proportionately small waist. Generally speaking a bit of fat isn’t necessarily bad, and thus throughout most of history being a little pudgy was okay. No matter how muscular a chubby guy is they still have the sex appeal of an overweight guy (less than a skinny guy). Generally though being extremely lean is a way for us to show off to each other—not to women. As men we have different biological priorities combined with exposure to different media than women.
Since the beginning of humanity only the most capable of men have been able to build muscle. Since muscularity is such an innate masculine goal it can almost be assumed that every man would prefer to have it, all else equal. It might be costly and dangerous to parade it around, and it may mean they die sooner (either of illness or lion).
This will build up manly jaw muscles and chisel out our faces, making us appear more masculine, which women find sexually irresistible.(study) Interestingly enough, the more attractive a woman thinks she is, the more drawn to masculine facial features she is.
Not fair, us slenderly muscled ectomorphs might think, but once again this is not out of our control. Looks like the confidence and power that comes with testosterone also gives us the strength to man up and be honest with one another.
If you’re doing all that right you can just let your hormones take care of themselves. Luckily I was able to gain 40 pounds while addressing it, so once again it’s not something that should get in our way. To make things even more interesting, proper posture actually increases our testosterone output and improves the transmission of strength from our lower body to our upper body.
It’s also why we highly encourage our members to take photos and post them on the forum.
In a way that’s a good thing, because it allows them to kick serious ass at their sport. We naturally gravitate towards certain exercises and making a program ourselves inevitably leads to a  body that we think looks good in the mirror but that women are confused and repelled by. Some things will tighten up, some things will stretch out, some muscles will get lazy (like your ass), and others will get tendonitis.
That can definitely be a good thing, but many weightlifting enthusiasts eventually get to a point where they’re overestimating what women want by as much as 30 pounds. To determine muscularity you’d start by measuring something fixed, like your wrist size, and then building up your relaxed arm, neck and calf muscles to 250% of that size. Guys like Schwarzenegger and his friends would try out a variety of techniques, see what worked, and then pass on that information to others.
Improving our back strength is the best way to make them bigger (think chin ups), and improving our fitness levels results in a prominent vein running through them (due to increased oxygen delivery). As such we typically gravitate towards a physique where the arms are ever so slightly proportionally larger. An underdeveloped posterior chain results in muscular balance issues which prevent the pec muscles from being properly activated in chest lifts, like the bench press.
Women are being judged a lot more based on their status, intelligence and earning power, whereas men are beginning to be judged a little more on their sex appeal, strength, attractiveness and health.
Becoming better looking (the right way) can make us more ambitious, healthier, stronger, more attractive to women, more respected by men, smarter, live longer and have better brain health.
If we can do that while correcting our posture and alignment we very quickly start to look pretty good. Missing someone, especially someone that we love dearly but cant be with like we would like to, is a difficult part of life that we all have to deal with. In order for a relationship to be excessively great it is important to find someone that gives you the confidence and support to succeed in life. Though they may not have the same body type, they are definitely on the same page when it comes to crop tops and skintight dresses.
He’s been lifting heavy things and eating big his entire life, resulting in around 100 of those pounds being in his shoulders.
Understandably—if a bear set me back down I’d seriously consider the same exit strategy. They win points from men for being stronger, but their guts fail to win them points with women.
Train your weaker side first, and limit your dominant side to whatever your weaker side can do. They also need to be careful though, because unbalanced musculature can limit performance and increase the chance of injuries.
Back muscles respond better to a higher volume and will contribute more to your athleticism and aestheticism than your chest. He’d do three full body workouts per week, his training volume was moderate, and he primarily used compound lifts that worked many different muscle groups at once. That certainly doesn’t describe every bodybuilder though (or even every steroid user). The stronger and more masculine someone is the more physically dominant they are, and that’s the advantage that incredibly physically powerful men have. Are you physically, mentally and genetically healthy enough not just to survive, but to thrive? We hear about the problems of obesity every single day, while being lean is an increasingly rare and impressive trait. A very lean 200 pounds (under 10% bodyfat) is the upper limit of muscularity for most 6″ tall men, even with many years of intelligent and consistent training. Peahens want the most badass offspring possible and don’t really care about what happens to their mate after they mate.
The first phase of our program features a lot of unilateral lifts and by the end of it most of our guys are pretty symmetrical and a hell of a lot more muscular.
Luckily most of us ectomorphs have a very similar and distinct problem: upper and lower crossed syndrome with internally rotated shoulders (shown above). A degree of physique specialization is recommended for athletes, but it shouldn’t be haphazard. This is especially important for us ectomorphs who look like a lollipop when viewed from the side, since your back musculature is responsible for two thirds of the thickness of your upper body. That information would then be spread around in muscle magazines, eventually trickling down to the mainstream.
He’s got broad shoulders, a tight waist, great posture, solid definition in his chest and an overall athletic look. We’re built to automatically respect men who display certain traits, and in a similar but different way some of our male traits can create gut-level attraction in women.
He has to get all of his clothing not just tailored but completely custom made to accommodate his cartooned musculature.
A higher intake of fruits and vegetables (nutrition), higher levels of oxygenated blood (exercise) and more melanin production (both) will all help.
Combine that with his deep booming voice and the overall effect is pretty wild—when he speaks the room falls silent, when he walks down the sidewalk guys give him a wide berth, and when he asks you for something you hurriedly splurt out a yes, often before he finishes his sentence. They want a man who’s emotionally stable enough to stick around and healthy enough to survive.
He also has proportionally large arms and shoulders, making his physique a common goal among men. This is especially true with us ectomorphs, since he’s a good example of an ectomorph who successfully added some muscle to his frame.

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