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Patterns, ponchos, shawls, capes, tops, cardigans, purses, necklaces, infant outfits, sun-dresses, cute booties, bonnets and more New designs added often.
Crocheting and crochet Wedding Dresses Crocheting is one of the oldest forms of needlework. Armed with some skills, creativity, and women's plus size crochet patterns, you can make everything from a poncho to a y lingerie set.
The internet presents rather an enormous resource for free Patterns, if you know how to deal with them.
If you take a close look at the Pattern I have chosen you will see that there are measurements written on every single line which is a great start however; the first thing I will need to do is draw a scale grid across the entire illustration. How I decide the scale of the grid I need to draw is this: I measure one of the lines which has a definite measurement on it.
To actually draw the grid I find a straight line on the Pattern and extend it, then draw a line at 90 Degrees to it as illustrated above left.
I mark point (1) on the Pattern then measure across then down to mark point (2), and join them with a dotted line to form the Shoulder. Proceeding in this fashion I slowly work across and down until I have marked up the whole Pattern. Scaling Patterns really is relatively easy if you are willing to take time on the laborious job of marking your grid correctly. The other form of Pattern popping up more and more frequently is the PDF Pattern which also requires a little work before it can be used however; much less that scaling! PDF Patterns are great value for money, with the majority of the smaller Pattern companies offering them at a lower price because you print them out.

There are some amazing free PDF Patterns out there including Colette’s Sorbetto, and some pretty amazing free Dresses and Skirts from Burda¬†among others. Please also don’t forget to comment on my interview with Sarai of Colette Patterns to win fabric and notions to make your very own Sorbetto!
Women love to crochet, and fortunately, many of today's modern styles embrace the delicate look of crochet. Visit Bizrate to find the best deals on Women's Dresses from Venus, Rip Curl and Tbags. Often they are simply illustrations with measurement guidelines and it is intended that the user scales them up to size, then makes any fit adjustments necessary before making up. I have a very specific way of dealing with them which is somewhat time consuming however; I find that the process informs me on different methods of patterning, design and simply furthers my knowledge so I rather enjoy it! The reason for this- which seems a little like I am making work for myself- is that it will be invaluable in showing me the correct angle of pieces like the Armhole, or Collar. Using the measurements annotated on the Vintage Pattern I can mark points (3) and (4) easily.
The final stage will be to re-size this Pattern to your measurements but this can be made a little easier if your draft of the Vintage Pattern is placed on top of your Basic Block. This can be avoided by carefully observing the scale the Pattern needs to be printed at and following the manufacturers guidelines. Come back tomorrow for another stunning Wordless Wednesday and visit later this week to find words of wisdom on Fitting and transferring Fitting to a Flat Pattern. At The Midnight Atelier I create beautiful, historically inspired Costumes and Fashion pieces for clients all over the world.

The following method can also be used for Vintage patterns in books such as The Cut of Womens Clothes and Corsets and Crinolines however; these illustrations have usually been drawn to a scale which is enormously helpful! I measure this in millimeters then divide the millimeters measurement by three to ascertain how many millimeters an inch is. Next, I start marking 3mm dots at the bottom, then the top of the Pattern as illustrated in the middle. Counting grid squares down I can mark point (5), then join the three points to make the Bust Dart. I would strongly advocate a Toile be made up of all Vintage Patterns which have needed to be scaled up not simply because there may be slight errors in the scaling but because Vintage Patterns were drafted to fit a very different body type that we have today, and are often very small. Some offer the options to have a file type which will be recognized by your local Printers. I also run Bristol Sewing Club over copious amounts of tea and biscuits, and try to share all of my shenanigans here! In this case you can pay a few pounds to have the Pattern printed onto A0 size paper much like a commercial pattern. Never mind, I like the Pattern so much I am more than up for drawing a grid 3mm x 3mm all over it! Now I know that every box on my grid will measure 1″ in real life which is ideal as Dot and Cross Pattern Paper is in inches!

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