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Why report from dangerous front lines when you can kick back in a comfy studio in New York?
Some details about the first book, the Asian memoir, are provided below. My memoir is about my life to date. My “Asian memoir” has many hot and steamy love scenes that will have censors frowning and scowling, but your partner (if you have one), smiling. My story is about  fighting for “women’s rights”, against racism and Gender-based violence.
I see in the Gold Coast Bulletin of 19 September 2013, an article by Shannon Willoughby (their star reporter, who we have dealt with), under the heading “Redneck racists go home”, the following: “Sometimes I wonder whether our real belief system is based on Commodores (big Holden cars), jet-skis, tattoos and Jim Beam”. After I left Cambodia, I thought I had escaped a society in which violence and sexual abuse against women is common, usually unpunished.
USA Republicans - right wing zealots - Large numbers of these zealots want to make abortion illegal even in the case of rape or incest, some even if a women’s life could be in danger. Rick Santorum, former US Senator and Presidential candidate, who says one should only have sex for breeding purposes.
My “Asian memoir” states that women should be masters of their own bodies.  I support abortion even in the 3rd trimester, if the women’s health may be in danger, or there is evidence that the foetus is not normal. The antiabortion movement's first victory, a major setback to abortion rights, came in July 1976, when Congress passed the Hyde Amendment banning Medicaid funding for abortion unless a woman's life was in danger.
In the aftermath of Casey, many states have passed similar restrictions, which have the effect of limiting access to abortion, especially for women with low incomes, teenage women, and women of color.
These infringements on abortion access have curtailed the abortion rights of millions of women. Doctor is completely on my side, we are fighting for freedom of speech and expression, just like Socrates did in 450 BC. President of the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia Hang Puthea also said the NEC was right to encourage caution on social media. On  the next page I show that “My Story” is also a plea for a changed world, free of discrimination and racism. The Shop Partner is exclusively and solely responsible for the design and content of this shop. The High Priestess represents what is mysterious and intriguing.  While she maintains her mystery she has power, if she was to reveal her mystery she would lose her power for mystery is energy. Actually from 1970 to 2013, a vast vista encompassing Cambodia (half of MY STORY), many strange countries we worked and lived in (like the USA and Mongolia),  and experiences, events, injustices, abuse and racism, a lot of it in Australia.
But it is also full of sex, violence, murder, rape, attempted murder, abuse, racism & discrimination.

In addition to fighting for "women's rights", I am correcting history - lies about the “Khmer Rouge genocide” - “Pol Pot” - Cambodian holocaust (genocide). In addition to women empowerment, I am debunking holocaust-denial films like “The killing Fields” and “Enemies of the People”. They have never fully developed from their primitive origins of wanting to hunt, enslave, conduct war, rape and pillage. I don’t know what they are about, but when forced to watch by doctor, I see many hairy monsters being carried off the field, injured. This and their innate aggression is why so many women are victims of gender-based violence all over the world. In seeking love, it is important to recognize what men are - weak creatures, needing women to prop them up. These are also the gun lovers, animal murderers (kill animals for pleasure), who don’t believe in evolution. If neither is the case, women should give birth and have the child adopted, if this is what they want. Wade left a lot of power to doctors and to government, it was an important victory for women.
Following the federal government, many states stopped funding ``medically unnecessary'' abortions.
In the face of the unrelenting efforts of the antiabortion movement, those of us who believe that women should make their own reproductive decisions will have to become involved in the ongoing struggle to preserve and expand abortion rights.
Freedom of expression must be in the context of preserving morals, the economy, security of the country and peace. His “People’s Power Party” has seen uninterrupted rule for over a quarter of a century. In 1997, when last Hun Sen lost an election, he butchered and exiled his opposition in a bloody military coup. Since then, he has presided over a tragically failed state, the victim of theKhmer Rouge, of whom Hun Sen was a participating member, and since then squatted upon by his regime and a large collection of foreign backers. Each day is just another day  for “Cambodia Girl” and the “Women General” to encourage the charge for all women, girls, children – to kick out a regime that does NOT respect and recognize women’s rights to freedom of speech and expression. We, all of us, and those living overseas, say you must be brave and stand up all the time - we are with you all the way to the victory day. To the Freedom Day!
I was in the thick of it  - that was the earth-shaking time for me as a daughter of a Patriot and Freedom-Fighter Leader. Because she is mystery each of her revelations is a door to another of her secrets for she has the ability to morph into another aspect of her personality.  She is the eternal quest that is forever illusive.
My life experience compels me to be a “Woman General” to fight for “women’s rights” all over the world!

In the Bulletin on 11 September 2013, the front page headline is “Champ’s Chomp” – here Anthony Watts, a rugby league player, was banned from matches for 8 weeks for biting the penis of another player. The power of your beliefs, combined with your star signs, will lead to enlightenment, even rebirth.
Although the decision did not guarantee that women would be able to get abortions when they wanted to, legalization and the growing consciousness of women's needs brought better, safer abortion services.
The result was immediate in terms of harm and discrimination against women living in poverty. She escaped sex traffickers and death at the hands of her mother and the mistress of her father (a war hero). On 8 March 2014 with the support of monks we came a step closer towards changing the regime. This means Hun Sen must go!
Now I hope this will be another earth-shaking time - we must not lose this opportunity for regime change.  LOVE OF LIFE demands we act. Her message is that to be immortal we need to embrace ambiguity and be excited by perpetual waves of possibility and hazard. In addition, to dominate other men, and all women (if they can) – they devote what remains of their time to manly pursuits (sports, especially rugby, football), and their careers. For the women who had access to legal abortions, severe infections, fever, and hemorrhaging from illegal or self- induced abortions became a thing of the past. In October 1977, Rosie Jimeaanez, a Texas woman, died from an illegal abortion in Mexico, after Texas stopped funding Medicaid abortions. For my developing platform (and photos), please search Google for ‘Sokhom Prins’ and for “Love of Life” - where I rank number 2 out of 2.9 billion results. Protection of a ``viable fetus'' (able to survive outside the womb) is allowed only during the third trimester. Later she meets her prince, is reborn miraculously, still full of hope, into a new life full of love, sex and richness, but also into a world of injustice. If a pregnant woman's life or health is endangered, she cannot be forced to continue the pregnancy. Local women's groups set up public referral services, and women in some areas organized women-controlled nonprofit abortion facilities. These efforts turned out to be just the beginning of a longer struggle to preserve legal abortion and to make it accessible to all women.

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