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You will also find is that when Buffett talks about a topic, in a sentence or two, he will say more than most so called Wall Street pros can say in an entire page.
Warren Buffett only wants companies that are already succeeding, companies that have been real world tested. Translation: This is another one of the statements that proves Warren Buffett is a genius, perhaps without equal. Why would a brilliant research doctor who probably knows more about drug creation than 99% of the people on earth go and buy software companies in his own portfolio. Decades ago, Warren Buffett invested only a couple million dollars in the Washington Post newspaper. IF CALCULAS OR ALGEBRA WERE REQUIRED TO BE A GREAT INVESTOR, I’D HAVE TO GO BACK TO DELIVERING NEWSPAPERS.
Translation: We have seen detailed financial projections based on estimates carried to the third decimal place.
It would seem that many investors want to make more out of an investment than common sense.
When Warren Buffett does a deal with an owner of another company, it’s always done via a handshake.
Buffett has also publicly stated that an investor should never confuse short-term quotational losses with permanent erosion of capital.
The point is that in the baseball game that Warren Buffett plays in, you get to stand at the plate all day, and you never have to hit if you don’t want to. We are VALUE PLAYERS who seek to conservatively increase your capital while keeping an ever watchful eye on the potential downside as well. We’ve all experienced that moment of inspiration in comics — when a superhero says something that both personifies their mission in life as well as their moral fortitude.
Superheroes depicted within the collection include Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow.
Beyond his work with the main DC crew, Thompson’s other work involves The Avengers, minimalist movie posters and other takes on superhero culture.
By day, I'm the Editor-in-Chief for The CheckOut in addition to being the content manager for Steve's Digicams and High-Def Digest.
What follows is a collection of quotes from Steve Jobs the futurist, the entrepreneur, the master of innovation, the godfather of the digital revolution. If you’re looking for inspiration, contact me to find out how a coaching program could help.
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I think you'll find this technology a tremendous aid on your transformative journey of becoming your best and most creative self - and you can get started today! Ten years into collecting commencement speeches with inspirational words I am still going strong. Once in a while, a graduation speech comes along to inspire not just the young graduates but all those young at heart. The main advice this year was to push through one's fears: fear of what others will think of you, fear of failure, fear of not knowing what's next.

Timeless advice in this inspirational and thoughtful commencement address at Durham Academy.
Soon after adding this transcript to the site it quickly went to the top and it is now the most popular speech on this site. Sometimes, a funny quote is the most memorable and sure way to make an impression on the graduates. View the list of top ten commencement speeches as featured in the USA TODAY's article by Mary Beth Marklein. There is little surprise that writers do give some of the finest commencement speeches ever. One such speech, among countless other worth preserving, is the commencement speech by a favorite author of mine, Joan Didion, at University of California in 1975. We have supplied a series of quotes that throughout his 50 year investing lifetime, Warren Buffett  has utilized to become one of the richest men in the word, and the absolute richest based strictly on investments.
It doesn’t get any better than Warren Buffett, and by the way, we have provided our own understanding of this man in our translation of each quote. These would be well known brands with superb balance sheets, and a fairly low entry price. In his case he was fortunate to have been mentored by Benjamin Graham, the father of security analysis who taught at Columbia University in NYC where Buffett got his MBA after being rebuffed by Harvard Business School. Buffett took the idea of the Circle of Competence directly from Benjamin Graham who was Buffett’s mentor and finance professor while Buffett was a student at Columbia University. If the companies that you know about are not available at the right price now, just don’t invest right now. That couple of million dollars became worth a billion dollars over a period of several years. They want to use the most advanced formulas, or mathematical models that simply don’t stand up to the test of time. I BUY ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT THEY COULD CLOSE THE MARKET THE NEXT DAY AND NOT REOPEN IT FOR FIVE YEARS. It is only in the stock market of publicly traded ideas that one can acquire a piece of a company for a price that one would never ever be able to negotiate in a private transaction.
Some may disagree, but nobody would argue that everybody else would have to be compared to Warren Buffett. Do take a look at the rest of our Award Winning website, and see whether or not you think we can be of service to you in helping you make a great deal of money by investing in stocks. Over the last seven years, we have averaged a 30 percent rate of return per year, finding the types of stocks that would fit right in with the value screens that Warren Buffett has in his office at Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Nebraska. During my free time, I love to write about pop culture, home theater, digital photography, social media, mobile technology and cool gadgets! One of our clients would like to order these posters to use at their Annual Sales Kickoff January 26 thru 29, 2016.
Not just with his visionary genius, his sheer passion for innovation or his dedication to ‘think differently’, but for his words of wisdom when it comes to living life to the full. He grabbed life with both hands and forged ahead to completely revolutionise the way the world uses technology. It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward.
While lighthearted, this article contains some of the best well researched advice there is on content, structure, possible themes, and delivery tips to make your commencement speech a memorable one. There are so many wonderful speeches worth reading, now 200 of them in the Graduation Wisdom collection.
Every day new graduation speaker announcements are trickling in from colleges and universities around the country. Journalist and author Ron Suskind's commencement speech this May at Lewis & Clark College has done just that, conveying a powerful message through three moving stories. Doug Marlettette's graduation quotes and insights for the graduates have the same relevance today as they had ten years ago. Do not forget to add personal stories or anectodes around them to make the message stick and be more powerful. What is surprising is that despite their talents, the number of writers asked to speak at commencement exercises seems so much smaller than say that of politicians. Luckily, one of the simply most breathtaking advice from her speech was made available in a NYT article.
You can't get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing, but what you'll discover will be wonderful. If you have followed Warren Buffett’s thinking through the years than you are aware that he uses common sense more than anything else to explain what others would call esoteric investing concepts. Only then would this be the same as swinging just as the ball is passing the plate and you know exactly how it’s going to move.
We remember the CFO’s of both companies being on the cover of CFO Magazine in different years after being selected CFO of the Year.

You might remember in the late 1990’s, there was a period when just about every investor was trading in the world of the Internet stocks.
In this quote he is talking about compounding, and the time it takes for compounding to KICK IN. Buffett always believed that you can’t produce big results in months, or even a couple of years.
Warren Buffett would tell you that simple mathematics is what you need, and a logical brain that can withstand the emotions, because emotions can get in the way of investing. This fellow was going to put in a couple of million and it would have become at least $10 billion but he wanted to keep haggling, and change the deal. Buffett tries to imagine what the balance sheet of the company he is interested in, is going to look like in 10 years.
You learn the pitcher, his moves, his technique, his faults, and then only when you want to, if you want to at all, you get to swing the bat. After watching this video I thought that there had to be some superhero quotes that relate to what this woman is trying to do in her fight against evil and I found your website.
His life CV includes founding world famous animation company Pixar, bringing computer giant Apple back to life after having been fired back in 1985 and fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer, a battle that after 9 years, he sadly lost last year. I dutifully sift through and compile the list of the most promising 2016 commencement speakers.These are the speeches I plan to review as they are posted online.
From the 2015 list of graduation speakers with potential to deliver great addresses, only twenty rose to the occasion. Top that with some light jokes and a truly outstanding delivery (no notes, moves around the podium, funny gestures) and you know you stumbled over one unforgettable graduation speech. 2013's top commencement speaker George Saunders and 2012's top two commencement speakers, Neil Gaiman and David McCullough Jr., all landed book deals following their outstanding commencement addresses. I am very happy with this small but growing collection of outstanding advice by authors and writers.
As the years went by and more platitude-free and advice-bounty commencement addresses surfaced it's becoming harder to remember all these speeches I curate here and easy to forget some the most wonderful nuggets of wisdom they have.
If however, you buy at the right price, and the right stock, you will make a fortune in time. Sir John Templeton was the finest mutual fund manager of the 20th century, (Peter Lynch is his superb rival) once told me that investments are mostly common sense. In this section, I will highlight a past commencement speech that I found smart and funny and some of its most memorable quotes.
If you don’t get the initial investment right, you always have a problem down the road. We had to wait until the TIDE went out, or the schemes were uncovered to know what was going on.
We all need a helping hand, and just the right touch at the right time, is sometimes all one needs to completely fulfill themselves in this life. Would you believe that Buffett never invested in one Internet stock during the entire cycle. Actually, as the deal was being done, he did a handshake and agreed to terms, and then he came back and said, he didn’t want the company to pay for 2 cars that the founders were driving. If you want to spend hours haggling over the small things, the movers and the shakers will never deal with you.
You can wait a year or two for the perfect situation to come along, and only then, you play, or you can trade every day as a momentum investor, and see where you wind up. Now, some of the greatest graduation quotes are on images so you can pin, share, print, and put them on your graduate's virtual or analog wall. As always, each speech is worth reading in its entirety so if you have five minutes click on the link and read the entire transcript from actor Alan Alda given back in, yes, 1980! If you can get the initial investment right, and Buffett is very get at that, then TIME will give you the expected profits. Instead, they should be looking for stocks that are going to go up a more reasonable amount, such as 20% or 25% a year for the next 20 years. There are plenty of GOOD people in the world who will try to do the right thing, and you will not have to look over your shoulder waiting constantly for them to take advantage of you.
He could not understand the balance sheet, and if the master can’t read the balance sheet, he runs away from the investment.
Meanwhile in Texas the Bass Brothers who made billions in the stock market, were insisting that their investment advisors allocate funds into the Internet stocks.

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