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The largest umbrella in the world is in China, Gansu Province The roads and the cars is safety from the rain and sun shine now.
Social media message claims that an attached photograph depicts the world's largest tortoise, found in the Amazon River, being transported along a roadway strapped to the bed of a large truck. Noto, Japan a€“ Japan had to call on US naval seal teams to help reel the the iron-shelled beast in. According to this message, which has circulated widely via Facebook and other social media websites, an accompanying photograph depicts the world's largest tortoise being transported on the bed of a truck. Not surprisingly, the picture does not depict a real tortoise or turtle or even a "tortise". Later, the "kaiju" (strange beast or monster"), now enormous, reappears to do battle with the malevolent monster Zedus.
Incidentally, if the massive beast shown in the picture was actually real, it would almost certainly weigh much more than 800 pounds as claimed in the message. Hoax-Slayer debunks email and social media hoaxes, thwarts Internet scammers, combats spam, and educates web users about email, social media, and Internet security issues.
The Belgian horse breed, also known as Brabant, is one of the largest breeds of horses in the world today.
Radar has a relatively small head when compared to its neck, which is thick, muscular and powerful. Although the horse sports mammoth dimensions and wherever it is displayed there are sign boards warning visitors to be wary of the horse, the worlds largest horse is mostly well-behaved and has earned himself the title of the gentle-giant. Some Belgian drafts, like the worlds largest horse- Radar, have started enjoying exhibitions and going on display shows and endorsing horse-related products.
The worlds largest horse is one hell of a show horse itself, and it could be seen touring the country to participate in various events concerning some of the endorsement products and displaying his awesome structure and stature. Sticking to the tremendous lineage and genealogy of the great history and performance of the Brabant breed of horses, Radar- the worlds largest horse is definitely bringing accolades to its breed. But at 922 pounds, big is an understatement for the world's largest living cat, according to the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records.
Hercules is a liger -- the hybrid offspring of a male lion and a tigress -- who lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve in South Carolina.
Ligers, which do not exist in the wild, can grow to twice the size of their parents and weigh about a hundred times more than the average house cat. The safari, also known as TIGERS –- The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species –- where tours are given by reservation, is owned by Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who also founded the Rare Species Fund in 1982, to help endangered wildlife around the world such as elephants, rhinos, orangutans and other big cats. Nothing marks the presence of humans better than a massive hole in the ground (clear-cutting came a close second). The mine was discovered on June 13, 1955 by Soviet geologists Yuri Khabardin, Ekaterina Elagina and Viktor Avdeenko.

The winter temperatures were so low that car tires and steel would shatter and oil would freeze.
In the 1960s the mine was producing 10,000,000 carats (2,000 kg) of diamond per year, of which a relatively high fraction (20%) were of gem quality.
It had long been anticipated that the recovery of diamonds by conventional surface methods would saturate.
A newer variant claims that the giant beast is a mutant caused by radiation leaked from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The picture is a scene from the 2006 Japanese movie "Gamera the Brave" which features a giant turtle creature.
The message claims that the massive tortoise was found in the Amazon River, weighs 800 pounds and is 529 years old. The new version claims that the giant turtle was finally captured by the Japanese military. Before long, a military unit arrives and the unconscious kaiju is loaded onto a truck and transported to a research facility in Nagoya for scientific examination. Radara€™s shoulders, quarters and upper body are heftily built and speak volumes about the strength of the worlds largest horse.
Radar loves to do display shows, and has been featured on many television shows and at various stores. Because such horses are usually large, and look great, the Belgians and their caretakers are finding good opportunities in the world of product promotion and in exhibitions. The previous record for the largest Belgium draft breed was named Brooklyn Supreme, who stood at more than 19 hands and weighed almost 1500 kgs. Boring deep into the Earth for the love of riches and resources, we humans dig deep and often. Seven months of winter per year froze the ground into permafrost, which was hard in winter, but turned into sludge in summer. During the winter, the workers used jet engines to defreeze and dig out the permafrost or blasted it with dynamite to get access to the underlying kimberlite. The upper layers of the mine (down to 340 meters) had very high diamond content of 4 carats (0.80 g) per tonne of ore, with the relatively high ratio of gems to industrial stones. The mine operation was interrupted in 1990s at a depth of 340 m after the pit bottom became flooded but it eventually resumed.
Thus, in the 1970s, construction has started on a network of underground tunnels for diamond recovery. Kousuke and Toru follow, and soon learn that the scientists have information that will hopefully help them to revive Gamera. The Brabants are so large that they can measure up to 17 hands high (or hh, which is the unit of measuring a horsea€™s height from toe to the hoof).

Born in Iowa in 1998, Radar is a fun loving horse and is truly living up to the expectations of the Belgian draft breeds. The Belgians proved to be one of the best pullers of weight and were therefore, mostly used as farm horses. In the town of Mirny in Eastern Siberia, lies the largest open pit diamond mine in the world. The hole is so big that even the airspace above the mine was closed to helicopters as there were several incidents of them being sucked in by the downward air flow. This finding was the first success in the search for kimberlite in Russia, after numerous failed expeditions of the 1940s and 1950s. Buildings had to be raised on piles, so that they would not sink in summer, and the main processing plant had to be built on a better ground found 20 km away from the mine. The yield decreased to about 2 carats (0.40 g) per tonne and the production rate slowed to 2,000,000 carats (400 kg) per year near the pit bottom.
After the collapse of the USSR in the 1990s, the mine was operated by the Sakha diamond company, which reported annual profits in excess of $600 million from diamond sales.
Production of diamonds by this method started in 1999 and is estimated to last for another 27 years. A testimony to the great strength and size of this particular breed of horses is Radar- the worlds largest horse. Although all horses consume a lot of food and grain, the worlds largest horse is a league apart, after all, getting a horsea€™s name registered with the Guinness book of World Records as the tallest living horse does have its price. The Belgians drafts have earned themselves the status of hard-working horses, and are used to pull weights and trails even today.
It’s also the second largest excavated hole in the world, second only to the Bingham Canyon Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. For this discovery, in 1957 Khabardin was given the Lenin Prize, which was one of the highest awards in the Soviet Union. Currently, the mine is operated by Alrosa, the largest diamond producing company in Russia, and employs 3,600 workers. The turtle grows very quickly and later flies away and does not return after the boy and his friends move him to an abandoned shack. The worlds largest horse consumes almost 60 pounds combined of grains and hay, and tanks up to twenty gallons of water, each day!
In order to stabilize the abandoned main pit, its bottom was covered by a rubble layer 45 meters thick.

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