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Photographer Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin have been working together for about decade. As someone who doesn’t have a kid yet, I talk a big talk when I say to let kids get dirty, get hurt, and make mistakes. WikiArt.org allows unlimited copying, distributing and displaying of the images of public domain artworks solely. When Finding Nemo was released in 2003, a ten-year-old version of me thought it was a wonderfully funny little film.
It was last year that I finally got a chance to watch Finding Nemo again with a bunch of friends, excited to return to the neurotic clown fish father, Marlin (Albert Brooks), and his ironically memorable friend Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), as he embarks on a journey to locate his lost son.
Finding Nemo begins with a horrific and traumatizing scene where a barracuda attacks Marlin, his wife, and his eggs. Before Marlin loses his his family, he is an optimistic father who wants only the best for his fry and his wife. Following the attack, Marlin discovers that neither his children nor his wife, Coral, survived. The film then proceeds to chronicle Marlin’s growth as he struggles to deal with this mentally scarring event.
On this trip, Marlin meets many characters along the way who help him come to terms with the fact that it is not his fault that his family members lost their lives. The sea turtles on the Eastern Australia Current help him realize that he cannot and should not be expected remain in control of everything that happens in his life.
At this point, some of you may be asking yourselves “Soren, this is all fine and well – but how do you explain the scenes where Nemo is separated from Marlin?
I think you were making an attempt to be very creative in approaching it in this way, but unless Marlin is so delusional as to create an entire world of life around and beyond his immediate periphery (an exhausting task I am sure), then the interactions of the other characters denies your analysis.
I think the film was more about hope, and breaking through fear to rediscover one’s inner-strength, and growth and healing after a devastating loss.
In any case, I believe I stated somewhere that this is just a personal thing I use to keep Finding Nemo relevant to my interests as I get older. Even though i too can see that you really are onto something, i must say i think it would be excruciatingly tiring for a mind to create scenarios outside of its own ranges. Or… this could have just been one messed up dream that Marlin dreamt of the day after his ENTIRE FAMILY was eaten. As soon as I learned what the word Nemo meant in latin, I put my head down and held it in my hands as I then realised what this movie actually meant.
Interestingly enough the movie share similarities to One Flew Over the Cocoo’s Nest, maybe hinting that Marlin is psychologically unstable.
I took the photo above of Elon Musk while I was working as the digital strategist and community manager for the Review of U.S.

Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement.
Even back then I was always looking for things to complain about and I remember telling my mother that the movie had suffered because trailers had spoiled many of the best gags.
Unfortunately, this time around I was not nearly as enamored with the film, finding the writing to be sub-par by Pixar standards and the plot too linear to hold my attention.
In this opening sequence, we are shown that the only survivors are Marlin himself, and an egg which eventually bears the disabled little fingerling named Nemo.
Nevertheless, he wants badly to have been there as a protector, and so he imagines that the barracuda somehow missed one egg. The sharks Bruce, Anchor and Chum help him realize even things that appear to be threats may not be threats at all, so worrying about every little possible danger is an exercise in futility. Dory is particularly interesting for her trademark short-term memory loss; by interacting with someone who can only live moment to moment, Marlin slowly begins to understand that he has held on to the memory of his loved ones for too long. Those that needed him, loved him, and relied on him were there the whole time (Nemo), he just needed to see past his own blinding neurotic fear to notice. Nevertheless, I’m sure that we can all agree that the root message is about hope and overcoming fear and loss, as you said. However, the fact that I came up with this on my own and several other people state the same thing all across the internet leads me to believe this may actually be a deeper, intentional plot line. The mind has a weird way of rationalizing things, and I guess this just how tried to make new sense of the film. The fun thing about fan theories is they tend to be wild and silly enough that any combination will do. In light of that announcement, I mentioned in a few other comments that Finding Dory will likely negate whatever slim chance there was that this theory held water (ha!). I also think that there are some other hints, when reading it trough this lense, that make this theory quite conclusive. My brother and sister have happily let me throw them into the proverbial deep end knowing I’d be there to back them up when things got rough. However, I know that I enjoyed myself anyway and came away from the theater more than content with Pixar’s fifth feature-length film.
It was from this place of general disappointment that I decided to investigate the film from a more existential perpective. It is at this point that we can assume that Nemo has become the manifestation of Marlin’s general insecurity. Indeed, he must accept and move past his perceived failures and live his life as Dory does, treating every moment like a brand new day. In the end, I think that it is appropriate to attribute these Nemo-centric sequences to the imagination of his father.

Rather, these other characters are helping him come to grips with his loss and move on from the tragedy.
What’s fascinating about them is how they add new layers or spin to the original story. So if I remember correctly at the Dentist is a fishlady, with schizophrenic disease, whos talking to her very own mirrored image.
Our fears manifest themselves in peculiar ways, the rules we create for young and old often say as much about our insecurities as what we think of others.
And for a long time afterward, I held that Finding Nemo is a fun, exciting underwater adventure that very much caters to a younger audience in a harmless, friendly, risk-free way. This analysis lead to my conclusion that Finding Nemo is more than it seems, with an emotional subtext so sad that it puts the tear-jerking Up to shame. As I stated at the onset of this op-ed, I came up with my analysis arbitrarily in order to keep the film relevant for an older generation.
I too thought that Nemo being the only egg to survive was very odd and that he must be a coping mechanism happening inside Martin to give him hope. But as I mentioned elsewhere, it gives the movie a layer of depth I find necessary to keep enjoying the movie on repeat viewings. Other than that i believe most of this fits with what it is portrayed on the film and firmly believe Marlin was delusional and trying to find himself among other things. This perfectly symbolizes that the Nemo sequence is a mirroring of the Marlin-Storyline, since both water tank and the odyssey of Marlin share a lot of characterists. Check this article out and consider what it means to let children light fires and play with sharp objects.
Even so, I hope this interpretation works for many of you the same way it worked for me and keeps what should be another Pixar gem fresh in your minds. So we see once the outwards experience of Marlin and the inner prosseses (Nemo-sequence) that are working while he is approaching the journey.
Also I imagined the scene with the deep water-dwellig Anglerfish maybe be a first confrontation with death.
It was a somehow more excessive, more terrifying reapperence of the Bermuda – hence what Marlin knows as the face of death. But this text falls in deep waters, eventually on the face of a materialization of death in the flesh. So far, It all makes sense to me, I think i will watch it once again and write something about it.

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