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Sad that it's exclusive, since the first partnership with LG said they wanted to get in as many devices as possible. Sony sold 405,500 PS3s, compared to 219,800 Xbox 360s but still has a long way to go before it catches up with the Wii, which sold 666,700 systems last month. This is disappointing for me as a PS3 owner, especially since Sony's video service is so pathetic.
The Xbox update has to wait for the biannual system updates for the 360, one in the fall, and one in the spring, although they skipped the spring one this year, they've never varied from that schedule.
Already doing some Netflix on XBox with the extender that is out there but it's slow and crashes periodically. I was really hoping netflix would create a deal with PS3, but the 360 is better than the current offering.
I had some fraudulent charges from Xbox Live after I'd canceled and changed my payment method. You can purchase a 1 year xbox live card at a retail store, and never give them your credit card info if that is a concern. I switched to Mac in 2004 because I like the OS, I like the fact that the hardware is ALL covered by the same company, and that Apple consistently rates highest in customer service and tech support in Consumer's Reports and PC World, among others. If they have your CC# on file, but you pay for Xbox Live with a prepaid card, they will charge your CC after the prepaid sub runs out unless you call them and demand they cancel BEFORE the prepaid sub runs out.
If you don't access Live, and think your sub has ended because your prepaid card ran out, you may be wrong about that. Gabinet Weterynaryjny Medica-Wetzaprasza do skorzystania z uslug fryzjerskich dla Twojego pupila.

Hastings confirmed that it is exclusive to the Xbox 360 (eliminating hopes for a Wii or PS3 player). In addition to the Xbox 360, a "Live Gold" membership is required, at a cost of about $50 per year.
Hastings said that this was a "creative adaptation" of the Netflix Player, enabling multiple people in separate locations with Xbox 360's to stop, pause, and watch a movie simultaneously. The already announced LG Netflix Player will be released in the next two quarters, but he hinted that a Blu-ray player could be next. If you ever wish to cancel it, you have to call them and argue with customer support in another country (language barrier), while they pull an AOL and try to keep you on as a member at any cost.
I thought the old credit card was off the system and not authorized for purchases, but instead, after my prepaid card ran out (and I considered myself off Xbox Live Gold) they went ahead and charged the card I was no longer using without asking my permission. I have never had a Mac that has let me down, and they've been worth precisely what I paid for them. The mere act of entering your card info authorizes them to continue any subscriptions you start on your credit card, even if you start them with prepaid cards.
Or you could do what most people do, go to any electronics store and buy a year for around 40 dollars. Netflix has discussed the potential for a price increase on Blu-ray rentals, since the discs cost more to purchase. I ended up $200 in the hole because Xbox Live kept trying to get their (unauthorized) monthly fee from a dry account. What's more, when it comes time to upgrade and buy a new computer (one or two years after initial purchase), I can sell my Mac for about 90% of what I paid for it, and put that into a new model.

If you don't have a Mac, then you really have no interest in this discussion, and nothing valuable to add to the discussion about Watch Now on the Mac.
I have no particular emotional investment in whether or not you use Linux, Windows, or any other OS, so why do you care what I use?
For a console that's supposed to be the latest and greatest thing, it was a little bit embarrassing to see that the last generation's version of the app was a heck of a lot better and more intuitive.
If they have your CC#, they WILL use it without asking, because they consider the act of entering your card information an authorization for them to use it, even if you tell them not to.
Unless you can list some personal negative experience that gives you reason to doubt Apple products, you're just trolling. I had to go to them and complain, and got nothing but rudeness and stonewalling from their ill-mannered customer service team, management included. Also, every 360 owner I know has live because unlike sony's it is seamless social gaming.
I might get a ps3 later for the blu ray player but for now I have my PC hooked up to my TV anyways with a blu ray drive for a mere 100 dollars.

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