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Jeza never quite got the affection everyone in her family has for the stage, she knew she needed to nurture people and brighten their days. Jeza is wearing Peggy hair and some dimples as blush, but she’s still pretty cute without the makeup. One day, while taking a stroll through the mausoleum, you know how it is, Wish Mistry discovered a dusty old lamp. Sure, everyone pays attention to her twin sister, Myth, but when someone is pulling fireballs out of their hands, you tend to watch them! Myth is Zia‘s twin and one of 11 kids Zane Mistry has fathered (everyone needs a hobby). Myth loved nothing more than hanging out at her father, Zane’s, performances, but the day Kohle Windtalker stood beside her at Binder Clips Center, she barely realized a show was going on. Okay, so Zane was out trying to get some gigs when a lovely lady from France (Manon, EA France) happened by the Coffeehouse.
TERMS OF USE: if you would like to use our content for your lots or sims, please link to our site. Then for those of you who downloaded Part One of my serial, Every Shattered Dream, then you’ll be happy to know that Part Two is available now. So I’m still working on that story, but I wanted to give you a heads up that my new serial for Total e-Bound, Every Shattered Dream, is going to start with Part One being released this Friday. Plus Detroit, my first Fallen book, under Tiffany Aaron, will be out on Friday as well for general release.
At First Touch, Book 3 of the International Men of Sports series by yours truly and Devon Rhodes, is now available for pre-release download.
The 2013 GRL anthology, Unconventional in Atlanta, is now available for general release at Total e-Bound. I found out some good news about Fallen: Detroit, the first of my MF series that will be coming out soon at Total e-Bound. Let me introduce you to Chad, the main character in our next blog story, Nowhere Diner: Finding Peace.

Oh…I meant to ask…would you be upset if I finished Hearts on the blog, then let TEB release it as a serial? Being in the medical field makes her happy and fulfilled, and meeting her boss, Jai Nasim, well, that’s just icing on the cake, right? She thought things would be easier when they moved from Bridgeport to Starlight Shores, but for some reason she’s just not finding her niche, could be the commitment issue trait that keeps on getting in her way.
So, we packaged her as a library file so she will come with her genie traits, and weird antics intact. Whoopee cushions, blue showers, flaming bags, but once she hit young adult, it was time to get paid for tricks… no, no, not like that. It wasn’t long, though, before she realized there was no one else in the world for her. Her stunning good looks helps her get her foot in the door, but they also make it hard for researching roles. Of course Myth’s wedding was over the top, she had to give the newspapers something to talk about it! Maybe it’s was his obsession with being at the height of fitness (he is a sports super star after all), but gee, the ladies really wanted Kohle to make the rounds to the night clubs once in a while. This one takes place in Germany and is about football (soccer for us Americans…lol) ¬†Click here to check it out. I’m running late, and need to get writing to accomplish everything I want to get done today. If you’re a VIP member of Total e-Bound, you can get it two weeks before it comes out and at a discount. Chasing the King of the Mountains and Unconventional in Atlanta will be out in print in September, so those of you coming to GRL in October could bring your copies for us to sign.
Not up for pre-order or anything like that, but still it’s there for you to check out here. Check it out here (or send your friends the link to it…lol) My Tiffany website is almost finished.

There would be changes in each of the five parts (if they took it) like more sex sooner…lol.
But Finding Peace pulled it out in the end at 20 votes…while Why I Love Bodyguards had 16. Stealing Life will be out in print in October, probably not in time for GRL, but still you’ll be able to get a print version of that one as well eventually. The first part would be free like their other serials, but the other four parts would be .99 cents or $1.
Today will be fallen angels, mortals, and two retired soldiers fighting it out to save a life. All six of the stories take place at the hotel hosting GRL this year, and at least one main character in each story works at the hotel as well. Now I just hope that everyone who reads it will be interested in the rest of the series, since there will be eight of them…lol. Thank you all for voting, and I’m going to have to re-read Finding Love to refresh my memory.
If not, I’ll either publish it with them as a stand-alone or see about sending it somewhere else. In addition, all of the main characters make an appearance in each of the stories or mentioned. Next session is all the color…and the third session will be any little touches he wants to add.

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