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Replete H20 Minerals is a cutting edge line of products devoted to chronically ill people or those who just want to stay in top health. Horse lovers everywhere can agree on one thing: that horses have a lot to teach us, whether it’s patience, responsibility, or in the case of the irresistible bay thoroughbred race horse named Zippy Chippy, that one should never give up. Born in 1991 in upstate New York, Zippy came into the world with horse racing royalty in his blood.
William: After hiking in the Finger Lakes in New York, at a bar not far from the Finger Lakes Racetrack, we were talking about horse racing and this guy started telling me stories about Zippy Chippy.
W: Once I got going, I realized this was not a horse racing story, it was a love story between a hapless trainer and horse that had the attitude of the century.
These days, Zippy Chippy lives the good life at Old Friends at Cabin Creek outside of Saratoga, New York.
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The unaffected horse with a sweet little spoonful of a star on his head went on to hold a record not for winning races, but for losing 100 of them in a row. I chatted with William not long ago and, in addition to having a few good laughs ourselves, I asked him about writing the book and what he learned from Zippy’s story. Once when Zippy came in second two times in a row, for Felix [Felix Monserrate, Zippy’s late trainer] it was like winning the Kentucky Derby. It represents the business anytime a potential customer sees it in whatever place it may be displayed.Because of this, your logo must be memorable, it must work for you, serving as a visual reminder of your company, heightening awareness of your business everywhere it goes.

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He got up in front of the press after the second time Zippy came in second with a big smile, and he said, "My horse, he’s been losing real close lately.” It was like a joke but when you think about how we all fight the battle every day to do what we need to do … sometimes "losing real close” is good enough. They are so intuitive -- they know you, they size you up, they want to connect with you and they get in your heart. These minerals that are in the electrolyte product are broken down to angstrom size from their original solid form and then suspended in water. And a lot of horse people bet on Zippy at the races not because they thought he’d win, but they wanted the ticket with his name on it to keep in their wallet.

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