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The first booth I visited was GotSpecs, an innovative company spearheaded by Nella Cannito and Elizabeth Shergold. Next was a relaxing pit stop at Chi Machine Canada where I met with Debra Phinney Armstrong. Revera operates 93 retirement homes and some of these are a mix of a nursing home and retirement home. Malak has a Master’s degree in health planning and vast experience in the health care industry. Malak writes articles about seniors’ issues in various publications including ComfortLife.ca.
Malak is a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Francophone Association of York Region and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.
Feel free to contact Malak for any senior related questions, register for an upcoming hoarding workshop or to request a speaking engagement.
Sign up today to receive tips and advice on retirement living, retirement communities, home care and other services. Prepare Your Will With Taxes In MindOne of the main reasons for drawing up a will is to make sure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. I have been to a couple of the events with a friend and had a really great time dancing and meeting people. This is a group of single adults venturing into their 50's and beyond with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds.

Our vision is to make new friends while enjoying the many different venues and events that the Houston area has to offer. My business partner and I were serenaded from the lobby of the Direct Energy Centre by none other than musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra!  Other entertainment included a demonstration by the Lions Foundation Canada about their amazing dog guides, pickle ball games, and an opera singer. It was filled with joyous women wearing red hats – frilly hats, hats with feathers, hats with panache! Junior members (under 50 years old) wear pink or purple hats until their 50th birthday which is celebrated via a REDuation ceremony, where they receive their first red hat.
She set me up on their Sun Ancon Chi Machine (class 2 medical device) which gently rocks you back and forth in a “fish like” movement, based on 38 years of research.
This is quite advantageous to seniors as they can accommodate couples with differing care needs.
This is a multi service company providing home care professionals to seniors, retirement home placement, liaison with stagers, movers & real estate agents.
She assists seniors and their families with the complexities of navigating the long term care system. She also organizes hoarding workshops for health care professionals in conjunction with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and VHA Home HealthCare. With the right help and resources, you can make this tax season stress free and maximize your tax return!
It's easy - just ask.  That is why this group zooms - the great members who care and share!

This group is called the Red Hat Society and it is the largest women’s social group in the world! The office of the Red Hat Society (Hatquarters) is in Southern California and it keeps all members connected via weekly e-communications, quarterly newsletters and events. The benefits of this are manifold including pain management, stress relief, & reduction of inflammation.
Imagine a couple where the wife is able to function independently in a retirement setting yet the husband has more complex care needs. The day after the show I went to a restaurant with a friend who had forgotten his reading glasses and I asked him if he would have appreciated free specs.
The chi machine accomplishes this via a specific elevation of the legs which provides a full lymphatic drainage.
In a mixed setting, the couple can see each other throughout the day during meal time for example, yet the husband can have access to appropriate nursing care in his suite. I was very impressed with this organization and they will be further profiled in a future article which will outline their ageism campaign.
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is available through representatives.  This worldwide medical device has been used for 20 years by clinics, therapists, physicians, and people looking for relief from fatigue and a feeling of revitalization.

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