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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. From Ruby Paulina LLC Professional Storage Products comes this black vinyl 3-ring binder for 11x17 ledger or tabloid size drawings and documents. This 11x17 binder utilizes a heavy duty 2" Angle-D ring mounted to the back panel, this allows pages to lay flat & can hold 25% more paper than traditional round rings. The 11x17 binder included thicker than industry standard chipboard sealed over with 2 layers of 12 gauge black vinyl. We have oversize the binder panels to allow users to utilize both our 11x17 Index Tab Dividers, and our 11x17 Sheet protectors. Every 11x17 binder is visually inspected for manufacturing defects during its creation, typically 4-5 times. Product Warranty: We warranty the product for Six (6) months against defects caused by poor craftsmanship, defective hardware or materials.

Return Information: You can return or exchange almost everything within 15 days for a full refund. Need a Business Credit Application APPLY FOR CREDIT TERMS Copyright © 2008- 11x17, Inc. It has a 2-inch capacity Angle-D ring which is mounted on a black vinyl panel which includes clear outside pockets.
Each binder is sealed in a plastic bag to prevent dust from settling during storage and transit.
A Lost Luggage creation, with innovative, hard acrylic and precision craftmanship, perfectly square and straight with durable riveted white spines, all original design! This can be effectively used for a presentation cover or report cover, making it ideal for company annual reports, client presentations and technical training manuals.
The pocket design requires users to insert drawings from the edge for front and rear panel presentations.

Binders are pre-packed in sets in a custom sized container, and cased packaged in a thick rigid corrugated box.
The spine pocket is also die cut for easy insertion & removal of identification sheets.
During order picking each binder is removed from its inner container and re-inspected for signs of deformities and defects. Our pocket design is a superior design because pages do not easily fall out, and helps prevent dust from settling in presentation areas.

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