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On the musical side, she is included in the French children's album and concert "Le Soldat Rose". Depp and Paradis are not married because they feel they don't need a certificate to justify their love to one another. They divide their time between houses in the Hollywood Hills, their farm in the South of France, a house in the Somerset village Timsbury, and also own apartments in Paris, Manhattan and an island in the Bahamas.

Paradis caught Depp's eye in a hotel lobby in Paris while he was there shooting the film The Ninth Gate.
Paradis' 2000 album "Bliss," another French chart topper, was dedicated to Depp and their daughter.
Written and produced by Kravitz, the album, titled "Vanessa Paradis," (not Vanessa Paradis and the Temple of Boom as some rumors have stated) topped the French chart and briefly made the UK listings (number 45).
There are three versions (regular, limited edition which includes 2 songs that weren't released on the regular version and the Christmas edition which will be released later this year and will include another rare song titled "Abracadabra," which has nothing to do with "Le Steve Miller Band").

One of the singles from it was "Be My Baby," which made number 5 in France and gave her another Top 10 UK hit (number 6). There have also been recent rumors of Paradis being pregnant with the couple's third child, who we're hoping is named "Deppy".

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