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I completely understand BrownTransElements’ [original poster] side of it, however I disagree. Honestly, it’s not like a vast majority of people these days know a thing about their history. The only issue I have with dreadlocks on a White person is that the texture of their hair usually makes for an ugly, matted mess. With everything on the hair topic having been stated [and I left out the mohawk section for a reason], I would like to point out that I have an issue with things such as this.

Germany Will Ban Tech Companies That Play Ball With NSA - No federal contracts will go to companies that turn over data to the NSA or other agencies. Multiple communities have worn dreadlocks and mohawks for years, and to date I haven’t seen ultimate proof of who exactly started it.
This actually goes for Ethnic people as well, but I tend to see it less on them because of the hair texture thing.
I’m up for further conversation on the matter so long as no immaturity and name-calling is involved.

I doubt anyone who has taken part in this debate even understands the cultural meaning of dreadlocks.

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