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Known for her interlinked and shape oriented designs, Jayce Wong’s Octahedron pendant mixes silver and rubies set into each point of the interlocking shapes for an unusual pendant that would no doubt have the wearer marvelling at its simple yet playful design. Last but not least, with a look to the ultimate in geometric jewels and nicely situated at two ends of the spectrum, Jacqueline Rabun has seen her grid-like Grace ring become a fashion favourite, most of all because of the precious gemstones ensnared within its cage-like design.
It’s hard not to love the 80s design, combined with the sharp shapes, softened by the pastel gems.

Elyse Jacob has also opted for eight-sided shapes with her simple 18ct gold ring, set with diamonds. Here, in white gold, an 80ct diamond rolls about the ring, in a a style that’s as complex as maths homework. Made to stack with other shaped rings in her collections, this little number would make a great alternative wedding ring, while being a quirky classic that one could wear alone.

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