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You leave the house with nary a sparkle to those gorgeous locks of yours, strands of luscious hair falling into your eyes. We noticed quite a few different hairstyles but were especially intrigued with the way so many followed suit on a few of the more noticeable looks. Chanel really caught our attention with those incredible black satin headbands that pull the hair back away from the face and add such a dainty feminine touch that it simply screams out Chanel. While some of the Proenza Schouler leather headbands were adorned with sparkles and added bands in thin strips, most were quite plain and just appeared to be the leather versions of those that appeared on the Chanel collection presentation. We saw girly pink headbands at Honor that really knocked our socks off, a no-fuss accessory that does much to add to a woman’s femininity.
Pearly headbands appear on Dolce & Gabbana, bringing in another trend while appearing perfectly feminine. On the other hand, they looked almost natural but with added glitter at the Proenza Schouler show, where models were given leather headbands instead. Simple black pieces of twine were also used to keep the pretty braids at Lanvin in place, appearing rather feminine while boasting individuality and an aura of casual chic.
While the spring and summer seasons were full of huge bows, the fall and winter seasons have seen smaller, jewelled bows instead and certainly not as often. Jewels in your hair may not be something you would normally go for, but they can appear to be quite lovely.
We have to admit that the Dolce & Gabbana pieces looked almost like brooches added to the hair. Brooches were tucked into buns at the Les Copains show, adding a whole lot of sparkle to an otherwise classic look. Not all of the fall 2015 hair accessories are gaudy or flashy or even particularly noteworthy.
It is a piece that kind of looks like a headband caught under the hair, breaking the general silhouette from the back of the head but not covering the whole thing. While they were certainly not a common sight, we were treated to head scarves and such headwear of the like, including the Agnes B tulle headwear and the Dolce & Gabbana options that were extremely intriguing and looked rather sweet tied in with the ponytails and updos. Some of the pieces worn on the hair throughout the runway shows have been in a floral design. Perhaps the one fashion house that really amplified the use of floral clips in the hair was Dolce & Gabbana, wherein we see different flowers in different colors, all gilded and looking fabulous, sometimes on crows and other times as clips added throughout, sometimes as flowers and other times as grapes and leaves.
While many of the designers did opt for more showy pieces that caught the light and really looked bling, others like Erdem opted for a simple bobby pin to keep the side swept hair in place as the models took to the stage and showed off clothing that was simply to die for.
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. Get The Latest Trend Reports And News To Your Inbox For Free!We'll send you only the hottest stuff. Probably the first trend that we noted with a comparably big number and interpretations is the headband, coming with quite significant and cool looks and just as impressive combinations and styles.
Going even further, the fashion show  presented the kerchiefs as the reminder of the comeback of retro looks, matching them with the curious prints and the comfiest garments, putting everything on the soft pinky background. Hearing us say that feathers make up the following curious and great fashion hair accessory trend, most of you might think that we are talking about the feathery hats and the extravagant head wear pieces, but in fact what we mean here is a totally innovative and different thing!
The timeless florals just couldn’t but be there too, securing the totally sweet and charming aspect of the whole range of the vibes. As for the top exclusive and extravagant fall 2014 hair accessories, you can also look through the super astounding and chic variants by Jean Paul Gaultier, which was characterize with the uber innovative and just incredible crowns of all forms and shades, creating some really crazy and at the same time cool looks, especially when coming matched with the suitable garments and stylish mishmashes described with the mix of the retro, modern, and even neo modern motives. Finally, the last fall 2014 hair accessory trend we would like to note in the range of the most impressive and chic options is the list of the hairstyles spiced up with the pins and various brooches attached to the sides of the messy hair and having very different aims depending on the length and the general styles of the ‘dos. There were so many new and fresh ideas, while others were recycled from decades past that we were staring astounded at the wide array of choices placed before us as the ladies traipsed onto stage with that perfect garments and even lovelier additions to the outfits that really set them out from the rest of the crowd. We had fallen in love with choker designs years ago when we wore them to look almost gothic, often black beading placed low against the neck that somehow now we compare with slavery and BDSM, depending on which route you go and which years you are thinking of. Choker chains in gold also appeared in a slightly looser fashion at A Detacher, adding a touch of futuristic sophistication to the outfits, particularly when the head was adorned with massive wigs. Leather collars were used at Louis Vuitton in the collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere featuring colored leather patched and ‘60s tailoring.
Crystal collars were also spotted at Givenchy, pieces that were fine and supple as lace, with colored jewels and a magical touch against the backdrop of exotic animal skins. Making a statement wearing a powerful necklace is big for the fall and winter seasons and our favourite fashion designers show enough appealing options for us to fall in love with. Tory Burch offers us ethnic breastplate necklaces, while Dries Van Noten stays away from the metallic designs and uses fabric and feathers to design the beautiful floral necklace in autumnal shades.
Plated earrings in general are in, but when they come in dropped looks we pay extra attention for that draws the eyes to the side of the face, the shape of the ears and the gentle curve of the neck. Drop earrings appear as single pieces at Anteprima, Isabel Marant and Christian Dior as well, while they grace both ears with huge stones at Miu Miu and the extra-long versions spotted at Gucci.
Jewelry was huge at Marni, as always, with earrings assembled from rhinestones, onyx orbs and metal wires to create a beautiful, mobile style face framing pair of earrings.
Bracelets in general have been in for the whole year, coming in multiple types for the spring season and translating well into the fall and later winter looks. Thick bracelets made it onto the Proenza Schouler collection and looked rather terrifying with their heavy looks, despite the touch of femininity. Single statement earrings appeared all over the place on the runway shows throughout the different runway shows that took place around the world, in 4 of the biggest metropolitans for fashion.
We have seen the single earring look for a few seasons now and certainly were expecting to see it again.
Single charm earrings at Celine counter balanced the use of masculine lines within the collection itself, adding a kick to the straight cuts throughout.
Geometric looks in general have been in, particularly when it comes to the fall 2015 handbags and the shoes. Geometric earrings also included 3D shapes that had been created out of strips, intertwining and adding a rather futuristic feel with it. Whether we are talking about Victoria Beckham bauble bracelets or drop earrings in pearl spotted at Jason Wu, we know that there are a whole lot of pearls to contend with come this fall and winter. The Jason Wu pearls also translated into double rings that looked perfect with the little solitaires on each digit, the middle and the ring fingers. Stella McCartney rings ranged through all the fingers and included man-made versions of pearls that stuck out against the nails especially. There were lots of beads added to the necklaces especially as well, little round things that were certainly not as magnificent as pearls but could be created by hand as well.
One of the biggest accessory trends for 2014 and 2015 has been wearing multiple rings on a single hand, often with double rings stuck to one another. Multiple fingers as well as whole hands were encompassed in silver leaves as the beauty of Sarah Burton pieces was presented on the Alexander McQueen Fashion Week runway show. Gucci’s Art Deco rings are also worn on multiple fingers at once, as separate pieces stacked together to add to the effect these pieces of jewelry have in general. Going with the touch of punk look, perhaps even the bondage ideals that have appeared here and there, we see buckled cuffs appear on the A Detacher runway shows to really spruce up the looks. Fendi kept playing with the idea of adding fur everywhere, which included the alligator skin cuffs that combined fabric and metal to form beautiful jewelry. At Christian Dior, Raf Simons brought to the stage his ideal of ladylike sensuality right down to the accessories with figurative cuffs in Matisse-like colors, looking rather interesting as well as quite womanly down to the very last enamel. We fell head over heels in love with the Roberto Cavalli floral cuff bracelets though, finding the piece that is the perfect combination of bold and feminine.
We saw trees growing at Fausto Puglisi, very plain designs at Edun, bejewelled insignias at Balenciaga, pretty flowers at Prada and embellished dragonflies at Luisa Beccaria. Since the focus has certainly been on the older eras and many decades past, it makes sense to include pieces that are reminiscent of the times of our grandparents where more was certainly more and ornate was very much in style at the time. Those Erickson Beamon necklaces held their own old-world charms that we simply could not get enough of.
Ornate accessories aside, we saw a whole lot of substantial, sculptural jewelry pieces for fall 2015 that were low on embellishments and fripperies and very high on the impact they had on our senses. Strange leafy designs were in almost abstract form on the earrings presented by Eddie Borgo, while rings and ear cuffs were given an interesting twist at Charlotte Chesnais.
Fine metal threads were used to knit up a statement bandana neckpiece at Isabel Marant to match the simple black sweaters and the 1990s flashbacks we keep having.
As the 1970s have been the biggest inspiration, the whole year has been full of fringe effects and funky designs that bring back memories of decades long past. Tassels also appeared on collars at Etro with colored resin cabochons that brought the Silk Road to mind. Aiming to both keep you warm and uber-gorgeous, unique ear muffs and regal headphones form a separate accessory trend for fall 2015 that we adore so much. We have scarves appearing throughout the Fashion Weeks as a staple accessory for any outfit presented. Matching scarves and dresses were spotted at Tory Burch, while the really slim versions were tied a few times around the neck at Chloe. Balenciaga’s striped scarves certainly looked as if they added a whole lot of warmth to any outfit and had us drawn in with the black, red and white color combinations. We see a whole lot of fur stoles appearing on the runway shows from New York to Paris, London and Milan in between. They are nice and soft and thick at Tod’s, while they appear rather foxy on the Michael Kors lineup, paired with knit two piece outfits and comfortable masculine style shoes. With all the colors and fun styles seen at Roksanda Illincic, we were not expecting the stoles to be worn criss-crossed in a classic manner with the belt keeping it firmly in place either.
They appeared as jewelry and they are certainly appearing as their own little knit pieces that fall against the neck in wide berths and warm ideals. We have generally always loved the princess looks that are achieved when we wear elbow length gloves on our hands, appearing sophisticated and wealthy, beautiful on the inside and out. At elbow length though, we see lovely black classic leather at Marc Jacobs, while Prada likes to use pretty pink and go longer, with added texture and shine.
We know that there have been lots of buckles going around, but it is the idea of wearing a fancy belt that really appeals to our senses. There are zigzag style leather pieces that appeared at Salvatore Ferragamo, fun and large mirror style versions appearing at Roksanda Ilincic, as well as looped rope versions that held wraparound pieces in place on the Sportmax runway show. When talking about perfect looks, all the details require equal attention, if you want to reach the desired effect.
This is a very popular and trendy drive for the season, introduced as a nice array of ultra-beautiful, unique, and feminine variants. The very first option, worth mentioning in this list is the awesome hippie interpretation that is found among the looks of Anna Sui, for instance, which are created with a specific bohemian-resembling shape of headbands adorned with flower appliques perfectly matching with the selected wavy hairstyle and golden shades. What comes next is the Dolce & Gabbana interpretation of floral drives, which are listed among the most feminine options, suitable as elegant and chic accompaniments. Another way of putting floral themes as hair accessories is using them on barrettes, which are comfortable for making nice hairstyle options, as well as for achieving fresh and unrepeated looks. The transformed option of the barrettes can be considered the pins, which are also a very creative way of making really effective and chic hairstyle.
The ultimate version of demonstrating the floral themes as hair accessories is a very impressive representation, observed with Emerson’s suggested looks.
This is the next very popular hair accessory trend of the season being the drive for golden details, which create some remarkable and luxurious pairs with the correspondingly chosen garments. Dries Van Norten came up with a unique interpretation of chic and glamorous ways of applying golden shine to the looks. Another super creative design made with golden elements is the decision to put them as randomly occurring shiny flakes on some faux bob hairstyle options.
Going on with the stripes, we can also mention the cool and thin golden stripes, created as headbands and introduced by Elie Saab. Coming to other widespread and differently put design shapes, we can also note the headband trend, which has acquired very many contemporary and retro interpretations during the fashion shows.
Victoria Beckham came to prove the everlasting nature of minimalistic ideas for fashion trends. Talking about the cute aspects of using headbands, we can’t but mention the pretty options suggested by Alexis Mabille, who decided to combine the popular bouffant hairstyle with some navy blue ribbons, tied in a bow.
It would be quite surprising if there were headbands in several fashion lines, and none of them had the jewelry details on.
Probably the most expecting and suitable way of creating leather accessories for hairstyle is using it for headbands.
As in the case of golden elements, leather details are found with minimal proportions, too.
Probably the last remarkable design created with leather are the hair bands, used with some effortlessly made loose ponytails.

Hats are cool because they are a cute and fashionable way to protect your hair from the harsh winter weather. Do you have a lot of wholes in your ears or you’ve been thinking about getting another piercing? Are you in love with so many of your rings that you just can’t seem to figure out which one to put on?
Brimmed hats are one of the sexiest ways to protect your hair from the winter weather’s elements.
Even if you pride yourself on being a bit on the conservative side of fashion, you can show your daring and sexy side if you invest in a fringe bracelet.
And yet there are so many ways you could add to the ‘do, make it look unique and so very much you. We saw so many designers unveil their outfits for the cooler seasons of this year, taking every last nuance into account.
Of course, each designer left his or her own mark on the final product, adding a touch here and there to ensure the models projected a signature house brand and not a no-name generic look.
Plus, this way the focus is brought down to the eyes with their immaculately made up appearances, the models themselves looking like perfect French dolls. We loved the burnt orange elastic band style leather headband at Fendi, keeping stray tendrils away from the face and bringing the focus towards the forehead region and the eyes.
The bands also appeared in shiny lilac coloring at Honor, while the black cloth based designs at Richard Chai Love were a lot simpler in contrast. Here, we also saw combinations of the pearls with the bejewelled pieces, along with the rose brooches in the hair to really add to the look fully. At Tanya Taylor, leather cords were used to tie hair back into neat ponytails, looking chic and sophisticated at all times.
Leather headbands also appeared at Fendi in a burnt orange color that was all too lovely and kept tousled hair out of the face. They have appeared in multiple pieces on a single model’s head at Dolce & Gabbana, appearing to be a lovely combination of sweet and delicate as well as youthful with a mature outlook. Plus, they add bling to any ‘do, sprucing up any outfit just though the presence of something sparkling on your head. When speaking about the Prada jewelled clips, describing them was easy: they just elevate and lift the entire look. The best looks, though, seemed to be the Chanel strike through hair pins that went perfectly with the satin headbands while effectively adding retro to futuristic looks and keeping us with eyes trained on the runway, demanding more and more despite the fashion house’s elaborate and long collection for the fall and winter seasons of this year. Some simply fade away into oblivion, looking a bit out of place but overall really great set against the backs of the heads of the models, particularly as those pink thin pieces spanning the center of the head in the back at Rochas. Instead, it encompasses about 70% of the head and the hair blows about at the sides as one walks about. Head scarves were tied on at Delpozo as well, coming in pastel pinks and navy blues and encompassing the whole of the head in a look that appears to be slightly Gypsy like. This includes the Gucci house sending out models with floral hair clips pinned over their right ears that kind of resembled red and white coral.
It also appears as if this house is the only one that sent out nearly every model with a different style of hair accessory added to the looks. This is a lovely way of using the simplest of hair accessories to add a whole lot of spice and flavour to the looks. We love them so much that we own a whole drawer full of them, coming in different colors and sizes and shapes. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Finally, we can’t but also speak about the uber classy , in case of which we had the multiple layers of the elastic headband covering almost all of the scalp and creating a sort of “sleek” hairstyle, which did match the specific makeup and the garments presented here. We are speaking about the coolest interpretations of all the sizes and shades of feathery details adoring the hair in solo, without any specific pieces or backgrounds holding them!
And once more the variety of options does charm us with its uniqueness and elegance, coming with the awesome and bright designs by Chanel, perfectly matching the stylish central-parted ‘dos and the colorful garments we saw here.
For instance, we can note the curious and classic forms presented during the show of Dries Van Noten, where the aim of those accessories is to create stylish hairstyles like faux bobs. There was jewellery and there were headpieces, there were belts and a whole slew of interesting products, which were meant to keep us warm from the cooler winter weather and the stinging winds of autumn. It appears that the lovely fashions are back though, hopefully without any master and slave connotations, play or real, and we found their appearance on Ohne Titel to be especially intriguing.
The choker looks also extend to more sculptural jewelry in the shape of twisted metal around the neck, a rather intriguing look that appeared on the Narciso Rodriguez runway. Swarovski crystal statement chokers were very much a big deal on the Balenciaga runway show with their graphic edginess and touch of punk that rivalled the sophistication seen throughout the collection. We are head over heels in love with the golden breastplate necklaces from Giambattista Valli resembling a big bird or an abstract motif that will look especially catchy on the background of the naked skin or a neutral clothing piece.
We also love the minimalist necklaces from Dolce & Gabbana, the chain designs from Dries van Noten, the massive retro options from Dsquared2 and others.
At Tadashi Shoji, we were especially captivated by the earrings that appeared to be plated crystals or mock swords that hung from the lobes of the models walking for this year’s fall and winter collections. Those bejewelled Marni adornments were also quite compelling, even though our eyes were more acutely trained on others throughout the Fashion Week runway shows.
Really big drop earrings were worn at Balmain that almost looked too painful to have donned onto one’s lobes.
The bauble bracelets seen at Victoria Beckham were earth toned in color, with one especially appearing to be grapes turned into pearls set against a green background that is reminiscent of a leaf.
Lovely bauble bracelets were very much a thing for Kenzo, with huge egg-like stones placed in the middle for added effect. They came in all shapes and sizes, but what captured the most attention was the use of statement earrings that were large and attention-grabbing, often in abstract but always with special decorum.
We’ve seen them appear all over the place and certainly are not surprised to see them take over the jewelry business as well, appearing as a necklace on the Zimmermann runway for starters. Golden triangles were used on the lobes of the Saint Laurent ladies, along with other forms of geometric earrings that the light bounced off as they sauntered onto stage looking rather like experienced ladies of the night. Huge disks in a slightly oval shape hung off wire necklaces at Carven, really bringing the focus to the chest region. It is an awesome trend for us as it uses the classier options of the past and can be morphed into something modern while still appearing quite sophisticated. We also saw funky choker necklaces created out of double stranded pearls twisted about around the base of the models’ necks for a chic but modern effect. These beaded options, particularly the floating style, appeared quite nicely at Suno, paired with high necked sweater dresses in white, black and yellow that looked pretty cosy from our ends. On the other hand, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab and others used just one big statement ring for a higher impact. Coming in burnt orange leather, they certainly do appear to be the fashionable way to mark a slave these days.
Balenciaga featured some serious sparkle with spiky cuffs in Swarovski crystals that really caught our attention from the moment they were worn onto the runway. Veronique Leroy’s squiggly cuffs cannot be forgotten either, as they looked so very interesting against the more sophisticated designs and tailoring of the clothing worn. We also love the gorgeous floral cuff bracelets of Elie Saab and the elaborate designs from Chanel. We had associated them with our parents and grandparents especially for so long it is almost bizarre to see them gracing the bodies of young models on the runways. It is a trend you can wear at all times and we certainly do recommend starting from now, with your spring fashions in place.
Ready to wear pieces can also have as much fun as haute couture in this sense as top fashion houses like Celine, Givenchy, Miu Miu and others take on pearls and paste and all forms of ornate designs.
We also saw crystal flowers blooming on the set for the contemporary fairy tale created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, making the statement necklaces look like enchanted Sicilian flowers. These include those coiled Narciso Rodriguez choker necklaces and bracelets that look like a thick piece of metal has been twisted by hand to create the look, the gaudy bracelets and twisted metal rings around double fingers, as well as the Kenzo baubles around the wrists that held huge egg-like stones in the center. At Prim by Michelle Erie, we found ourselves staring at very geometrically shaped jewelry pieces in golden plating, while Jennifer Fisher loves to have twisted and rippled effects. John Galliano’s jewelry pieces were simply out of this world themselves as we were unable to wrench our eyes away from the funky geometric designs mixed with stones that took over the runway show. Tassels are the latest way to show off the fringe and they appear not only on shoes and handbags and dresses and shirts but also on earring and necklaces to add a bit more of a ‘70s kick to our styles. At Nina Ricci, the fringes are in gold and fall rather low, showing off the bling while appearing to be the most expensive broom screwed onto a hand ever made. Those punk references come back with a big power now through the use of massive facial piercings, like those pieces we spotted at Givenchy this year.
While the flirty flower resembling ear muffs from Olympia Le Tan will appeal to all those girly girls, the bejewelled and fur-trimmed regal headphones from Dolce & Gabbana created in collaboration with Frends are the ultimate accessories for the modern queen.
They come in super slim designs, as well as the super silky, those hitting way below the waist and those hanging tight around the neck.
They appeared silky and wider in berth at House of Holland, worn over high necked plaid mini dresses thrown over longer sleeves and legs clad in tights that match the scarves. Zac Posen’s tiny fur scarves are beyond beautiful and feminine, available in shades matching the clothing pieces they came to finish off.
They are belted on many of the line-ups by many of the designers, but look lovely at Donna Karan, while they take on the look of scarves at Dries Van Noten and fall with actually fox tails at Givenchy.
No matter how you decide to wear them, slung over nonchalantly or worn in a classic manner, fur stoles are a perfect representation of all that the new seasons are all about, emphasizing ladylike sophistication. Designers have decided to take the turtleneck and the choker trends to new heights and combine them, Altuzarra being big on that fact. They looked nice and cozy at Christophe Lemaire as well, having us also enjoy the skin below it as the ladies donned off-the-shoulder garments for maximum effect. They were certainly everywhere of late on the red carpet as well, gracing the limbs of many a celebrity. At Elie Saab, the elbow length gloves melded into the jumpsuits worn by the ladies showing off the incredible designs of the Lebanese artist, while Prada’s incredible colored pieces did much to inspire us in trying aqua tweed pantsuit designs. Some designers like Ralph Lauren and Matthew Williamson experimented with suede gloves using chunky fur trimmings to add texture and warmness to the pieces. It isn’t the only wide style of belts that is trending either, nor just the buckled versions.
Nothing can really be fancier than a metal bow belt in a wide design, such as it appeared on the Vionnet catwalk. They appear on clothing and on bags, on shoes and now on the fall 2015 accessories, including wrist gloves spotted at Balenciaga with circular ringed holes in the center to ensure some modern and futuristic fun is added to a classic piece brought back into the fashion world. While the punk rock facial piercings might not be for the faint hearted, there still are those gorgeous gloves and scarves we all want to acquire right away! From the major parts like garments, to the tiniest ones, like accessories and other design elements, everything should be taken into consideration.
They include a variation of options, and what is interesting about them, is the huge range of styles they serve to bring forth. Here the florals come as delicate adornments, which take us back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, embedded with romantic mood and spring touches.
These magic looks have been the focus of Zac Posen collection, who managed to use the garden-inspired themes as cornerstones of the fairy-resembling models’ looks.
This trend is especially well shown in Honor’s collection, where we find some iridescent and subtle sprinkles of flowers, making a fairy-like appearance and very impressive pair for the girly looks.
Here, super huge floral adornments most frequently found in purple shades are put to complete the black and white pairs for garments.
Thus, they are represented via a very spectacular option based on small and thin gold stripes for hair, gifting the hairstyle with noticeable proportions of glittery charm. Here, these adornments contribute to making the looks even more glamorous and chic, perfectly complementing the classic night looks offered. Jason Wu thought about this, too, when introducing super cool barrettes of gold, used to create striking and classy ponytails, wonderfully matching with the garments.
This time, she introduced the classy hairstyle alternatives for the best spring looks, created with the help of monochrome thick headbands, mainly concentrated around darker tones. Tanya Taylor didn’t let this happen, introducing her variant of styling hair with jeweled alternatives, being both monochrome and colorful. This way, the designers have a wide choice of shapes and colors, matching them with the rest of the elements composing the looks. Diesel Black Gold used these tiny leather ties, to complete the cool, comfortable, and effective braided hairstyle options.
This idea was put forward by Helmut Lang designs, where the basic choice stopped on the mishmash of classy and effortlessly casual for this fashion line.

Each of these options has something outstanding in it, and in case of choosing wisely, they can be perfect accompaniments for impressive and second-to-none interpretations of the most impressive looks of yours.
And this winter, even if you’ve never been to Paris before, you can certainly look like you have thanks to a French beret. It’s got plenty of room inside and is designed in such a way that it will fit comfortably on your shoulders. So why not get some that have your initials, the initials of your sweetheart—or you can even combine them. While jewelry and gloves, bags and purses and everything in between might be quite necessary, few ever stop to think about hair accessories. Simple things really can make a whole world of difference, whether it is a clip or a bandana, a hat or a bejewelled pin. We saw them parade models on the catwalk with everything from the latest colors to the latest shoe styles, the handbag trends and even the makeup and nail trends done up superbly. We’ve pulled all the best fall 2015 hair accessories into a single report and present them all below. Those Fendi headbands appeared in black, white and brown as well, giving an overall great impression. It was at Gucci that we saw the white floral headbands placed atop blonde hair with pink edges, looking oh-so-beautiful and positively unique. It has been part of nearly every trend set and now we see it appear among the biggest fall 2015 hair accessories as well. Spotted on Derek Lam’s fashion show was the use of a leather band with a chopstick poking through, looking quite lovely and perhaps straight out of decades past. Pretty little bows were added to the ends of the braids at the Giles show as well, in soft satin and looking positively gorgeous against the platinum blonde of the hair.
That’s where the jewelled accents seen at Prada or even Dolce & Gabbana come in, from the colorful designs of the former keeping the hair looped to the side in place with those incredible barrettes to the gorgeous golden ribbon enamel and jewel encrusted roses of the latter. Those Bora Aksu models looked incredible with the hair swept to the side and pinned into place with a golden piece covered in cubic zirconia, reflecting off the light superbly.
We saw more of that, in black and khaki barrettes clipped to models’ sleek, side-parted strands at the show.
Suno presented some lovely pieces as well, appearing in perfect geometric shapes with black and white coloring separated by a zigzag design, holding long straight hair in place that had been looped and the ends falling over to create a fun effect.
At Dolce & Gabbana it was all about those jewel and enamel encrusted roses in the hair that really matched the Mother’s Day theme going on throughout.
We also love to have them appear rather different from all the rest, which is where the Holly Fulton double face pieces come into place, women back to back with black hair and red lips adorning the center of the back of your head, while Mongol used colorful ethnic hair accessories to add drama to those looks.
Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction. Matching it with the small side braids, the stylists managed to create an extremely youthful and great image. As for the innovative and cool designs, the reversed headbands we saw during the Givenchy show is the following uber creative and great option, the accent of which is the red finishes and tips reaching the sides of the head and adding a special color emphasis to the looks. As for the chicest and the most luxurious interpretations, we can’t but note the most flabbergasting bejeweled designs of the floral hair accessories we noticed during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, where those details were identically matched with the necklaces and the other huge bejeweled florals put all over the looks with quite interesting proportions. In addition, we can also speak about the classic and cool variants that could be found in the array of looks presented by Peter Som, where the messy touches are matched with the single pins attached to one side of the hair and creating quite interesting side swept elements, which do match the combos and the textures perfectly.
Plus, we are stoked to see all the different styles of scarves and gloves that were worn onto the runway throughout the different Fashion Weeks.
Balmain’s golden chokers looked pretty amazing on the ladies as well, alongside the bamboo style oversized hoop earrings and golden bangles that were stacked high on the wrists.
Single golden earring drops offset the use of leather in the Louis Vuitton collection, bringing some bling to the exotic looks displayed throughout the line-up. Here, Lanvin’s tassel earrings also fit the category and have us wondering at all the different looks we can be rocking over the cooler seasons for best effect. Burberry’s pom-pom bangles were as interesting as bracelets can get and we might find the idea so amusing as to invest in a piece. The ones seen at Tibi were intriguing to say the least, appearing to be pieces of art on their own that belong in a museum more than emulated into a jewelry piece for the ears. We see geometric shapes hanging from ears as single earrings as well, as we noticed as clearly shown up at Anteprima, looking quite awesome with the hair above the ears slicked back. Pearls are incredibly beautiful and can be both on the inexpensive side and really bank-breaking, depending on the quality of the pieces used. Balenciaga’s models had ears covered in pearl earrings, from the dangling designs to the ones placed on the cartilage. Beads are added to single earrings as well, bringing in an ‘80s touch to the average ‘70s outfits. Rings with double bands were spotted at Proenza Schouler as well, twisting and turning around the pinkie and ring fingers. Stella McCartney included multiple rings per finger as she presented models with ballooning fake pearls protruding out from around the nail areas on the digits appearing on the runway. Bright and fluid golden thread cuffs appeared on the Chloe line-up, looking positively incredible and swaying to the rhythm of the girls’ walk down the runway, the fringes hanging low and bringing back the ‘70s full force.
Clean, Art Deco lines on cuffs by Elie Top for Lanvin really provided a really good contrast on the wrists against the extravagance of the garments worn. Yet brooches are such lovely pieces of jewelry that stand out so much with their ability to draw the eyes towards the chest. Absolutely funky paperclips gone wonky designs made their way into the MSGM line-up, matching nearly perfectly without geometric style 3D fun earrings in multiple colors.
Miu Miu’s earrings and necklaces were certainly statement pieces from the past that made it big for the present and the future.
In Paris, the Dries Van Noten twisted chains in bulky figures were the objects of much attention as they spruced up even the least interesting of woolly sweaters. Between the earrings at Alber Elbaz and the necklaces as well as the embellishments for the lobes at Lanvin, we were mesmerized by the use of the trend on jewelry. Lanvin’s tassel earrings also include lots of fringe that has us intrigued by the gaudier looks that have taken over the runway alongside the daintier and more feminine overall. While Acne Studios used a single nose ring to illustrate the trend, Manish Arora made a bold statement using a big punk rock nose accessory that definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. Those are opulent and gorgeous enough to accessorize even evening looks and we can’t wait to see our favorite IT girls wear them soon. Scarves have made a huge comeback for the fall and winter seasons and we could not be happier with the results.
They come in faux fur as well, or furless furs as Stella McCartney likes to call them, making them an awesome idea to invest in no matter what your stance is on furs in general. It is the perfect colder weather staple and has all the appeal of the turtleneck itself while also allowing you to show off some decolletage as well. Tod’s had its own version of these chokers and offered to the public its take on the trend with fur snoods that looked very warm and cuddly while still managing to look positively chic. They cinch in the waist and make us look like the hourglass princesses we are on the inside.
On the Fashion Weeks, we saw some incredible alternatives to the classical opera versions as well, such as the Dries Van Noten ones made with supple leather, coming in kooky color combinations and with full arm lengths that have us wondering how hot it must get under there. In case of Fendi we saw suede gloves complemented with hairy motifs that turned the designs into the ultimate pieces for making a big sartorial statement come fall.
We witnessed the appearance of all types of belts on the different runway shoes, looking skinny and wide, twisted and straight, rope-like or embellished, all at once. Mock reptile skin gloves in leather were worn at Haider Ackermann’s show, looking a bit off but still including the trending prints. Hairstyles also compose a very important aspect of this list, especially well put with suitable accompaniments. Here, this technique comes as an additional accent for the voluminous and effortless hairstyle. Valentino presents the most skillful alternatives of leather headbands, using them to achieve the complete myth-inspired and never-to-be-forgotten combos. There are all kinds of things that you can add to bring out the best in your sweaters and boots. You can go with a formal look or you can opt for one that looks more like the lunchboxes that you used to carry to school as a child. You can talk a stroll down memory lane and look super precious while doing it if you get a knitted pom pom hat.
You can get creative, fill it up to the tee or just let it be; a simple look that appears intriguing to say the least. They also appeared in leather on the Proenza Schouler catwalk, utilizing a second trend that has been big throughout the Fashion Weeks all along. It is an awesome look too and sometimes does not even appear to be leather, such as the thin, metallic strip of leather Orlando Pita wrapped around the raked back slick ponytails at Carolina Herrera. At Delpozo, we were treated to the sight of oversized bow headbands that we just might grab in those pasty pink colors. At Cushnie et Ochs and Julien David, a few little bobby pins make a world of difference for the look that appears to have retro hairstyles of the past meet the funky styles of the future. In addition, the Marc Jacobs fashion show came up with an even more impressive and personality stating exemplars, introducing the wider options adorned with the biggest variety of shades and garments that secure the classy glam of the looks.
On the other hand, we also have the minimalistic and l, in case of which we have a smaller area covered with the feathers, coming with more natural shades and symmetrically arranged locations covering the both sides of the head and also having the wet look added to the texture. So if you want to combine the colorful interpretations with the glamorous textures and shiny looks, the options by Dolce & Gabbana are just the exact thing for you! The man-made is cheapest, while the freshwater comes in second and the saltwater has its own categories, incredible products of nature that appear in different colors and textures and sizes all over the world.
Beaded necklaces were found falling low and almost like body chains at Chanel, using clear and white and grey options to complement the traditional tweed looks.
They appeared bejewelled and embellished and sometimes quite plain, often as oversized accessories that really completed the whole look. Chanel’s buttons lining the lapel and one side of the tweed jackets looked rather intriguing, complementing the use of beaded necklaces.
They add the perfect touch of femininity to any combination of garments, from the lovely dresses to the slouchier oversized men’s tailoring that has been such a big hit in womenswear. You can also use a thick and stretchy black headband to double up as a collar that emulates this trend.
The waists were hidden for too long and now they are being glorified once again, to our great pleasure.
They cinched in the waists perfectly while really turning out to be the center of attention in many a collection. Marni’s wide belts also came in colorful snakeskin, which made us extremely happy for that is the one reptile whose prints are the most intriguing to stare at. Though this option is not too suitable for having it on frequently, it can guarantee the eye-catching looks for any important occasion requiring unique appearance. The feather-like details that the hairstyles of the models at Chanel show had also have their place in this range of vibes. They can be bold and they might feel fresh as well, full of possibilities and adding interest to collars and dresses of all types. These silhouettes are huge at designer houses like Balmain and those big and bold belts really help maintain the shape properly. The main philosophy of these motives is composed of the relaxed and worriless attitude giving birth to some effortless and at the same time absolutely cute and feminine looks.
They’re what can make a simple T-shirt and pair of jeans look pretty close to extraordinary. Since they like to feature big buckles as well, the need for any other piece of jewelry becomes generally nonexistent. The tools and techniques serving for creating those looks are extremely diverse and creative. They look incredibly gorgeous on the bright Roberto Cavalli dresses, while doing wonders for the wraparound pieces spotted at Versace.
They include some nice comebacks of retro and past traditions, as well as modernized and fresh interpretations.

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