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Healing is possible only if such diseases are examined very carefully and if the actual causes are taken into account during treatment on an individual and person-oriented basis.
Therefore it is no surprise that a recently acclaimed treatment model remains to be challenged in public. NOW THEN: Whoever wants to heal tinnitus must first accept the fact that tinnitus itself does not exist in a vacuum without causal relationships. One model for understanding diseases within a specific context is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In my opinion (which is based upon practical experience), tinnitus can be retraced to this one source in at least 60 % of all cases.
Traditional Chinese medicine offers the following explanation: Apart from reproductive capacities and regeneration, kidneys and their meridians govern the regulation of body fluids, the functioning of joints (hips and knees), hair growth, and functioning of the ears and brain.
For example, tinnitus may also be caused by kidney weaknesses that have developed within an organism resulting from other diseases, or from stress, wrong nutrition and the abuse of alcohol and medical drugs.
For instance, if kidneys suffer from a lack of warmth (which can actually be felt in this area!), then this condition signifies a lack of yang energy.
A thorough medical history of the patient plus a clinical examination are necessary in order to recognise such patterns involving tinnitus.
Iris diagnostics is one such procedure of analysing the eye in order to recognise diseases. Iris diagnostics goes back to the Hungarian physician von Peczely who presented his discovery to the public in 1881. Basically, any functional disturbance can be appropriately treated within its own specific context.
All pains (and all functional pains in particular) can be influenced, alleviated and often completely dissipated by treatment via the ear.
Ear acupuncture is especially suited for use in emergency medical procedures due to its quick and precise access to biochemical interactions in the body.
Here it is very important to understand the principle that chronic illness is represented in the ear in the form of lineally organised points. My practical work with treatment lines has reconfirmed that indeed, when virulent, all points occurring on such lines can be assigned to a specific disease. When recalling different areas of the ear plus the organs or organ-systems represented there, the innately profound meaning of this concept can be recognised. Since the points found for reflexes or organ disturbances are always situated along a treatment line that runs from zero to the helix across the ear, a certain state of illness is always represented on each of the three germ layers, and all layers are affected by any given treatment. To illustrate this, I would like to describe two cases of tinnitus and their treatment via the ear. The patient is 56 years old, a gaunt, highly sensitive woman who has been suffering for years from roaring ear noises accompanied by light deafness. Her medical history reveals that she also has joint problems (clicking) and urine retention despite the urge to pass water. A completely different problem is presented in the case of a younger woman who is 34 years old. Significant relaxation of the psychological situation occurred already after the first treatment and it stabilised after only a few treatments. I would like to emphasise that the symptoms exhibited in both cases also indicated the pathway to treatment. Geoff's research led him to a host of natural treatments that he then set about to test over the next 2 years. These secret techniques have now been organized and compiled into one simple program that is available to anyone who is suffering from the effects of tinnitus. The real facts about tinnitus, including newly discovered truths that are seldom mentioned anywhere else. How to customize the system to provide the best and fastest treatment for your tinnitus regardless how bad you may think it is. Eleven proven techniques that can reduce and even eliminate your tinnitus - one of them is almost certain to work for you. Geoff Barker’s program helps tinnitus sufferers every day through his website and his eBook system.
About one week ago, when she opened her garage and tried to take her garbage can out of her house, she had a fall and she immediately felt  severe pain in the right hip and she had difficulty to getting up from the ground.
All post menopausal women and men age 50 and older should be evaluated clinically for osteoporosis risk factors in order to determine the need for bone mineral density testing.
Genetic factors:  There are many genetic factors that will cause osteoporosis such as parental history of hip fracture, cystic fibrosis, hypophosphatasia, idiopathic hypercalcinuria, etc.
Lifestyle factors such as low calcium intake, vitamin D insufficiency, excessive vitamin A intake, high caffeine intake, high salt intake, alcohol: three or more drinks a day, immobilization, inadequate physical activity, smoking, tennis, and excessive physical activity. 1).        Endocrine disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome, hyperparathyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus, adrenal insufficiency, etc. 2).        Malnutrition, parenteral nutrition, and malabsorption such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, lactose intolerance, gastrectomy surgery, intestinal bypass surgery or bowel resection, vitamin K and vitamin B12 deficiency, etc. Hematological disorders such as multiple myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, etc. Hypogonadal disease such as Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Kallmann syndrome, anorexia nervosa, etc.
Osteoporosis is more common in elder individuals and Caucasian woman, but osteoporosis can occur at any age in men as well as in women and in all ethnic groups. The dual-energy absorptiometry DXA measures the hip and the spine bone density to establish or confirm the diagnosis of osteoporosis, predict future fracture risk, and to monitor patients by performing serial assessments.  WHO, the World Health Organization has established the following definition based on BMD (Bone Mineral Density) measurements at spine, hip, or forearm by DXA devices.
Based on National Osteoporosis Foundation conditions’ guide, the following people should be tested for BMD.
2.         In postmenopausal women and the men age 50 to 69 recommend BMD testing when the doctor has concerns based on their  risk factor profile.

Recommend BMD testing to those who have had a fracture to determine degree of disease’s severity. Calcium 1000 mg per day should be taken for women before menopause and a 1200 mg per day for women who are postmenopausal. Vitamin D 800 IU for women before menopause and 1000 IU vitamin D for postmenopausal women.
Even if the calcium tablet is blended correctly, it may be difficult for the body to utilize or break down the calcium. In addition to binders, some calcium supplements may have additives such as chlorine and other chemicals. 3.         Low bone mass and US adopted WHO 10-year probability of hip fractures more or equivalent to 3% or 10 years probability of any major osteoporosis related fractures more than 20%.
Ibandronate, brand name, Boniva.  Boniva reduces the incidence of vertebral fractures by about 50% over three years. There are many side effects for bisphosphonates, such as GI problems, difficulty swallowing, inflammation of esophagus, and gastric ulcer.  All these medications must be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with at least 8 ounces of plain water. The following acupuncture points usually are selected to treat and help the prevention of osteoporosis. Dazhui Du14 and Ming Men Du4 and also Pi Shu UB20, Wei Shu UB21, Shen Shu UB23, and Qi Hai Shu UB24.
Acupuncture  is not a conventional treatment used by most doctors to treat women going through menopause. The treatment principles for this kind of menopause are: strengthen the kidney yin and kidney essence, nourish  the blood, clear the heat of deficiency type, regulate liver chi and tranquilize the mind.
The treatment principles for this type of menopause are: warm the kidney yang, strengthen the spleen chi and nourish the blood. I have been very successful in treating variety of patients with different health condition include menopause syndrome.  If you already suffered from menopause and you do not want to take estrogen or by some reason you can not take the estrogen, I would be very glad to help you.
As the triple heater consists of three centers, which it connects, three groups of disturbances can occur.
A fully qualified acupuncturist is able to give a specialist traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and a prescribe treatments that can be effectively used for a wide range health issues.
The sounds that drive patients nuts have been described by one patient as: growling, droning or roaring, ringing (similar to that of bells), pulsating, throbbing. Some people become ill following sudden deafness, others become ill due to de-compensated renal metabolism, while a third group may experience blocked cervical vertebrae. Undoubtedly, these diseases cannot be considered as disturbances of the auditory system alone. The actual problem then is simply that healing is difficult without knowing which factors are causing the disease. I am aware that translating Asiatic understanding of illness into our ways of thinking is not an easy task. Accordingly, the results are lumbago, cold and painful knees, dizziness, hypo-thyroidism and tinnitus (among other things). Naturally, differential diagnosis also includes the use of other empirical examinations to assist in establishing a sound opinion. Peczely originally taught (as is still being taught today) that certain symptoms within the iris could be associated with certain organic disorders.
However, potential inherent in the ear for providing clues to the aetiology of diseases is often underestimated or even ignored. NOGIER has therefore recommended this therapy for treatment of all complaints relating to the central nervous system such as anxiety conditions, agoraphobia, obsession, concentration deficiency, dizziness, stammering, etc. Various withdrawal programmes designed to manage alcohol abuse, other drug or medicinal drug abuse, smoking, and food craving, for example, enable therapists to confront individual situations of addicted patients. NOGIER had emphasised in his early publications that pertinent causal connections of a given disease were also visible within the energy lines of the ear in addition to the several respective organ or organ system points. This is the basis for the far-reaching therapeutic implications that exist in ear acupuncture. Virulent points are sought and treated along the treatment line that is indicated for the respective diseases and their corresponding points. During the day it is comprised of a whizzing sound connected with a feeling as though the ears were blocked. Virulent points here are stomach, an endogenous regulation point in the curve of the ant-helix, shoulder and nervous regulation points of shoulder and stomach. The ear noises still occurred but only sporadically after the second treatment and then stopped completely. A former suffer of tinnitus, Geoff spent several years and thousands of dollars trying to find a real cure for the ringing in his ears, known as tinnitus. His tests resulted in the discovery of 11 techniques that have since been proven to reduce and even cure tinnitus in even the most stubborn of cases. It is one of the most complete and comprehensive systems for tinnitus relief available on the market today, and is downloadable from his website, with lifetime updates and website support. That means that as additional techniques and methodologies are discovered, you will be among the first to know all about them before anyone else does.
The symptoms of vertebral collapse, usually exhibit sudden back pain often with radicular pain shooting down to the legs with numbness and tingling sensation. Osteoporosis is preventable if we identify the risk factors for the patients and therefore a fall causing the fracture of a bone can be avoid. Most of them are in tablet form, which  is difficult for your body to absorb, because the calcium supplement is not blended with vitamin D and magnesium; these are necessary to aid in the absorption and use of calcium. Even assuming no binders are used in the calcium tablet, the body must still break down a hard-pressed tablet into a usable form. This could appear as knee pain, elbow pain shoulder joint pain , wrist pain and finger joints pain.

A holistic clinic providing support, monitoring and alternative treatments to cancer patients. Besides, if the magnet is placed on acupuncture point, magnetic wave will stimulate the acupuncture point and have similar acupuncture effect.
This procedure involves long-term treatment for which insurance companies spend a lot of money. However, when it comes to tinnitus, such insights are invaluable resources that go even beyond the subject of the ear. Formerly, iris diagnostics was a customary ingredient in the toolbox of all medical doctors until about the beginning of the 19th century.
Based upon the topography of the eye, phenomena associated with the constitution of the iris plus the symptoms, structures and pigmentations included in eye diagnostics all serve to open the possibility of discovering causes of a particular disease and its probable course, and to recognise its disposition. Thus, disturbances are represented in the ear and such signs can be perceived (that is: touched, seen, measured).
The balancing and relaxing effect of ear acupuncture is also welcomed in geriatrics and the treatment of older persons. It means that a whole segment reveals itself as a disease complex for both diagnosis and treatment. She is full of defences and is threatened by everything around her; everything is overwhelming.
They have merely been utilised in an exemplary fashion to illustrate how to arrive at decisions for treatment strategies.
He tried professional doctors and alternative therapies, and still found no relief to his horrible condition of tinnitus.
Geoff Barker and his team are so confident that there program works they will give you 8 weeks to try it out if it doesn’t work for you simply email Geoff and he will fully refund your purchase price. This is one of the most comprehensive systems of its kind, and is available for immediate download.
After the operation, she came to my office for rehabilitation, and she asked me why it is so easy to have a fracture. This fracture usually is called a compression fracture and by x-ray, you can see the vertebral collapse. Soft drinks, which contains phosphoric acid may increase the risk of osteoporosis because the phosphoric acid will displace calcium contained in the bone.
If the tablet cannot be broken down sufficiently in the stomach, then the calcium will not be absorbed. Muscle strengthening exercises include weight training and other resistive exercise.  Weightbearing exercise programs not only increase bone density but also improve both heart and lung functional ability and muscle strength. Feng Liang of the Fifth Avenue Acupuncture & Herbs Center has used this treatment effectively coupled with Chinese herbs to treat women who are going through menopause. External origins such as traumas that have caused irreversible damage to the auditory system represent only minor problems to the therapist when investigating causal factors. Furthermore, warts are present especially on the hands and in the face, which are hard, indented, and tend to burst open.
In addition the inner ear points, Shen Men (blockages of the small pelvis), right hip and points on the line of sounds are treated. Finally, he decided that he would research the condition himself, and spent month after month pouring through medical journals, speaking with specialists, and interviewing others who suffered from the same condition. Her friends sometimes had falls without any problems.  She wanted acupuncture treatments and also a nutritional consultation about her osteoporosis. If there are multiple vertebral fractures (Fx), you will see the patient has a stooped posture, loss of height, and chronic pain with reduction of mobility.
Another reason calcium may not be absorbed from a tablet is because of DCP, which is a binding agent used to hold the tablet together.
If you can’t break down the calcium your body is robbed of the calcium needed to support bodily functions. Menopause is a transitional period in which the functions of the ovaries deteriorate gradually to the point of total loss.
So when I treat this type of patients with joint pain, I will suggest them to take natural supplement include Chinese herbs for supporting estrogen level in the body. However, major causal relationships within the body’s system can result in sudden deafness and such interactions are not always easy to understand.
In this Cure for Tinnitus Review we take a closer look at Geoff Barker's product and how it works for you. The ovaries gradually reduce their production of the female hormone estrogen.  Menopause can also happen abruptly when the ovaries have been surgically removed. Within minutes, you will receive your copy of "Stop the Ringing - 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus", and you will be on your way to curing your tinnitus once and for all!
I play a lot of competitive club tennis and in my mid-40s, began to sustain back injuries which Galina always fixed with the absolute highest level of professional medical massage.
They can worsen when listening to music, or on the contrary, they may even tend to improve.
Especially in the evenings she has bladder cramps and generally a slight burning in the urethra. Tension pains in the left shoulder blade and pains in the thoracic spine become aggravated when walking for a longer periods of time. When I came to Galina, she did not give me the bright hope that I will be cured, she said:” Let’s work on it”.

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