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I hope you enjoy surfing the variety of material on my site, from the brain infection that can cause ear popping ear canal spasms pain in back of head burning in head burning in neck burning in ears mucus in stool and blood in stoolvein popping out picsveins popping out legs in dogsaudio and video samples of my work in the classical and jazz idioms, through the archives of the 2000 lincoln ls exhaust poppingplastic popping toyspopping epidermoid and pilar cysts neckContemporary Music Group, to the news of current projects. Now PlayingDivertimento2005 ford f150 hub poppingpopping noise behind dash 2006 chevy impalaemachines monitor volume keeps popping up: 1. The maintenance department tried to quiet the noise by installing sound deadening panels around the fan assembly, but the noise continued to grow louder. The Crane Engineering vibration technician took readings from the motor and the fan shaft pillow block bearings, and also performed a phase analysis to analyze the movement of the fan and motor (to rule out imbalance and alignment issues).
When maintaining equipment in your facility, ita€™s important to treat the root cause of problems, not the symptoms. View detailsFlitemate pressure relieving earplugs have been specially designed for travellers who suffer ear problems on aeroplanes, adding to your comfort and well being whilst you are in the air. Chris suggested a vibration analysis be done on the fan to get to the root cause of the excessive noise.

This was included in his comprehensive vibration analysis report that he routinely provides to Crane Engineering customers, which helps them to understand both the issue and recommended actions to solve it. Lack of lubrication, dirty oil, misalignment, and imbalance are all factors that can contribute to bearing failure.
Due to the fact that the FD fan rotates inside a cavernous housing, the noise was greatly amplified.
If you notice leaks, noise, or vibrations, it makes sense to address the problem as soon as possible. Each set contains a pair of white flight dvt socks, eye mask, ear plugs and toothbrush and paste. The power company had their own resources for vibration analysis, but they were not available.
Depending on the issue, small symptoms can escalate quickly into larger, more costly failures.

Hearing the FD fan operate made him suspect that there was something seriously mechanically wrong. So after a time they asked Crane to send one of their vibration technicians to investigate the issue. Each vibration causes more damage to the assembly until the bearing completely fails, or other parts fail.

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