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The perception of tinnitus is the result of changes in the auditory system, which leads to an increase in the neuron activity from the inner ear to the brain.
A number of healthcare professionals specialize in tinnitus treatment and can help if you have symptoms. The changes in cabin air pressure when an airplane takes off and lands can be painful to our ears, and, in some cases, can cause ear barotrauma. Quies earPlanes® earplugs help eardrums adapt to potentially painful changes in air pressure. If you’ve ever flown on an airplane or suffered from swimmer’s ear, you’ve probably noticed that our ears are particularly sensitive to things like changes in pressure and moisture.
Trying to sleep, concentrate, or just simply rest in a noisy environment can be extremely difficult—and frustrating. Whether at work (industrial equipment, production lines) or at play (concerts, nightclubs, motor sports), at some point we are all exposed to loud noises that can permanently damage our hearing. Sometimes you need to block out loud noise intermittently, being able to hear well as soon as the noise stops and until it starts up again. Children with ear tubes and people with sensitive ears can now enjoy water activities worry-free, thanks to Quies silicone earplugs for swimmers. Water activities can be a challenge for children with ear tubes and people subject to frequent ear infections.

The uncomfortable feeling of ringing, buzzing ears is one that musicians, concert-goers, and night-clubbers are all too familiar with. This damage can occur from a number of sources, such as exposure to very loud sounds throughout your life or toxic medications that damage the ear. The first step is to see an audiologist who can visually inspect your ears and evaluate your hearing. Made from soft, flexible silicone, they contain a ceramic filter that gradually regulates the air flow resulting from air pressure differences, giving your eardrums time to adjust to the new pressure. They can be reused two to three times and come in two sizes: one for adults and one for infants over 30 months.
That’s why we have developed Quies corded earplugs, which can reduce noise by an average of 26 dB.
Often, the brain perceives the sound throughout most of the day, or just in quiet situations.
Work with your audiologist to find a good support network and devise methods to reduce stress and improve relaxation.
Continued awareness of the tinnitus sound can result in emotional disturbance, such as irritation, frustration, or anger.
If tinnitus affects your quality of life by reducing your sleep, affecting your performance at work, making tasks in your everyday life less enjoyable, or reduces your ability to concentrate, you may benefit from some sort of intervention.

In these cases, an audiologist is the most skilled and appropriate professional to evaluate and treat the problem. Interestingly, research has shown that up to 95 percent of young normal-hearing adults experience tinnitus when placed in the right conditions. If your tinnitus is potentially caused by an underlying medical condition, we can make the appropriate referral to a physician. I was never able to overwhelm them by turning the volume up or heavily weighting the equalizer in any direction. The ear-cups and top bar are padded with just the right amount of velvety plushness, and they seem lighter than their bulk would suggest. A comparison of the noise-cancellation performance showed a negligible difference between the two.

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