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Add to EJ Playlist  MTBS3D presents : Dedicated to Todd, Uncle Pete and the whole Bethesda Team !!!
Add to EJ Playlist  Apparently there is a new VR Injection Driver solution and it is available on Steam. Add to EJ Playlist  I THOUGHT THAT THIS WOULD BE LIKE VORPX BUT ITS ACTUALLY A LOT BETTER!!!
Add to EJ Playlist  You NEED a Steam Controller mounted ontop of the OSVR headset for Head Tracking. Add to EJ Playlist  This version hasn't been released yet (at the time the video was updated).
Add to EJ Playlist  This video shows how to use the VR Boost scanner and alter VR Boost values in Borderlands. Add to EJ Playlist  Very interested to hear your thoughts on the new runtime and also the new version of vireio perception. Add to EJ Playlist  I made a basic VR Shader Profile for this game and it really shows that this game would be fantastic.
Add to EJ Playlist  Still a couple of anomalies that need sorting but this looks like it will be very fun in VR. Add to EJ Playlist  This version of the Vireio drivers aren't out yet, but it really shouldn't be too long now. SinusWars UK - Natural remedies to treat sinus problems, infections, earaches, allergies, nasal polyps and tinnitus effectively.

All our remedies are natural, 100% homeopathic and were designed to offer long term relief. Our Website was designed to offer the best homeopathy has to offer to help end the suffering of sinus sufferers worldwide.
SinusWars - United Kingdom was established as the need from both Great Britain and Europe rose. SinusWars UK follows the guidelines and Heritage from its US sister site and will continue to provide excellent products and service.
Homeopathy is the leader in delivering results without harsh and unwanted side effects and long term markers being left on ones delicate system.
Our wide range of holistic remedies is designed to target sinusitis and sinus related conditions thereby improving your health and overall wellbeing. Sinusitis can last for weeks (acute sinusitis); months or even years (chronic sinusitis) with no end in sight and can affect different areas of the sinus cavities. The SinusWars Product range can treat the following symptoms; bad breath, a loss of smell and taste, headaches, pressure, congestion, earache and ear infections, nasal polyps, chronic and acute sinusitis, post nasal drip, hayfever, allergies, runny nose, colds and flu, sore throats, vertigo, Menierea€™s disease, sneezing, stress, tinnitus and many more.
Information on our product range can be viewed at SinusWars natural product range or alternatively, you can link to our main website located in the United States of America for comprehensive information on the sinuses and sinus related conditions such as Nasal Polyps, Allergies, Post Nasal Drip, Tinnitus, Colds and Flu, Sinusitis and many more. We also have an array of fully trained and knowledgeable call centre agents available to help with any queries or concerns you may have regarding your condition or specific products to suit your needs. For full information on how the SinusWars LLC brand started, please visit our About Us page.

The following gameplay does NOT represent the final quality and performance of VIREIO PERCEPTION !
NOTE: Did some tinkering, I lowered the mouse sensitivity all the way down, and that made headtracking 1:1!
My Rift arrived last night and I'm hard at work getting it working with several titles to give all of you the inside scoop. Sinus Problems in the EU and London have increased dramatically over the last few years and thus the demand for SinusWars Remedies.
I hear you ask, well here goes; Sinusitis refers to an inflammation in the sinuses cavities (Maxillary Sinus Cavity - cheek area, Frontal Sinus Cavity - above eyes, Ethmoid Sinus Cavity a€“ between the eyes, Sphenoid Sinus Cavity a€“behind the eyes), A that may be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Due to every individual being different and sinusitis affecting them differently we have designed our natural products to suit individual needs. All remedies are manufactured in an FDA registered facility, and we have over 7 years of experience in treating sinusitis and sinus related conditions. Alternatively why not try our all new Remedy Finder guaranteed to give you a reply within 24 hours of sending your query. This inflammation causes a blockage within the cavities resulting in pain, pressure, headaches and an overall feeling of not being well.

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