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Earrings with a delicious dangle of gem droplets that is sexy enough for anytime day or night.
All our custom gemstone jewelry is created by hand, using the finest quality materials available. Pieces may differ slightly from the photographs due to the natural variation of colored gemstones.

Fill out the below form to reserve 'SOLD: Oval Shape Amethyst & Diamond Earrings’ to view instore. Thank you, 'SOLD: Oval Shape Amethyst & Diamond Earrings’ will be reserved for you to view instore.
There may be only one of a particular piece available but please call and find out if we can get a similar gemstone.
Inclusions are part of the natural beauty of gemstones and are in no way considered to be defects, but rather characteristics of their inherent beauty.

We are happy to recreate the design for the necklace, earring, bracelet or ring so it looks as close as possible to the original.
We use natural gemstones, 14k gold, 14k gold filled and 18K vermeil as well as sterling silver.

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