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After testing is completed, the audiologist will explain the results to help you understand the symptoms you're experiencing. Sensorineural hearing loss refers to a hearing loss due to damage in the inner ear (cochlear) or auditory nerve. Conductive hearing loss refers to a hearing loss due to damage or blockage in the outer or middle ear. The success of the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE in treating middle ear disorders is due to its unique design. The versatility of the FMT has led to different types of Vibroplasty allowing for the successful treatment of various complicated middle ear conditions. Incus Vibroplasty is used to treat sensorineural hearing loss while Round Window Vibroplasty is used to treat conductive or mixed hearing loss. The products described on this professionals website are subject to regulatory approval prior to marketing in your market; some features may be currently unavailable or not for sale by MED-EL in your region.
Otosclerosis —An abnormal overgrowth of one or more bones in the middle ear prevents the small bones from moving normally. Meniere's disease — This typically causes dizziness, hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and a sensation of fullness or stuffiness in one or both ears. Drugs — Many prescription and nonprescription medications can damage the ear and cause hearing loss.
If you have sudden, severe hearing loss, you will notice immediately that your ability to hear has decreased dramatically or disappeared totally in the affected ear. Wear protective earplugs or earmuffs if you are often exposed to loud noise at work or during recreational activities. Drug-induced hearing loss — Stopping the problem medication may reverse hearing loss or prevent it from getting worse.
Sudden sensorineural hearing loss — When the cause is unknown, this condition is usually treated with a corticosteroid, such as prednisone. Disclaimer: This content should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of a call or visit to a health professional. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.
When medical approaches are not indicated or effective, the use of hearing aids or other types of amplification (i.e.

When medical intervention is contraindicated or cannot restore hearing, hearing aids and cochlear implants can provide effective means to better hearing for individuals with sensorineural hearing loss. The technology, styles and effectiveness are better than ever before, and satisfaction with newer hearing instruments is at an all-time high. To best illustrate the nature of your hearing loss, the audiologist will refer to your audiogram. Surgical applications, called Vibroplasty, have been demonstrated to be highly successful. Vibroplasty treatments using the SOUNDBRIDGE have proven to be safe, effective and reliable. The most common reversible causes are severe buildup of earwax in the ear canal and acute infections of the external ear or middle ear.
A vibrating tuning fork is placed in the middle of your forehead to help diagnose one-sided hearing loss. The doctor uses a hand-held device to generate tones of various intensities to find out if you can hear them. Your doctor may recommend a hearing aid or an implant to improve your ability to communicate with others.
This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Examples of conditions that may cause hearing loss and can usually be medically treated are: middle ear infection with fluid build-up, perforation of the eardrum, wax build-up in the ear canal. Sensorineural hearing loss is usually permanent since hair cells do not repair themselves and cannot be medically treated once damaged. In fact, in more than 95% of all cases of sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids or cochlear implants are the recommended course of treatment. A study by the National Council on Aging has shown that hearing aids not only help people hear better, but actually improve quality of life for people with hearing loss and their families.
This is a graphical representation, completed during testing, that records the specific pitches (frequencies) and loudness (intensity) levels that you can hear with each ear. Sensorineural hearing loss is not medically or surgically treatable but use of hearing aids or other amplification devices are very effective. Noise-induced hearing loss can happen because of a single brief burst of an extremely loud sound.

Acoustic neuroma often causes dizziness and equilibrium problems in addition to gradual hearing loss. Or it can result from a Q-tip that ruptures the eardrum during an attempt to clean the ear canal.
Your doctor will want to know if you have been exposed to loud noises, trauma of the ear or head, or ear infections. He or she will check for middle-ear problems by measuring your eardrum's ability to reflect sounds. A hearing aid amplifies sounds electronically and is effective for many people with age-related hearing loss.
Although research in hair cell regeneration in animals has shown promise, it appears that such treatment for humans is most likely many years away due the many complex scientific issues that have yet to be tackled. Hearing aids and cochlear implants have shown excellent outcomes for people with hearing loss. The audiologist will use this information to classify your level and type of hearing loss, and to recommend appropriate treatment options.The terms used to indicate the degree of hearing loss are mild, moderate, severe and profound. Audiology staff provide complete services for the selection, fitting, dispensing and management of hearing aids, as well as other amplification devices. Your doctor will want to rule out the possibility that medications may be causing your hearing loss. Hearing aids today are very small, so small that other people often do not notice you are wearing them.
These terms reflects the numbers on the graph not the actual impact of a certain hearing loss. It is typically harder to hear high-pitched tones (women's voices, violins) than low-pitched ones (men's voices, bass guitar). Serving communities around Palo Alto, Mountain View, Fremont, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Dublin, San Mateo & Santa Cruz.

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