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George III drop leaf circular dining table, lovely cuban mahogany, with good colour and old wax finish, raised on turned legs and pad feet.Circa. It’s well worth to spend some time to look at a piece of furniture if you are planning to buy it. Deciding what type of antique writing desk to collect, or buy, can be quite testing, as there are various kinds of desk on offer. Desk design has had to change radically, especially, since the computer era, to take into account extra cabling, fax machines, printers, key boards, etc. The antique desk only started to go through major changes in its design as late as the 17th century. Send Me My FREE “12 Antique Experts Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics” Email Course Today! Get your FREE mini-course"Antique Experts 12 Proven Tips,Tools and Tactics" on where to find valuable antique bargains, negotiate with dealers, spot the fakes, save hundreds of dollars and turn your antique hunting efforts into a personal fortune.

Do you know how to determine whether it’s an original or fake, and what technique did the craftsman used to make it? Imagine, for instance, that you liked this antique drop front desk – a charming writing desk, and would like to find out more about it. Does the piece have a provenance, a known history that is important enough to increase its value?
You are investing in a part of history, handed down through the generations – really, it is a work of art.
Back then, technology advanced rapidly, replacing the classic sloping lid box, or desk box.  Later, in the 18th century, came the bureau, a legged cabinet with a fold down front used as the writing surface.
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And invites those who do not intend to use it for its intended function.  Antique desk is now seen as more than just a working piece of furniture, they are now often used as a thing of beauty and designer elegance.

So, you are sure to gain on many levels with your purchase, whether for profit, or aesthetic purposes – you will benefit. These can make very strong and bold statements, and make a wonderful decorative centre piece for any home, but they usually carry a high price tag at antique shops and can command a premium figure at auction. On the contrary, the mounts of more recent times are not so well finished, and the edges don’t have sand cast work done so meticulously.

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