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With temperatures, even without the humidity, soaring in the high 30s, going out on patrol can end up being a good weight-loss program. This platoon from 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment, Valcartier, is currently operating within a Brazilian battalion (BRABAT) to support the MINUSTAH mandate. Working with Brazilian military personnel, CAF members are assisting with Haitian security and stability efforts.
The second and third days are made up of patrolling with the sole purpose of being a presence in the communities and working with the Haitian police to assist if and when needed. When the 2R22eR members first arrived in Haiti the end of June, they weren’t sure what kind of reception they were going to receive from the locals.

The last time a large number of CAF members were deployed to Haiti was for humanitarian aid just after the earthquake. Capt Payne said the area is improving slowly according to the CAF members who have been deployed to the area several times over the years. While many communities are still struggling, the UN is trying to help improve living conditions. But this isn’t the reason why 34 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are participating in Operation HAMLET in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Though Canada has a very strong relationship with Haiti, a lot has changed over the years when much of their infrastructure was destroyed after a devastating earthquake in 2010.

This deployment is unique not only because it is the first time a Canadian platoon has been deployed to MINUSTAH, but because it is in a security and stabilization role.

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