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University of Iowa researchers say that the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is an ideal model to study hearing loss in humans caused by loud noise.
As a result, scientists may choose to use the fruit fly to quicken the pace of research into the cause of noise-induced hearing loss and potential treatment for the condition, according to a paper published this week in the online Early Edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Hearing loss caused by loud noise encountered in an occupational or recreational setting is an expensive and growing health problem, as young people use ear buds to listen to loud music and especially as the aging Baby Boomer generation enters retirement.
Enter the fruit fly as an unlikely proxy for researchers to learn more about how loud noises can damage the human ear. The fly uses its antenna as its ear, which resonates in response to courtship songs generated by wing vibration. When the flies were tested again a week later, those exposed to noise had recovered normal hearing levels.
The effect on the molecular underpinnings of the fruit fly’s ear are the same as experienced by humans, making the tests generally applicable to people, the researchers note.
The reason: The molecular underpinnings to its hearing are roughly the same as with people. Eberl and Kevin Christie, lead author on the paper and a post-doctoral researcher in biology, say they were motivated by the prospect of finding a model that may hasten the day when medical researchers can fully understand the factors involved in noise-induced hearing loss and how to alleviate the problem.
The researchers exposed a test group of flies to a loud, 120 decibel tone that lies in the center of a fruit fly’s range of sounds it can hear. Also, we would like to learn how the modification of genetic pathways might reduce the effects of noise trauma,” Christie adds. The study arose from a pilot project conducted by UI undergraduate student Wes Smith, in Eberl’s lab. This over-stimulated their auditory system, similar to exposure at a rock concert or to a jack hammer. Flies with a mutation making them susceptible to stress not only showed more severe reductions in hearing ability and more prominent changes in mitochondria shape, they still had deficits in hearing 7 days later, when normal flies had recovered. Later, the flies’ hearing was tested by playing a series of song pulses at a naturalistic volume, and measuring the physiological response by inserting tiny electrodes into their antennae. The fruit flies receiving the loud tone were found to have their hearing impaired relative to the control group.

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