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If a professional has pierced your body following the correct procedures, there’s no specific aftercare to follow. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap before touching or washing your piercing.
Ensure that any clothing and bedding that may come into contact with the area around the piercing is clean. Following the procedure, the piercer will give you a bottle of after care lotion provided by our supplier Studex, specifically for piercing care. Studex has been a manufacturer of ear piercing studs, instruments and after care products for over four decades. According to Studex, post piercing complications are rare when using Studex products as directed, but statistics have shown that the majority of all post piercing complications are caused by negligent after care practices performed by the customer.
After shampooing, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then the after care product should be applied.

Failure to properly follow after care procedures or to seek immediate medical advice should a problem occur may result in permanent scarring to the ear cartilage.
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They are hypoallergenic, sterilised and come in stainless steel or gold plating, especially for ear piercings. For those under 16 wishing to pierce their ears, a parent or guardian must give their consent and be present during the procedure. In that time, those who have pierced their ears should avoid swimming in swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, streams, rivers and the sea as it is possible to pick up an infection from a body of water. Don’t clean the piercing site with saline solution as this increases your risk of infection.

If you have an ear or facial piercing, having baths rather than showers will help you to keep the piercing dry.
Minor infections may be treated with antibiotic cream, and a more serious infection may need antibiotic tablets.
Feel the back of the butterfly each time you cleanse the ear – it should feel smooth. Lower body piercings are harder to keep dry, so it may be best to sponge-clean your body for the first three days. We returns up to 14 days from the date of you receipt of the item that are unworn and have all original packaging intact.

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