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Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) measures the level of sound that hearing protection devices block out. Hearing protectors are foam or silicone earplugs and also many new devices, such as custom molded ear plugs, sound restoration devices, communication headsets, active noise reduction devices. If at least to one of the above questions you answered 'Yes', you should stop wasting your money for plugs that aren't effective and get Kandego premium PU foam ear plugs.
We have such a strong confidence in our product that we offer you a 90-day no questions asked, no hassle free product replacement guarantee. Ear Plugs - 50 Pairs - Best Premium Soft Foam Earplugs For Sleeping - Hearing Protection - Construction - Concerts - Hunting- Snoring - Shooting - NRR 32 - Comfortable Fit - Block Out The Noise Now! Non-Abrasive, Highest-Quality Polyurethane Foam With Very Slow Rebound Time For Easy and Comfortable Fit Every Time! Do you have a loud and snoring spouse that makes it difficult for you to get a good night's sleep?
We Are 100% Confident In Our Product That We Offer All Of Our Customers A No Questions Asked, 60 Day Guarantee!!

Hearing Protection Devices, also known as hearing protectors, are products that are invented and based on the ability to reduce or block out the level of sound we hear. Such information has to be presented on a label that is clearly visible when we buy or take decision of purchasing. It can be used as standalone instrument and can be purchased at the technical equipment stores. Are you tired of noisy neighbours or roommates who don't allow you to get a good night's rest? OURS STAY IN YOUR EARS!!VERY HIGH NOISE REDUCTION RATING OF 32 DECIBELS PROTECTS YOUR HEARING AND PROVIDES PEACE AND QUIET!60 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
These products are used in a wide spectrum of noise producing activities ranging from airplanes take off and music concerts to sleep-induced snoring.
While you are sleeping you can be disturbed by much lower levels of unwanted sound like 15-20dB. Be careful with levels higher than 80 dB because if you are exposed for a continuous periods it can cause hearing loss. On the other hand more and more people are getting nervous and sensitive to all kind of urban noises and need earplugs to assure quite sleep at night.

Or is it that your significant other snores loudly and constantly makes you wake up at night? Have you ever been cautious of attending concerts or live events strictly because of the loud noise? We Want To Establish A Relationship With You As A Life-Long Satisfied Customer And Are Willing To Do Whatever It Takes to Make That A Reality! It is interesting that a normal conversation is between 44-65dB which is measured from 3-6feet distance.
Or do you ever want to read, study, or get work done but find it difficult to concentrate due to a noisy environment around you? You have to keep in mind that in order to get the best of using earplugs you have to insert them carefully and properly. More efficient will be to combine with other methods and measures if possible in order to decrease the noise.

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