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Musicians silicon earplugs with filter in SNR 19dB,grey plugs with yellow filter,used for concert,disco,dance paty,clubing. Company Related ProductsView the Seller's Products musical siclion earplugs for concert,disco,party musical siclion earplugs for concert,disco,partymusical silicon earplugs with attenuation filter in SNR 23dB,used for concert,disco,dance paty,clubbing.
Detail more >> wax cotton ear plugs for swimming wax cotton ear plugs for swimmingsoft wax ear plugs compound with cotton,comfortable for ear canal and creating an efficient seal against noise or water entry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These amazing ear plugs for travel will keep you calm and relaxed on the airplane, train or at the bus.

Killnoise discrete ear plugs are made of a unique high quality material from Sweden, for the best sound and comfort.
In less noisy environments, simply pull the earplugs out one lamina, and more sound comes through.
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Wear Killnoise as concert ear plugs, motorcycle ear plugs, sleeping ear plugs or for any kind of loud and noisy environment.

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