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Whether you like to head down to your local gun range, have an expansive back yard for shooting, or regularly get together with friends and family to go on long hunts, you need to make sure that you have the right type of hearing protection in every single time you go out to shoot. Musicians audio in-ear-monitors (IEM's) - (image) These are used by most professionals nowadays when playing live music allowing them to hear themselves play whilst also protecting their hearing, but also by avid music listeners who want the very best sound quality from their MP3 player without the need for bulky headphones. Musicians noise defenders - (image) These are basically small ear plugs with patented noise filters inset into them which attenuate sounds by varying levels (9, 15 or 25dB). Is that you research the product that best suits your needs and then contact us to see if we it is best for us to purchase the product on your behalf, or to simply do your ear impressions so you can buy the products direct from the supplier.
Watch this video to see how an ear impression is taken (courtesy of Environmental Acoustic Research Inc.). This is a pair of what we call passive ear defenders, and so they do not include batteries, electronics and valves.
Your hearing is simply not something that you can afford to jeopardize since you can not get it back once you lose it. Used by people playing or in the presence of a lot of loud music who don't necessarily need in-ear monitors. Custom products offer the advantages of better retention for gym use, longer wearing comfort, suppression of external noises (so music can be played at a lower volume), enhanced bass effect, and improved overall sound quality compared to standard headphones. They are equipped with a function to adjust noise level, resulting in improved sound quality and comfort for the shooter. They are made to direct damaging sounds away from the ear, whilst simultaneously allowing you to hear speech around you. They have a soft silicone rubber cushion for comfort and mechanical valve which allows the wearer to hear normal conversation yet protects hearing from impact sounds.

But the good news it that there are plenty of viable options for hearing protection that will help you to avoid this serious hearing health risk. However, they also enhance your hearing, allowing you to actually hear better with the ear defenders on than off.The manufacturers of the new 3m Peltor Sportacs advise us that these ear defenders allow “hunters to better control what they hear – and don’t hear. In addition to providing excellent protection from loud high frequency sounds, they also enhance the shooters ability to select a volume level to best filter low frequency sounds.
Please remember that we have just the one pair of ears and damaged hearing is generally permanent! Read on to learn about some key features to check for that will help you to find the best hearing protection for shooting. One of the leading types of best hearing protection for shooting that you will want to consider wearing is high density foam ear plugs.
In fact some would prefer to lessen the possible distraction from background noises when they are shooting competitively. One of the reasons as to why these specific types continue to be a very popular option is because they are so cheap.
However, there are others who like to be very tuned in to the sounds of clays being released from the traps.Lastly (but most important), think about comfort!There are some shooters (game and clay) who just cannot feel comfortable wearing ear defenders over their ears.
They are usually not intended for multiple uses though, but this is made up for by the low cost. In addition, if you tend to frequently have guests along for your shooting sessions these are perfect since they are cheap enough to buy enough for everyone in your shooting party. Another one of the leading options for the best hearing protection for shooting are the full headsets that you can buy.

Given the many thousands of shot blasts from my pupil's guns during coaching sessions, I would have been rendered profoundly deaf without them. These feature a complete covering of your entire ear, which provide a comprehensive degree of protection against a variety of loud noises. I also would find it very difficult to engage in normal conversation with my pupils if I could not hear normal low frequency voice naturally. In addition, it is also interesting and very important to note that while it is indeed very important to have a device that will provide you with sufficient protection for your hearing, it is also very important to be able to still have some hearing capabilities while you are shooting. This is very important since there will sometimes arise certain situations where you will need to be able hear certain commands or warnings from those who are shooting nearby.
Being able to have a small degree of hearing capability while you shoot can most definitely help you to avoid some serious accidents.
Check for all of these features and you are sure to be able to find the best hearing protection for shooting with ease.
And remember, skipping the use of proper hearing protection for even just one session of shooting can cause irreversible damage so make sure that you always wear proper protection!

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