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Silence is golden, but music has become a necessity in the past few years as office workers get asked to do more and more work in ever noisier environments - it's no wonder sales of headphones have rocketed in recent years.They're just as useful in noisy city streets and the aircraft cabin, where the dodgy headphones handed out to passengers in economy class can leave you straining to hear the dialogue in a film. Noise cancelling is handy if you're flying or working in very loud offices, but forget Bluetooth at 40,000ft - and, actually forget Bluetooth completely; it's more of a pain to pair with a smartphone than untangling a pair of in-ears, and the headsets need regular charging, too, which makes them high maintenance.
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In contrast to its predecessor the QC15, which was a little on the bland side, just black and silver, the QuietComfort 25 looks quite impressive in its appearance.
The QC25 comes with a smart looking case, a 56 inch cable that operates as both an in-line microphone and a 3-button remote. Wherever you wear them, at work, in the gym, or at home, you’ll find that most common everyday sounds are muted, even leaf blowers. The Bose QC25 also comes with active EQ, which produces a creamier sound right across the entire sound spectrum, making the lows, mids, highs and bass all sound fantastic. The headphones have the ability to make and receive telephone calls and the reception is excellent. Bose continues to maintain its reputation as a leader in noise cancelling headphones, ever since its predecessor, the QC15 was released. This entry was posted in Bose Headphones and tagged Bose, Bose Headphones, Bose QC25 Review, Bose QuietComfort 25 by admin.
The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC1 QuietPoint eliminates up to 85% of ambient noise, has ANC circuitry in external in-line module, and has a lightweight fold-up design.
The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC1 QuietPoint noise-cancelling headphones can eliminate up to 85% of ambient noise and has an ANC circuitry in-line module.
The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint noise-cancelling headphones has 3 modes: Aircraft, Office, and Study.
The Beats Executive headphones has a sleek aluminum body and soft ear cushions for listening comfort. The Sennheiser MM450-X headphones have NoiseGard 2.0 active noise cancellation that lets users enjoy music without interference from loud noises like an airplane engine or the subway.

The SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB headphones have advanced driver and circuitry design for some solid bass, clear miss, and highs.  The headphones also have full ear cup articulation for a comfortable fit and has a tangle-resistant cable for easy cable management. Founded in 2006, Pulse 2.0 is a leading technology news website that covers startups, big tech, mobile tech, and gadgets. Some are so uncomfortable that your ears can be burning by the time you touch down at your destination.
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Apart from the standard black and silver, you can get it in a variety of designer colours, including white, tan or turquoise. The ear cups include quality zinc hinges which mean you are able to fold them upwards, or lay them flat, if need be. The top of the band features soft black canvas material which rests easily on your head, without the feeling of pressure.
The remote works well with the iPhone, but can be a bit problematic with Android smartphones. Even when the battery dies the unit will still operate, however the noise cancelling and active EQ features are disabled. This means you can carry out your conversation without the distraction of external ambient sound. Although it is a bit pricier than some of the competition, the benefits of the Bose QC25 are that it sounds fantastic, is comfortable to wear for long periods and very stylish.
For work, you'll need a comfy pair that doesn't spill noise sideways to colleagues, while for those in a home office - or listening to old LPs in the loft - that's not so important.
The ear cups are made of leather and the whole unit is extremely light, coming in at less than 7oz, compared to the Beats Studio hefty 9.2oz.
On the right ear cup is where you’ll find space for the AAA batteries which run the units noise-cancelling technology.
This is a great feature since with other headphones, like the Beats Executive, once the power is gone those units stop working.

Dre has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and custom EQ to  reproduce deep bass and true mids. These detect and analyse the outside sound and send the signal to a resident computer chip in the headphones which create an opposing signal.
A model designed primarily for DJs, they're very well made, with easily turnable hinges (which ought to help avoid accidental breakages) above the rather narrow leather ear-cups that spin 90 degrees without any friction. Sound quality is best described as full - and loud; we're talking booming bass levels and plenty of dynamism. Probably the best aspect of these is that they are extremely efficient at blocking out ambient noise despite not having any active noise cancelling trickery. However, a major factor in that success is that the leather-lined cups fasten onto the head just a little too tightly for comfort. Wear them for 20 minutes and they're thoroughly impressive, though much longer than that and they become quite uncomfortable.
Working best with the iPhone 3GS and above, the teardrop-style inserts are so small we feared they'd never emerge post-test, but they did after a throughly comfortable and darned impressive few outings. Sound quality is best described as warm, lively and full, with pin-sharp detail and stereo separation atop a mix that's got plenty of well-judged bass tones. Tunes go to high volumes without distorting, too, while blocking out more than enough ambient sound to rightly prove their 'noise isolating' claim; be careful when crossing roads. They sell with a small elliptical zipped pouch made from neoprene (diving suit material), and surprisingly well-made it is, too. This contains a two-prong airline seat adaptor, shirt clip and four contrasting sizes and styles of silicon in-ear tips.
Our only complaint is that you have to pretty much rip off and destroy the sturdy box it sells in, which is a little unsettling having just spent all that money.

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