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You don’t have to blast your stock earbuds to full anymore, here are 10 Noise-Cancelling Headphones to Buy Right Now. Bowers & Wilkins – C5 Sleek and powerful: no one will know you haven’t heard a word if you smile and nod, just smile and nod.
PSB - M4U 2Room Feel™ technology packs the experience of listening to music on your bedroom speakers, but won’t make your seat any cozier.
Sony – MDR-1RNCThis is a business trip and you’re a grown up, now order a plastic nip of whiskey and finish your work before you land.

Beats By Dre x Staple - Studio (Pigeon Edition)You’ve heard that Dre’s iconic Beats headphones sound good, but weren’t interested because everyone has them. AKG – K490 NCYou’re telling the random in the window seat next to you that you don’t want to talk, and that you’re really into this song, err, entire album. Audio-Technica – QuietPoint ATH-ANC27x The best price point, so go ahead and splurge on those movies and new albums you’ve heard so much about. Phiaton - PS 20 NCHey steezey mcsteezerson, these are black and gold, just like your outfit.

But sometimes listening to music while your traveling, is like watching a movie with people talking. The airports, airplanes, trains have their own soundtrack of broken announcements, engines, and screaming babies that will snap you from the zen you’re trying to settle into.

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