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In contrast to its predecessor the QC15, which was a little on the bland side, just black and silver, the QuietComfort 25 looks quite impressive in its appearance.
The QC25 comes with a smart looking case, a 56 inch cable that operates as both an in-line microphone and a 3-button remote. Wherever you wear them, at work, in the gym, or at home, you’ll find that most common everyday sounds are muted, even leaf blowers. The Bose QC25 also comes with active EQ, which produces a creamier sound right across the entire sound spectrum, making the lows, mids, highs and bass all sound fantastic. The headphones have the ability to make and receive telephone calls and the reception is excellent.
Bose continues to maintain its reputation as a leader in noise cancelling headphones, ever since its predecessor, the QC15 was released.
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In this review we will be discussing its features, talk about the benefits of those features and how they can help you get the great sound you’ve been searching for in a headphone. Apart from the standard black and silver, you can get it in a variety of designer colours, including white, tan or turquoise. The ear cups include quality zinc hinges which mean you are able to fold them upwards, or lay them flat, if need be. The top of the band features soft black canvas material which rests easily on your head, without the feeling of pressure.
The remote works well with the iPhone, but can be a bit problematic with Android smartphones.
Even when the battery dies the unit will still operate, however the noise cancelling and active EQ features are disabled. This means you can carry out your conversation without the distraction of external ambient sound.

Although it is a bit pricier than some of the competition, the benefits of the Bose QC25 are that it sounds fantastic, is comfortable to wear for long periods and very stylish. The ear cups are made of leather and the whole unit is extremely light, coming in at less than 7oz, compared to the Beats Studio hefty 9.2oz. On the right ear cup is where you’ll find space for the AAA batteries which run the units noise-cancelling technology. This is a great feature since with other headphones, like the Beats Executive, once the power is gone those units stop working.
These detect and analyse the outside sound and send the signal to a resident computer chip in the headphones which create an opposing signal.

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