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I can imagine these must be very difficult to design in such a small size and when you consider what they are doing (subtracting background noise with an inverted sine wave).
So therefore - the Bose QC15’s, with their comfortable over design, soft cushioned cups and impeccable sound quality still remain the headphone to beat. Both headphones retail at £260 - a good move by Bose to avoid the decision to buy being financial rather than practical.
Thick cables, a soft rubbery feel and in audiophile brown, they ooze a compelling listen just from first glance.  Although they look sublime, do they sound sublime?

They were still seeking my attention, not fully settled in even some 20mins later, but they were very comfortable, unlike my audiophile Grado’s. Offering this level of isolation is such a joy among a crowded world, but with its shrill upper end I know which one I would reach for every time. There is a switchable noise cancelling amp that recharges from a laptop or USB supply and all this fits into a soft fabric pouch, about the size of a Snickers. After 15mins or so I started to feel rather unconvinced and began staring at the QC15's.

The headphones will even run without battery power, which is a an advantage over QC15, but they aren't exactly power hungry and a stadard AAA battery will last many hours.
They sound scratchy and pushed, losing dimension and presence as the distracting sound around you dissolves, but turn off the NC and they immediately appear far more musical again.

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