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High-quality steel bracket provides unobtrusive wall-mounting for redesigned Bose cube speakers.
Wireless connection has been around for years, but when it comes to earbuds, there is a well-known fact that some of the compressed audio data is discarded so the earbuds can’t deliver all sound data from portable MP3 players or smartphones. The sound quality of the JayBird BlueBuds X is great, considering it is designed for active users.
Designed to give fitness enthusiasts the great noise isolating performance, the JayBird BlueBuds X allows minimal external noise to enter, but some people might find this annoying if they like to hear oncoming traffic while running outdoors. Designed for users frequently making phone call, the SBH80’s voice call quality supported by dual microphones tops this list. The SONY SBH80 is indeed one of the best Bluetooth earbuds for sporty individuals that can be found for under $100. Supported by AptX, the latest Bluetooth Set of Sol Republic offers very good sound performance for the price.
The Sol Republic Shadow is water-resistant and lightweight, however, they’re best suited for light exercise as the earbuds do not fit securely during high speed and high activity sports.
Compared to other wireless sets in this post, the Shadow looks studier, but it still is comfortable to wear both around the neck with the flexible band and in ear with eartips that come in different sizes. The battery is decent; it can last for 8 hours and the longest distance you can pair this headset to your devices is 10 meters. Sound quality for the MPOW Swift is pretty good for a sports headphone, with finely tuned highs, hollow-sounding lows, and plenty of bass. The cord is a bit longer than most other headphones, which can be annoying for some people who do not want the cord bouncing on their chests or back of the neck. The flexible earhooks ensures the earbuds never fall out in your tough exercise, and the ear tips won’t go deep into ear canals, ensuring comfort but they do let the ambient sound in. The SOUNDOT Bluetooth earbud is a great option when it comes to enjoying your music wirelessly. The sound quality produced is crisp, with the highs being very clear and the lows quite deep. It beats the competition with an operating range of 20 meters, which gives you all the range you need. This is a reasonably priced, lighter and improved version of the Plantronics Backbeat GO 1.
The wires joining the two earbuds have been designed in a way that reduces the tangles that can found in rounded long-cable earbuds. The Backbeat GO 2 is equipped with a 6mm third generation speaker that produces louder and stronger, more dynamic sound quality than the original Backbeat GO.

In conclusion, the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 is worth considering for people looking for affordable wireless earbuds. All ears can’t fit one, these best wireless earbuds may not be for you, but our picks are all about better sound quality than others with comfortable fit and a great battery life.
Apple recently has released the new Beats Powerbeats2 with colors matched to the Apple Watch Sport. If you like extra features like tracking heart rate and fitness monitoring check out some good HRM earbuds. Brackets mount flush to the wall, allowing the speakers to reside less than 6mm off the wall. Ear tips are small and work effectively for noise isolation, even when you use them for cycling; it almost blocks wind noise.
They can be connected to your phones and tablet at the same time so you can switch back and forth between those 2 devices. They are sturdy yet fit well within the ear, with the manufacturer providing three rubber tips of different sizes to choose from. Dedicated to strong bass but not overwhelming, these earbuds are the great options for bass heads, but the sound does not seem as natural as the JayBird BlueBuds X. It is innovatively designed with a magnetic head that enables the earbuds to be clasped together whenever they are not in use.
The SOUNDOT has a really long battery life that you will simply love, with more than 6 hours of phone time and playback. The Backbeat GO 2 is a wireless stereo earbuds that is small in size and lighter than most other headsets in the market. Plantronics have used P2i moisture-resistant technology to coat the earbuds and make them water-proof, so users can work out or wear them in the rain. G0 2 has a balanced sound profile with clarity in all registers; you must ensure that the fit is tight so as to get a good bass sound, which present at a level you will feel, but not the greatest.
Actually, these in ear headphones recommended in this article are not totally cordless; we are expecting the true wireless earbuds will pop up on the market very soon. I had X1 for years, it sounded good except that the wings didn’t fit well in my ears. It features an integral connector to simplify the process of connecting the speakers, even with in-wall wiring. To find the perfect pair of portable Bluetooth earbuds, sound quality, secure fit, comfort, battery life, design, connection stability, and noise reduction all need to be taken into consideration. These earbuds can still allow you to enjoy your music 30 feet away with stable wireless connection and the plastic housings and rubberized ear tips are made from moisture resistant material that will suit any active or sporty person.

Short flat cable to connect 2 earpieces, with a tiny cord shortener will make your move simple and easy. They are designed for sporty or active people, with the curved band resting on the back of the neck-around neck design. In terms of sound quality, the bass is pretty satisfying and well defined, though you can achieve better sound by using AptX codec on your device, providing a warm, clear, and smooth audio performance.
There are also two types of stabilizers that allow you to get the size that fits best while also accommodating your levels of activity.
Pairing the headphones with your device is also not complicated and there are no connectivity problems when syncing. If you are looking for ultra-lightweight and inexpensive wireless headphones, then the MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 headphones are highly recommended. With an additional carry case and ear bud stabilizers, this wireless earpiece is pretty hard to beat.
The Backbeat GO 2 automatically remembers and pairs with any device that has been previously paired with it. Unfortunately, the Backbeat GO 2 does not have a very long battery life (4.5 hours), but the rechargeable battery in the charging case it comes with helps to overcome this drawback.
This list of best Bluetooth earbuds is subject to change any time when the new Bluetooth earbuds are rated better. The JayBird BlueBuds X will sit comfortably in the ear regardless of the level of activity you are engaged in, as they are designed with in-ear wings that prevent them from moving unnecessarily. The sound quality is great for a Bluetooth headphone, with decent bass which would be perfect if it could be deeper for dance music. It incorporates a simple design for the earbud housing that gives you the feeling of a ‘high end’ set of earphones.
They are comfortable and securely fit within your ear regardless of the level of movement you make.
Anyone who has problems finding a good fit can simply follow the video guide provided by JayBird.
They are also designed to be splash proof, so no worries when it comes to sweating on them. They are great for people who love to work out as the earbuds are also covered with moisture resistant material so you can sweat all you want with no worries.

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