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Who knew young girls could shriek quite so loudly?  The sound of over-excited tweens and teens filled, and at times overwhelmed, the Honda Center in Anaheim Saturday night, where KIIS FM radio held its annual Jingle Ball concert.
Crowd surfing, giant bananas, pretend-lesbianism and children dancing on stage showed the varying tones of the evening.
The musical event was well-organized, considering the number of acts (nine, including last-minute add Akon), celebrity drop-ins (several) and surprise artists (Colby O’Donis and Kardinal Offishall, who joined Akon). The show opened with the new and revamped Menudo, who warmed up the crowd before the German group Tokio Hotel inspired excited noises from the audience. Katy Perry (Hot and Cold and I Kissed a Girl) rolled in while seated inside a giant banana, wearing a glittering red short one-piece santa outfit complete with white fluff. Akon was a last-minute add and wowed the audience by diving into them during his song Right Now. Visual style plus energy, however, is what brought the house back to their feet when the Pussycat Dolls arrived on-stage. Chris Brown wrapped up the evening by entering the stage from above, suspended by wires from the rafters. Save the Date: 8th Annual Night of Beauty by Three Day RuleEnjoy beauty touch-ups, pampering, and shopping from top brands at this exclusive girl’s night out. Bluewater Grill Redondo Beach Adds Outdoor Lounge and PatioBluewater Grill in Redondo Beach is the place to go for waterfront dining in the South Bay with their new dog-friendly outdoor dining patio with fire pit, lounge area overlooking King Harbor Marina.
Aloha Aloe, The New “It Drink”What’s low-calorie, naturally-sweetened, thirist-quenching and good for you? SALT Restaurant Presents an Exclusive Mother’s Day Brunch by Chef Mark GoldChef Mark Gold has curated an exclusive a la carte menu that will be available only on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8th at SALT in Marina Del Rey . Weekend Brunch in Manhattan Beach at Manhattan House RestaurantManhattan House, a garden-to-table restaurant, recently unveiled a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. Add A Decorative Touch to your Space with Tempaper, the Self-Adhesive WallpaperTempaper is a great design tool to enhance the appearance of your space with the addition of creative colors.
Jerome’s Furniture is the antidote to big-box stores or overpriced, homogenized decor shops. Featuring a well-rounded sampler of what’s hot in popular music today, the concert hosted powerhouse pop acts such as Chris Brown, the Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Akon, Jesse McCartney, Katy Perry, Estelle, David Banner, Tokio Hotel, and the new Menudo. Most of the acts had short sets to accommodate the number of performers, but the show still lasted well over four hours.

Despite the fact that some feel Tokio Hotel look and sound somewhat like chicks, the popular European boy band demonstrated their musical range. She was cute, funny and relaxed, and made us women in the audience wonder if we, in fact, should kiss that girl.
He pumped up the volume and the energy, brought on guest performers, and set the bar high for Jesse McCartney (Leavin’ and Beautiful Soul) who followed.
Full of power, passion and showmanship, they lit up the house, though their first song was weak in vocal performance. He sang and primarily danced his way through the show’s final numbers, with help from high-wattage dancing kids. Then take your new fab self to the bar, where a sea of single men will be waiting for you -Use our code to get 50% off all General Admission Tickets!
We hear a ringing, buzzing, whistling, rumbling or hissing, but it’s created inside the head not in the world outside. Tinnitus may come also from otosclerosis, bone deterioration in the middle ear, from anaemia, diabetes, some allergies and high blood pressure.
Some people learn to live with tinnitus by using radio headphones, a cassette player or similar device to block out the annoyance. Her voice was a little lacking live, but Perry’s quirky yet powerful on-stage presence made the audience quickly forgive and forget. McCartney’s songs were fairly uninspired, and he seemed to focus more on visual style and choreography than imparting energy. Once they got going the PCDs demonstrated their ability to totally command the stage and the audience.
For some reason, the acoustic nerve sends continuous impulses to the brain that aren’t produced by normal sound vibrations.
Rapper David Banner made security nervous when he ran through the audience, meeting fans up close and pulling others on stage to join him. According to the The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) noise levels at various locations in all the major Indian metros are far above permissible limits (100 to 140 dB, the WHO cut-off is 85 dB). Doctors trace these brief episodes to many sources: a build-up of earwax, drugs such as aspirin and quinine, sudden loud noise.
Often no cause is found, but we know that it may stem from a fault somewhere in the ear, in the acoustic nerve itself or in the brain.

But it's not just the number of vehicles on the road and heavy machinery in factories and industries that's contributing to the din.
The past decade has seen MP3 players and iPods that deliver music at concert-level decibels.
Even while you get used to it and consciously filter out the background noise, your body continues to be under assault. The acoustic garbage that litters the airwaves 24x7 has pretty serious health consequences.Loud noise doesn't just lead to hearing problems.
It may also lead to sleep disturbances and stress (and associated conditions), gastric troubles, impaired immunity and heart disease," says Prevention advisor Prof Arun Aggarwal, dean and director, head of the ENT Department at Delhi's Maulana Azad Medical College. In fact, a 2011 WHO report quantified the consequences of noise on the urban European population. Those working in factories or offices with heavy machinery use, clubs and other places of entertainment, or people staying in very high-traffic locations are vulnerable. The Dangerous Decibels: High decibels cause trauma to the ears-both, the duration and intensity of the noise matters. Dr Kaushik Das, consultant ENT surgeon at AMRI Hospital and Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata explains the mechanism of noise-induced hearing loss: if its explosive (say, a gunshot or fireworks), it can instantly and irreversibly damage your hearing by causing the eardrum to rupture. If its brief yet loud, it can cause what is known as temporary threshold shift (the dullness or ringing in your ears after, say, a rock concert) that usually goes away in 48 hours.
But when you are exposed to loud noise (over 85 DB) repeatedly, continuously and over extended periods of time, the threshold shift gradually becomes permanent, leading to irreversible hearing loss.
How the Damage is Caused: This hearing loss is caused due to damage to the minute hair cells in the inner ear that transmit sound to the auditory nerves. Use noise cancelling earphones to muffle background sound while using your iPod or MP3 in public places. Place a towel or a mat at the base of your grinder or blender while using it to dampen the sound. Avoid unnecessary car alarms, avoid honking randomly, don't burst firecrackers, get your vehicles serviced regularly, dont remove the silencer from motorbikes, follow the 10-pm rule for loudspeaker use.How Much is Too Much?Habitual exposure to noise levels above 85 dB may lead to gradual hearing loss.

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