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For more than a 100 years, Oticon has been driven to help the hard of hearing lead a better life. Professionals at Oticon share a common goal to develop innovative and effective solutions, to build strong partnerships and share knowledge with professionals and hearing aid users.
Oticon has a specialized pediatric portfolio and pays special attention to children’s hearing care. Oticon’s Delta 4000 is designed for the first-time wearers; it provides style and natural hearing in a discreet way. Oticon Syncro is a thinking hearing aid using an artificial intelligence signal to provide confidence and comfort. A hearing aid that automatically adapts to the environment so that you can follow conversations, even in challenging situations.

Hit is the logical choice for clients whose first motivation is to improve their hearing skills in everyday situations, and for whom cost is an important concern.
Oticon Tego Pro is an unnoticeable hearing aid that offers a high level comfort and natural sound quality.
More people are turning on their computers and going online to go shopping for everything from tennis shoes, crafts and tools. Believe it or not, hearing loss has many negative side affects other than missing out on conversation. Jodi-Vac XL Hearing Aid Vacuum System is a revolutionary vacuum device designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability of hearing aids. Desiccator: - Desiccator goes into vacuum removing atmospheric moisture in the chamber as well as in the hearing instrument and the transducers.

Packed with cutting edge technology, Dual motivates people to stop delaying and to act on improving their hearing. When hearing aids become burdened by dirt, moisture and earwax, their performance weakens and hearing aids may lose either some or all of their functionality, it helps to clean them. Warranty is void if damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on users part, should factory servicing be required.

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