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Hi, I am using the a Dell Dimension 3000 with the standard sound card that came with it, and It plays music fine, but when i plugged in a MIDI keyboard and tried to use that with some samples on my computer, all that came out of the speakers was slightly pitched buzzing. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. You could add these easily with an IOGEAR PCI card and it would work as long as you are using XP with at least service pack2.
The computer has 2 gigs ram and is running windows 7, so it meets the requirements of ableton live 9 except for a multicore processor, but in my testing it still worked fine.

From buzzing Trinidad to the laidback vibes of Tobago, this duo of Caribbean islands offer a diverse mix of attractions and activities to ensure every box is ticked.
By providing your details, you agree that Teletext holidays may contact you with relevant offers and services by email and SMS. Centuries ago, they may have been involved with swashbuckling pirates, but nowadays you don’t need to worry about running into Blackbeard. Also my keyboard connects to the computer via a usb midi to usb cable, so I can plug it in fine, it just won't play the samples, and the newer laptop will.

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