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Aided speech perception is the more important of the two measures in determining cochlear implant candidacy, since it is speech perception, not sound awareness, that determines the ability of a hearing-impaired person to function. Consultant Professionals : Paediatrician, Neuropsychologist, Radiologist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist etc.
Treatment depends on the etiology and should include removal of the cause of symptoms if identified.

Diagnosis of the cause of vertigo is a challenging problem and often requires a multi disciplinary approach.
Noise generated by the vibration of soft floppy parts of base of tongue, soft palate, uvula and surrounding pharyngeal tissue due to narrowing of airways.
This page contains information and products about TonsilitisThroat Infection, General Health Care..

In addition, there are a variety of nasal and oral airflow devices, including CPAP, BI-PAP masks to reduce obstruction during sleep.

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