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You can also refer to our Aromatherapy Skin Care: Chronic Skin Conditions article for other possible recipes.
Place powders in a jar and cover with rubbing alcohol, leaving a 2 inch margin above the herbs.
Hands On Healing Remedies: 150 Recipes for Herbal Balms, Salves, Oils, Liniments, and other Topical Therapies, by Stephanie L. When it comes to maintaining a healthier mind and body, essential oils are greatly beneficial. The oil also prevents hair loss, premature greying and maintains the hair’s natural colour.
Due to its humectant properties that prevent drying out, this moisturising effect is long-lasting and works well on the hair.
Ar-turmerone, a compound present in turmeric oil, is known to support the liver and keep it healthy and is helpful in curing skin ulcers at the same time.
It also provides great relief to women undergoing premature menopause or obstructed menses by reducing the pain, dizziness and mood swings.

This oil being anti-spasmodic in nature induces relaxation in the tissues, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.
The anti-oxidants present in this essential oil repair a lot of the damages done to your tissues by oxidants and prohibit them from causing any further harm. You can put 2 drops each of Roman Chamomile and Lavender on a washcloth and gently apply it over the affected area. Add salt and several drops of Peppermint oil; the paste should smell strong and feel cooling to the skin.
I was first introduced to this world of natural health in 2005 when I was asked to write an article about using essential oils. It is not approved by the FDA nor is it provided in order to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injured condition of the body. Each essential oil has a unique purpose with incredible properties that can heal your everyday ailments, says an expert. The relaxing effect of the oil helps overcome depression and other problems such as anxiety, stress, anger and fear.

When healing begins, externally apply 6 drops Lavender and 6 drops Labdanum in Aloe Vera gel or juice. Since I like to know what I'm writing about before I do it, I immersed myself in the essential oil and aromatherapy world and found I prefer it. And if you are going on a camping trip, there are a few essential oil recipes down below that would be great to have prepared ahead of time, just in case.
Soak a soft flannel cloth, chemical-free and unscented baby wipe, or square cotton cosmetic pad with the wash and apply to affected area.
Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or health care provider. In a quest to educate myself and others in more alternative and safer ways to make our world a better place, I am always looking for good information to share.

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