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When the doctors first told me I had ruptured an eardrum, I can admit I wasn’t all that surprised. I got grumpier and slept less, the visuals of writhing squiggles pushing me half to madness. I think I finally knew for certain there was a real problem when I sneezed and noticed a small, white worm in my tissue . Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and irreversible; no medical treatment, no surgery, not even a hearing aid can restore your hearing (a hearing aid is an assistive device – not a cure). However, noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented and further damage to your hearing can be avoided even if some noise-induced hearing loss is experienced. I’d been waterskiing on Lake Winnipesaukee and had taken a hard fall, and my ear had been in pain ever since.

I would constantly hear scratching noises that almost felt as if they were in the cartilage of my ear, the way that you can ‘hear’ water stuck in your ear.
I began to see things, the way that you see an afterimage of something bright if you look at it too long. Noise-induced hearing loss generally occurs gradually over time and goes virtually unnoticed until it is too late. They gave me some medicine and told me it would heal and the pain would fade, but I’d never be able to hear quite as well as I had been able to before.
I saw the doctors again and they reassured me that this, while uncomfortable, was a normal response.
Small squiggles in my eyesight that would fade quickly, but were seared into my memory out of their sheer oddness.

Before long they stopped fading as quickly, and eventually the squiggles would dance across my vision even if I didn’t blink.
I went and saw optometrists and they couldn’t find anything wrong, suggesting maybe that I wasn’t sleeping well. It was true, I had been a textbook insomniac since the tinnitus started, but I didn’t think that was the problem.

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