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It seems to affect a large number of musicians but they are by no means the only ones to suffer with tinnitus. TV presenter Susanna Reid has tinnitusIf asked what links Phil Collins, Chris Martin, Noel Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Morrissey and Pete Townshend, most people would say that theya€™re all musicians. Tonight marks the start of a three-week project to remove the distinctive facade over the entrance to the Buttermarket Shopping Centre.
Hundreds people visited an artist as she decorated a pig sculpture with Ipswich’s best known landmarks. A pageant star from Kesgrave who has become a global ambassador for body image is encouraging people to put health before waist size. Bill Baldry enjoys the sights and sounds of Alton Water as he wanders through the woods north of Alton Water reservoir. There are two buildings at the far end of College Street that have remained unused and apparently unloved for more than 25 years, writes John Norman, of The Ipswich Society.
The director of a Suffolk building company will be sentenced in July after admitting 18 offences of fraud. Revolution is hosting monthly disco sessions to give people with learning difficulties the chance to experience club nights. The art of making the perfect cocktail was shared when staff at an Ipswich bar hosted a masterclass for residents at a Suffolk care home recently. Opinion:Will Ellen Widdup cope with her husbanda€™s latest obsession - a year-long mission to Live Like Mo Farah? Could it be that they messed something up when they extracted all 4 of my wisdom teeth 4 weeks ago? The wisdom teeth in my upper jaw have came in flawlessly, no problems whatsoever except for the havoc raining down from one. I have only noticed this ear ringing problem for the last week and there is some slight pressure in my ears as well from time to time.

But these stars also have something else in common - and therea€™s nothing remotely glamorous about it: they all suffer from tinnitus, an often distressing noise in the head or ears that has no external source and can significantly reduce quality of life. Most causes of tinnitus are benign (not harmful), and the symptom is most impacted wisdom teeth, when wisdom teeth have not completely moved into their. Ita€™s an affliction they share with many thousands of other adults in the UK, most of whom are not musicians and certainly not famous.
Some tinnitus in my left ear and my hearing a€?zoomsa€? in and out Right now, my ear feels kind of clogged.
Experts reckon around 10 to 15% of the population have the condition, which can affect one or both ears and is characterised by constant or intermittent ringing, hissing, roaring or clicking sounds. Karen Finch, senior audiologist and managing director at the Hearing Care CentreBut even though ita€™s so common, the response to a forthcoming talk by Professor David Baguley, director of audiology at Addenbrookea€™s Hospital in Cambridge and one of the worlda€™s leading authorities on tinnitus, took organisers at the Ipswich-based Hearing Care Centre aback. The event, which takes place a€?on Tuesday, February 9, at a€?Kesgrave Community Centre, was so popular that it soon became over-subscribed, meaning some names have been added to a waiting list and seating is being re-jigged. Karen Finch, senior audiologist and managing director at the Hearing Care Centre, which operates across Suffolk and Norfolk, says the free event, arranged to mark the start of Tinnitus Awareness Week, started off as quite a small affair as they were unsure how many people would be interested.a€?Wea€™ve now booked 150 places, have a waiting list and are looking at doing the room layout a bit differently. Among Tinnitus causes arising from dental problems, TMJ syndrome (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), tooth infections, or impacted wisdom teeth.
And while the condition often affects people who have been exposed to loud noises - hence its prevalence amongst musicians - that a€?is not always the case either.a€?Tinnitus can be down to stress, some medication, maybe even nutritional factors and other things too,a€? says Karen. Management of it is the key issue for many people.a€?We know that not everyone who is affected by tinnitus seeks help a€?but ita€™s important they do in order to rule out anything serious or equally anything that can be more easily sorted out. Mine set in after my wisdom teeth removal, well before my speaker days even, so I know it's not hearing damage induced.
At the same time my wisdom teeth were all coming in at once crowding the i thought it was just tinnitus then I did some research on tmj. Modern hearing aids have a two-fold way of changing lives - restoring hearing but also protecting what remains.

Many also have tinnitus features designed into them.a€?Graham Jensen, chairman of Suffolk Tinnitus Support Group, has had tinnitus for more than 20 years. It takes a lot of practice but it works.a€?Diana Turner, a hairdresser who lives at Walsham le Willows, has had tinnitus in one ear for about 15 years and has now lost her hearing in both ears too. She experiences a variety of tinnitus noises and attributes some of her problems to a youth spent at concerts and festivals, listening to loud music.
The one I am most comfortable with is a white noise, a bit like when a fridge cuts in and out. Last summer, I lived with a bulldozer type noise for a fortnight.a€?The worst thing is the problem of sleeping but I have a very good GP, who has helped me enormously.
To alleviate the symptoms I always used to listen to music but because of the hearing loss I now have too I cana€™t do that anymore. Thata€™s quite upsetting.a€?The many musicians affected by the condition include Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who has said he wears ear protection, which has stopped his tinnitus getting any worse. He believes listening to blaring music as a teenager was the root of his problem and has urged others to look after their hearing to avoid the same fate.a€?Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you dona€™t think about until therea€™s a problem. I wish Ia€™d thought about it earlier,a€? he has been quoted as saying.Other stars who have blamed their tinnitus on listening to loud music include Plan B and Gary Numan, who has been reported as saying he is no longer able to mix music after damaging his hearing.
Away from the music industry, TV presenter Susanna Reid has also spoken about her tinnitus and said that when she first experienced it, around a decade ago, she became distressed that she would never hear silence again. She attributes the condition to a difficult labour with her second son.Tuesdaya€™s event with Prof David Baguley takes place at 2pm.

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