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CSD 2230 HUMAN COMMUNICATION DISORDERS Topic 5 Hearing Disorders and Hearing Loss Introduction to Sound Types of Hearing Loss.
Audiology Resource Notebook This presentation is intended as a resource for professionals in Deaf Education, Audiology, and Speech Pathology.
Hearing Disorders The most common hearing disorders are those that affect hearing sensitivity. Stickler syndrome: A relatively common genetic disorder characterized by very flexible (hyperextensible) joints, typical facial characteristics, hearing loss, and severe nearsightedness with associated eye problems. Outer and Middle Ear Disorders Structural defects due to embryologic malformations Structural changes secondary.

How the Ear Hears Structure Outer ear ? The pinna is a collector of sound wave vibrations that are sent through. A particular group of physical features, called the Robin sequence (or Pierre Robin sequence), is also common in children with Stickler syndrome. Robin sequence includes a U-shaped cleft palate with a tongue that is too large for the space formed by the small lower jaw. Children with a cleft palate are also prone to frequent ear infections and swallowing difficulties.
People with the syndrome may develop arthritis-like symptoms as adults along with progressive spine problems and back pain.

Genetic counseling is recommended since Stickler syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner, heritable by both males and females in multiple generations. All of the known types of Stickler syndrome are due to mutations in the genes for collagen, a fibrous protein that is a key component of connective tissue.

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