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The vet says the solution will work and they don't like to force the wax out by irrigating since they have to sedate the cat to do this. Anyhow, does anyone in here have any ideas how we can help get this junk out faster and keep her ears clean without having to put the dreaded and nasty ear liquid in?
I may be out to lunch, but my understanding was that Revolution was not a "cure" for ear mites - it was a preventative (this is according to my vet). I think she may well still have ear mites but I would definitely recommend you get that second opinion from another vet.
I will tell you that I've watched them clean her ears out and I will NEVER do that again, for me or for her. I can tell you (both from experience with my cats and personal experience) a little warm olive oil does wonders for cleaning out the tubing.
Having your ear irrigated is NOT allot of fun, it isn't particularly painful but it does feel really strange & I can't see any cat sitting still for that. Place a little luke warm olive oil into the ear canal, massage for 1 minute, wipe clean with tissue.
I used olive oil because it's a viable option & I had some really nasty cheap stuff hubby bought I didn't want to use for cooking. When I first adopted Ava (about 6 years ago), she had a bad wax problem that was caused from the healing of an ear mite problem.
Something else you might want to ask your vet is if she might have a yeast infection in her ear.
The "rinse" that he suggested is acid based so the wax will melt AND will also kill the yeast.  According to him, yeast love oil and wax, so be careful when using those "oils" in the ears!  You may be making the problem worse as I inadvertently did with the miticide which is oil-based.
The most common cause of ear wax build up actually comes from you trying to remove it from your ears. Another less common cause of earwax buildup is a health problem called a twisted ear canal.
It is not possible to get rid of this buildup completely and one should always be careful while cleaning the ears. Incase you do notice earwax buildup then you could use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, glycerin or mineral oil to help soften the wax. It is a yellowish substance, which may cause blockage of the ear, loss of hearing and itching too.
Cats’ ear canals have an L-shaped design, and this helps protect their eardrums from damage.  However, this also cause Cats to be prone to ear infections as it allows the accumulation of earwax, moisture, debris, and parasites. If left untreated, an ear infection may damage the eardrum and the middle ear which may eventually lead to deafness.  Likewise, excessive scratching may cause swelling and blood vessels in the affected ear may break. A visit to the vet is highly recommended for cat ear infection treatment to identify the particular type of ear infection your cat may be afflicted with. If the cat manifests signs of mite infestation, the treatment must be immediate.  This is because even just a few eggs left in the ear may lead to a re-infestation. A healthy, homemade meal or high quality commercially-available cat food without preservatives or additives can help significantly reduce the amount of wax production in the ears, while helping enhance the functions of the immune system. Ear mites can transfer from one pet to another; so, your cat may get infected again once it gets in contact with another pet that may have an infestation. Although not a serious health threat, a cat ear infection must be treated immediately to prevent it from getting worse or from causing more serious conditions such as deafness. Knowing the symptoms and identifying the possible causes of the infection can help in determining the proper treatment for your cat. More than the treatment, prevention is the best way to ensure the good quality of your cat’s life. The Tek-365 is a Fan-Less all-in-one POS Terminal that is uniquely designed for the harsh environment of Restaurant POS. What This Woman Did To These Rooms Will Make You Jealous, Especially When The Light Goes Out.

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This guy complained of ear ache so they get a tweezers and tried to pull out that thing blocking his ear.
Yeah, it’s an earwax that causes the pain, but this is one huge lump of earwax I guess!
She pulled the impacted earwax freely but was horrified by its massive size, leaving the people inside the room screaming in disgust. Since the video appeared online, it garnered different kinds of comments with some saying, “Why does everyone start screaming?! They HAD ear mites and I wound up using Revolution for 3 months to make sure they were all gone.
The vet surmises that her allergies cause her ear canals to swell and "trap" the wax, dry skin, and other stuff and keep it from flushing it out on its own.
This is the first time they've taken a pic for me so I can actually see what they're seeing.
It does a great job breaking up the dirt and will drown the ear mites, plus the cats really don't seem to mind the process. Don't put too much in or let them run around, as I found, it will end up all over your house!! My vet gave me OtiFoam Ear Cleanser, and it worked wonderfully AND she didn't mind it hardly at all. I clean my cats ears at times, but I never knew that they could have such a severe problem with wax. Without ear wax, your sensitive inner ear and all its parts would be open to invasion by bacteria, insects, dust and other allergens.
These glands are located in many areas across your ear canal and, on a consistent basis, produce the sticky substance we know as ear wax. Cotton swabs, fingers and anything else that is stuck in the ear with the purpose of removing ear wax can just as easily cause the ear wax to get stuck. It exists to help protect the inner ear from dust and debris and any foreign particle that might enter the ear and cause damage to it. Avoid putting sharp objects like hairpins and cotton swabs into your ears and attempt to clean them yourself.
Whatever liquid remains inside the ear would soften the wax and bubble away at it helping to dislodge it. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Moreover, it should not be applied if you have a sensitive ear canal and perforated ear drums. After observing the substance under the microscope, the vet informed that Lyra got an ear infection caused by bacteria infestation. They can hear at far higher frequencies that enable them to detect even ultrasonic squeaks from mice. Although they are not particularly life-threatening and affect only the outer parts of the ear, they should be immediately seen by a vet to keep them from getting worse and to identify the cause of the infections. Sickly cats or those with poor diets are more susceptible to this condition.  Do not worry about getting mites yourself as humans are not prone to ear mites.
The best and only way to completely get rid of the mite problem is to have all your pets treated, and not only those who may be showing scratching symptoms. 2001 excessive appetites a psychological view of addictionssweating cold hands and feetside effects vitamin dseafoam islands mapHis breathing deepened, obviously aroused by the sight of her half-naked and bleeding.excessive menstrual bleeding and clotting treatmentthings to help sweatingreloading signs of pressureAtlanta POS has been serving the Southeast since 1994 and continues to provide the best product at the best prices found anywhere. The Fan-Less design combined with a Solid State Drive means the Tek-365 has no moving parts and therefore will be much more durable than traditional POS terminals.

Anything on a counter, table, desk, or other surface that she can move is fair game to get pushed off the edge - just to enjoy watching it fall and bounce! I have her ears flushed out every year when she has her teeth cleaned since she's already konked out. I now use, about every four - six weeks, OtiRinse Ear Cleanser to help keep them clean on all three cats. However, ear wax can become a problem when there is an excessive build up of it inside your ears. This curve causes ear wax to get caught easily in the inner ear, causing frequent blockages.
This makes it difficult to hear and requires a professional doctor to be called in to remove the wax buildup. Place your head sideways on a table or a pillow and have someone put a drop or 2 of any one of the liquids into your ear. You need to rinse out this wax that has softened so ask the person who is helping you to get a bowl filled with water which is at body temperature.
While drying your ears never rub them vigorously instead use a hair dryer to blow dry them making sure that the heat is not turned up.
Bend your head over the sink and keep on flushing your ear with water or vinegar until the solution comes out completely. When I checked her ears, they were very dirty and the dirt looked as dark as coffee grounds.
Well, he’s not alone as a video of a man with a huge lump of ear wax being pulled out from his ear had gone viral recently, with over 2.7 million views as of writing. She's my constant companion and insists on being cuddled and paid attention to at regular intervals throughout the day - she also spends her time in the cat bed next to the monitor - yes, a huge amount of desk real estate is occupied by two cat beds so they can each have their own 'cause they don't like to share when they're napping!
She seems to me to be doing a lot of ear scratching - not scratching the outside but pushing her paw into the ear and acting like she's trying to pull something out. She has had a yeast infection in her ear associated with the blockage and it causes her ears to itch. There's a goopy icky gel type med that they can put in the ear to cure the yeast infection, but I'd get the ears thoroughly flushed first, preferably while under anesthesia. Sometimes this plug can be removed by placing a heating bottle or pad on the ear to melt the wax. Use a syringe to squirt water into the ear very gently and then tilt your head so that the water runs out.
You could try this for a few days however incase you do not find any relief then you should visit a doctor immediately. The vet puts this goopy stuff in her ears to treat the yeast infection and soothe her ears after.
Here it either falls out on its own or is cleaned out manually with a cotton swab or other ear-cleaning product.
Furthermore these objects would only push the wax buildup deeper inside the ear causing the passage to get blocked. At any rate, I warm the bottle in a bowl of hot tap water, and none of them mind it in the least; they actually seem to enjoy the experience making them nice and clean!

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