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The city in which so many jewellery stores available, there are some concentration blocks, where the consumers can comfortably choose their favorite jewellery. Dubai malls with decent collections of international brand jewellery are the Dubai Mall that has its own jewellery market, the Mall of the Emirates, BurJuman Shopping Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, and the other shopping malls. Not only does Dubai provide complete facilities and retails for jewellery trade, Dubai also has its own exclusive jewellery brand. Dedicated itself as the supply hub for the jewellery market, the city becomes so dense with the jewellery shops. The most popular spot for jewellery hunting is the Dubai Gold Souk, which is located in the old city of Deira. The malls have either exclusive mono brand boutiques of international manufacturer or multi brand retailers that become the authorized dealer of certain brand. Following its reputation as the largest host of gold industry, the city of gold than establishes some gold center that becomes not only the Dubaitees' center of gold activities, but also international society. The city has over 600 shops, which is the thickest concentration of the shops in the city, in the world. For more effective Dubai jewellery shopping, it is better if the buyers decide, what kind of jewellery they want to buy.

No wonder, per capita gold consumption in Dubai is the highest in the world with 90% of the jewellery market is solid gold jewellery. This makes the competition between the traders become higher but the demand of the society becomes higher too. The place is easy to reach and it has more than 300 retailers of gold in any form of decorations and jewellery.
To make it more extreme, 76% of the Dubai residents own gold as their private collections; in any form either it is jewellery or pure gold.
Competitions will let the traders give special offerings more often than in the other places in the world; this will be advantageous for the buyers.
The stores in the Gold souk ranges from the store with affordable prices to the most exclusive one, so this place is good for one stop Dubai Jewellery Shopping.
The customers can choose to visit one among 424 shops of three levels of shops operated by Damas, exclusive boutiques of Samra, or enchanting showrooms by Joyalukkas.
Gaining the reputation as the reactive gold trader marketplace, Dubai becomes the Middle East supply hub for the jewellery market, passing Abu Dhabi which is the most vibrant city in the UAE.
That is why Dubai jewellery shopping is more advantageous for both side of traders and consumers.

The products available range from various kinds of ornaments, from India, Arabian, to the Asia motifs. For the international jewellery boutiques, some more exclusive places to buy the jewellery are in many Dubai malls available in the city. Recorded its name in another history, Dubai has successfully created the world's longest gold chain in the DSF 1999.
This world record change is made by the cooperation of Dubai jewelers from all over the emirate. In the end, there are 9,600 people contribute by buying the chain, and make it into the form of necklaces or bracelets. With all the facts, it must be nice to have an experience of Dubai jewellery shopping today.

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