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This gold plated necklace features a flower pendant with the double C logo in the center hanging on a 28cm chain with a spring clasp fastening. These small round earrings have a silver underlay, embossed double C logo, and clip on backs. This gold plated pin has black embossed double C logo center, crown, and border with a pin closure back. Vintage gold tone chain belt from Chanel vintage with a large engraved design logo plaque to the front. This gold plated bracelet features a double linked chain, rectangle pendant, and a large spring clasp fastening. Vintage gold tone chain belt from Chanel featuring two engraved circular plaques to the front.
Vintage circle bracelet from Chanel featuring four hammered gold circles with different intricate detailing on each. Chicago’s artist, Jeremih, signed to Def Jam Records, now has a new Freestyle video - Karate Chop.
The Vintage Frames Company is proud to announce that you can find our products at both the Miami and New York Atrium stores!

With this vintage Chanel CH203 chain and lock you are sure to have a breakthrough with your fashion statement. Chanel always knows how to make a piece that will catch your eye when it comes to their jewelry, in this case the vintage Chanel CH200 is exactly an example of just that.
2 Chainz never disappoints when it comes to his vintage jewelry pieces and you can always expect him to always be in some sort of dope chains as you can see in this picture. The Vintage Frames Company presents the vintage Chanel CH009 chain; Chanel is one of the hottest designer brands of all time. If you took a look at this vintage bracelet you wouldn’t even know that it was Chanel, well maybe a few of you would but the majority of you probably wouldn’t. Chanel just seems to have these stunning chains that keep getting better and better and this vintage Chanel CH103 chain is an example of just that.
Chanel doesn’t play games when were talking about designer brands that make really breathtaking stylish jewelry that both males and females can wear but the Chanel CH154 vintage bracelet is one for the ages. This unique Chanel Vintage Magnifying Glass necklace is in VINTAGE (natural distressing) condition . This gold plated necklace features a flower pendant with the double C logo in the center hanging on a 28cm chain with a spring clasp fastening.

The Vintage Frames Company is known for having one of the most diverse Vintage Chanel Jewelry Archives on the planet. Known for their diverse and broad selection of denim, they sell men's and women's ready to wear clothing, accessories, outwear and shoes.
Just like we promised to our loyal costumers, daily updates are done on our website to feed everybody's appetite.
This vintage Chanel CH087 bracelet is very simple but it also has a nice vintage look to it, perfect bracelet to have on for you everyday activities. Whether seen on 2 Chainz or Dr.Shapiro himself, our Chanel pieces here at Vintage Frames NEVER seem to disappointment. You can search, but only here at Vintage Frames will you be able to find Vintage jewelry such as this.

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