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We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. Microfinance has taken a beating lately for shifting far afield from its humanitarian origins, originally funding tiny businesses run by poor women in developing countries to feed their families.
Zafen supports business expansion for an agricultural supply store and veterinarian clinic. The concept comes from Zafen, an online microfinance initiative approaching its first anniversary on April 1.
To Zafen's lenders, job creation is one important outcome that can be just as valuable as the personal financial benefit that they might have received in exchange for funding the loan. A positive effect on the environment is another way through which "interest" is returned to the Haitian community.

Haitian entrepreneurs and social progressives are taking matters into their own hands and transforming their nation like no one else can.
With the influx of capital that Zafen has inspired, businesses are expanding their payrolls. Jean-Claude Fleurantin, president of Hands Together Cooperative, has seen Zafen put theory into action.
Three volunteers are training 27 contractors in the camp to develop skills that will help them earn a living. Her experience with the rebuilding of New Orleans taught her that "until people affected by hardship can put their own efforts behind their recovery, change never really begins." Through Zafen, which means "it's our business" in Haitian Creole, microfinance has returned to is benevolent roots, in which people and compassion come before profits. There are many, many NGOs at work in Haiti and over the next year, living in Leogane part-time, I will try to pin-point which groups I would contribute to and which I would allow others the satisfaction.

She believes the character' cheerfulness is a good trait to pass on to a baby. Essentially, booties are an essential part a baby's journey - to keep them warm and comfy before they take big little steps! These limited edition booties are a unique creation for a new mom to receive for her precious little one.
However, you are welcome to donate, gift as well as sell any of your finished items (if you are an individual crafter).
For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. Young, a business and marketing strategist with VentureWalk Business Partners in New Orleans, LA, sees connections between small business owners recovering from Hurricane Katrina and those recovering from the earthquake in Haiti.

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