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Herbs and spices not only spice up your meal but they boost your health and relieve illness and health conditions. They help and protect body from infections and illness by inhibiting their entry into the blood stream. Spices like cardamom, fenugreek, and cinnamon have beneficial effect in diabetes, hypertension. Blog posts are definitely my source of entertainment and you have amazed me with your writing.
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Practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine Are Using A System of Herbal Knowledge And Wisdom That Has Been Continuously In Use For Over 4,000 Years!
Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioners For Over 4,000 Years Have Been Clinically Confirming The Effects, The Functions And Indications (effects on the body) of Herbs On Billions of People!
The Diagnosis And Treatment Principles And Herbal Applications Are Completely Integrated In Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescription. For example someone may have what we practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnose as being Spleen Qi Deficiency with Dampness, a fairly common imbalance. Let me start with debunking one of the stupidest attempts to demonize the safety of herbs that I have ever heard, but which some people have a hard time seeing their way through. I can't tell you how many times I have read this or seen it on the T and V (TV)for short. Why is the Oriental Medical (OM) System (also known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbal System) of Herbal Prescription Better Than Simply Selecting A Single Herb for A Particular Symptom? The most common method people use in prescribing herbs is to identify a problem symptom and choose an herb that is known to reduce that symptom. Have You Ever Wondered Why, When You Read About an Herb and Take It, You May Not Have Gotten the Results that Have Been Advertised? Not only do I practice a system of diagnosis and prescription of Chinese Herbal Medicine in use and validated over at least 4,000 years, but I have thousands of hours of study, both in class and in the years since graduating and being in clinical practice in the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. If You Are Following The Educational Path Laid Out For You By The Holistic Medicine Detective Here Is You Next Destination! Click here to leave Chinese Herbal Medicine and return to my Home Page: Holistic Medicine Works! Please click here to learn more about how I can help you even if you don't live in my area!
If you would like to read more about what my patients have to say about my healing abilities, please click the link below. Baby, it’s cold outside, and as a result, I am noticing lines out the door at every Starbucks I pass.
Here’s a handy guide on the caffeine content of some of the best-loved hot beverages, and further along, my favorite herbal teas and what they’re great for! If you’re a card-carrying coffee addict, decaf coffee is a much better choice, especially if you experience the jitters. Peppermint – A natural remedy for IBS, this is wonderful as both a morning drink and as a digestive aid after meals.
Ginger – A good choice for both stomach ailments and the common cold, ginger provides some seriously strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon Balm – Also known as Melissa, lemon balm is the perfect tea to drink when you want to relax and de-stress. Fennel – One of my favorite teas to recommend during the Renewal Detox, fennel is excellent for digestion, detoxification, and weight loss. And if you’re traveling over the next month, be sure to bring a few bags of your favorite herbal teas with you on the plane or train. Dopamine is a natural substance in your body that dulls pain and increases the feeling of pleasure. The Cleansing Detox formula taken for one month, this formula contains Psyllium Husks, Lecithin, Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Dandelion, Red Clover, Milk Thistle, Buckthorn, Burdock, Cascara Sagrada & Acidophilus. Smoke-less Sticks - Used to suppress and conquer both the oral and tactile fixations cigarettes cause. Stop Smoking Tea - This unique blend of herbs in tea bags should be sipped daily during the detox period to keep tissues flooded with elements that discourage nicotine cravings. Stess-less Journal - This book allows you to express your feeling while overcoming addiction! Adding exercise, changing your diet and detoxing your system are crucial steps in the stop smoking protocol.
Natural Heartburn ReliefNeutralizes acidity, eases digestion and relieves gastric discomfort. Overexertion and a life lacking balance can destroy your energy reserve.This formula increases the body's energy level and enhances immune function.
Portion control, caloric intake, exercise and water are all important elements for losing weight! Traditional Chinese Remedies are a safe herbal granule blend in capsules developed by Andrew and based on traditional Chinese blend of herbs used for centuries. Our Asian Herbal Teas imported direct from China and Japan are a rich, aromatic herbal tea ready to be brewed into a delicious, healing cup of goodness!
TianHong Red Tea - Black tea is a type of fully fermented tea and its infusion has a bright reddish color. Ceylon Red Tea- Ceylon tea comes from partially fermenting young tea leaves and is revered as a lively classic with a smooth taste that is not to bitter to the palate. Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea- Ceylon tea comes from partially fermenting young tea leaves and is revered as a lively classic with a smooth taste that is not too bitter to the palate. Gunpowder Green Tea- Green tea is a non-fermented tea which retains the freshness of tea leaves.
Jasmine Tea, Floral - Jasmine tea is characterized by tea flavor as well as the fragrance of jasmine flower. White Peony Green Tea, Special Grade- White tea is a light-fermented tea and is characterized by white floss (hairy leaf-buds) on the tea leaves. Pu Er Tea - Grade C- It hails from Pu'er county in the XiShuangbanna region of Yunnan Province in China.
These medicinal health blends of nature's most appropriate herbs are combined to make these tea blends just right! Moisturizing Pearl Cream is made from well selected pure precious pearls, which are reduce into very fine powder. Moisturizing Pearl Cream is one of Andrew's newest Anti-aging prescriptive under the ProAcuMed name.
Based on the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this remarkable therapy utilizes the power of 100% essential oils blended for harmonizing, tonifying and rebalancing our most common emotional disorders and their physical manifestations. Dermatitis Lotion is based on an ancient herbal formula that is made into a soothing, skin calming lotion that is applied morning and night. This unique combination of medicinal Chinese and Tibetan herbs helps prevent hair loss (alopecia), alopecia areata and is excellent for the treatment of folliculitis and various bacterial alopecia.
This product can promote blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the firmness of hair follicles and root and facilitates the synthesis of melanin. Main Ingredients: Tuber of multiflower knotweed, angelica, fruit of Rangoon creeper, fruit of glossy privet, myrobalan, root bark of shaggy-fruited dittany, ginseng, saffron, etc. This is the latest product, which are jointly researched and developed under the guidance and supervision of International medical and cosmetic experts.
It mainly promotes the local blood circulation through it stimulates the hair follicles and enlarges the blood capillary and then proceed to inhibit hypersecretion of sebaceous glands and the activities of pathogenic bacteria around the blood capillary so as to promotes the activity of local tissues and cells. During the past 10 years, the efficacy of this tonic formula had been confirmed in repeated clinical studies by noted dermatologists affiliated with major universities and hospitals.
Those studies showed over 70% of patients who used this tonic as prescribed started to re-grow their lost hair in just three months. This treatment pack includes: Tibetan Tonic Hair Growth Restoration, Plant Shampoo for Hair Loss and the nourishing herbal pills, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. Black Hair adopts Tibetan plants from Tibetan medicine and combine them with Chinese herbs .
Ingredients: tuber of multiflower knotweed, Semen sesami nigrum, fruit of glossy privet, Indian gooseberry, Chinese angelica, fruit of Chinese magnolia vine, Beqi, rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, tuckahoe, myrobalan, Pille, Ginseng and saffron etc. Valuable first-aid remedy for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, insect bites, nosebleeds, open and infected wounds, ingrown toenails, spider bites, post-surgical healing, prevents scarring, stops bleeding, disperses stagnant blood, disinfects and stops some pain.
Herbal Ice "San Huang San" is composed of three cooling Chinese herbs that reduce inflammation while dispersing congealed blood and fluids.
When an injury occurs, blood will stagnate in the muscle tissue and often does not reabsorb back into the system.
This general, all purpose massage oil is great for sore, tight inflexible muscle, stiff knees, sore joints and tight backs. This wonderful massage oil (pronounced "ooh-eee") is used for stiff, sore, overexerted muscles and joints that are worse with the cold and dampness. UI Oil contains the light, warming aromatic oils of cinnamon, peppermint, lilac oil, and the tree resin "xue jie" also known as "dragon's blood" (a resin known for its ability to dispel congealing blood and relieve pain). This oil, also known as Hak Kwai Pain Relieving Oil is the most deep penetrating massage oil used for deep bone bruising that occurs in areas where there is thick muscles overlaying bones. White Flower is a natural topical pain relieving balm that is great for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, bruises and strains. White Flower Oil, commonly known as Pak Fah Yeow, is a blend of several essential oils including wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. Used in addition to its anti-inflammation and swelling reduction properties, Taoist Oil's analgesic property are legendary.
This combination of warming herbs is best used for chronic conditions or old injuries such as tendonitis, which includes tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, shin splints, old sprains or reoccurring problems made worse by cold and dampness.
External Pain Relieving Patches these easy to use, no mess, no fuss peel off patches are fantastic for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints!
701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Medicated Plasters are indicated for temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. This particular plaster is suitable for injuries, which occurred 3-4 weeks ago and have stiffness and pain associated with it. The strongest plaster available, these herbs are mixed with Pine Resin, which helps the other herbs penetrate more deeply through the muscle layers and tissue, right to the bone. This pain relieving plaster in very useful for tendonitis, strains, sprains and pulled muscles or any condition exacerbated by heat.
This powder is recommended for the use of bone spurs most commonly found on the heel, as well as on the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Ching Wan Hung (also written Jing Wan Hong is a Chinese herbal ointment that is considered especially helpful in the treatment of burns. This ready to use poultice is used for chronic sinews injuries and is ideal for sprains or bone fractures.
Please note: This formula should only be used on the limbs for fractures or chronic sprains. This amazing powder is recommended for the use of bone fractures, dislocations, torn or damaged ligaments, such as neck, ACL or Medial Collateral Ligament, torn cartilage, such as the meniscus as well as torn tissue and overstretched joints that become unstable. Home Remedies - The Best Home Remedies and Natural Cures Home Remedies and Natural Cures Heal yourself naturally at home!
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.

Our care is based on a foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated with modern knowledge of nutritional sciences and health — providing safe and effective care for both acute and chronic problems.
The body is a highly complex web of interrelated functions, all of which need to act in concert with one another.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is the oldest and most comprehensive form of herbal medicine in the world. Chronic health problems begin when the body attempts to correct an underlying imbalance by stealing resources needed elsewhere in order to compensate. The foods we eat are the building blocks for every cell in the body and provide the tools the body needs to carry out all of its biochemical processes. Body-Feedback identifies the best essential oils to promote healing and maintain health based on your individual needs. Chinese herbs are effective and safe when prescribed by a well-trained herbal practitioner. Many doctors dismiss people’s health concerns because of an incomplete blood test that only looks for full-blown disease.
In contrast, the ranges most doctors use are based on a bell-curve analysis of all the people who visited that lab over a certain period of time, many of whom are very sick.
Because functional nutrition is based on an in-depth knowledge of human physiology and how various systems in the body work together, we also look at a blood test for patterns instead of just looking at individual markers. A blood test can also help us know what other tests may be necessary, such as a gastrointestinal panel or further testing for anemia.
Herbalogic's mission is to help the world discover the healing benefits of natural, plant-based remedies by making them easy to understand and simple to use.
Unknowingly we make use of them in cooking but this information will you insight on the health benefits and its application in different health conditions. Or you find yourself taking more than one herb at a time and getting diarrhea when you never had it before? You next step is to learn even more about the propaganda put out there by the profiteers from Pharmaceutical Drugs whoever they may be. Nothing beats a steamy hot cup of coffee when the cold winter air bites you with your first step outdoors in the morning.
Black tea, while less caffeinated than coffee, can still cause some shakes (it does for me), but a good quality black tea also offers some fabulous antioxidant properties when consumed in moderation. Peppermint’s strong bite gives a gentle, natural energy boost while being very gentle on the digestive tract.
It is though to help with insomnia, anxiety, and muscle twitches, as well as eczema and psoriasis. It’s been studied for its calming effects on anxiety, and its mood-boosting effects on depression.
It can be brewed using fennel seeds, creating a nice sharp bite – add some orange peel for extra flavor. You can purchase loose herbs and create your own mixture, offer it up in pretty jars, and provide empty tea bags for your recipients to brew your concoction! The flight attendants will always provide you with a cup of hot water and nothing beats a relaxing cup of tea when you’re dealing with the stresses of holiday travel!
Your teacher is right – coffee is very acidic, so if you are sensitive to acidity or have any sort of pH imbalance, coffee will only heighten it.
They have no side effects and they are also known to be pure to ensure the customers are benefited out of it. Use this book to write in, create new and positive affirmations, which help create the deesired change in your life.
This all natural, yet simple herbal blend, calms, balances and nourishes the mind and body to enhance restful, blissful sleep. This herbal formula assists the body's natural ability to balance and maintain a healthy weight. Along with good nutrition, regular exercise and fiber, this herbal formula supports colon function with gentle relief.
Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil are made from natural marine lipid concentrate and may help reduce or inhibit risk factors involved in cardiovascular disease, as well as inflammatory and immune disorders.
This soothing organic tea has been grown and cared for under the strict standards of the State Drug Administration of China and Japan. Green tea is characterized by its green color, delicate aroma, mellow taste and beautiful shape. Pearl powder contains 20-22 amino acids which are the building blocks of every living organism.
The pearl powder is then blended with rich moisturizing lotion, cooling Aloe Vera and soothing Vitamin E to give the skin a smooth layer of protection for the elements as well as the appropriate balance of both nutrients and moisture.
This therapy harmonizes and roots the "earth energy" to help us feel grounded and comforted. This therapy tonifies Kidney Qi deficiency by harmonizing imbalances of fear, apprehension and insecurity.
This therapy tonifies the Yang energy and benefits the Heart and Kidneys, Liver and Gallbladder. This therapy helps to stabilize psychological issues and pressure that lead to imbalances of the "elements" and their related organs.
Andrew has developed one of the best non-steroidal lotions to treat a wide variety of dermatitis conditions.
It is highly effective in regenerating of new hair, so long as the hair follicles are not atrophied. Furthermore, over 85% of patients who continued the treatment for 8 to 14 months had either grown normal hair or showed dramatic reduction in hair loss. Based on the three Chinese formulas, which promote blood circulation, stimulates the hair follicles and enlarges the blood capillary, the combination activates local tissues and cells.
This patent formula alone helps the flesh regenerate and prevents blood stasis and infections, which could lead to scarring. Commonly used for excessive menstrual bleeding, severe menstrual cramps, ulcer bleeding, carbuncles. The blood can congeal and harden, adhering the muscle fibers together and blocking normal circulation in normal areas, creating pain and stiffness. This oil is also great to massage into cold muscles before exercise to help them warm up and to prepare them for stretching and activity. This area is bruised and painful but shows no visible swelling or discoloration on the surface.
There is a combination of herbs in this plaster, which help to heal damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments. This warming plaster helps impaired circulation and heals injuries that are cold to the touch, are sensitive to cold or for chronic injuries that are painful and achy in cold, damp weather. This plaster is now reconstituted so that it can be applied immediately (without heating) . Bone spurs are associated with chronic inflammation, which can cause calcium to accumulate near joints and tendons as seen in arthritis, tendonitis and spurs. It has been applied to chemical burns, radiation burns, and sunburns, as well as burns caused by fire, electricity, steam, or direct contact with a hot liquid. The Acute stage includes Herbal Ice used in place of ice to dramatically reduce swelling, Trauma Liniment the NUMBER ONE remedy for bruises, contusions, sprains and fractures and Trauma Pills, taken internally as the counterpart to Trauma Liniment and a box of Wu Yang Pain Relieving Plaster.
Our goal is to hone in on what core systems of the body are out of balance and restore their function using natural treatments. Chinese herbs are often combined into formulas customized for your specific needs and changed gradually as your condition improves. With various lab testing to help determine what systems or biochemical pathways are malfunctioning in your body such as hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, detoxification capacity, food sensitivities and other hidden stressors, we can pinpoint exactly what is pushing you off balance and support your body’s healthy physiological functioning naturally. Every organ system is associated with specific muscles and acupuncture points that can become tender when imbalances occur. Careful attention to dosage, combinations of herbs, and any known drug-herb interactions are covered in comprehensive Chinese herbal medicine education programs. In functional nutrition, however, we use a blood test for assessing trends towards disease that may be symptomatic even though you fall within the grey area between health and a full-blown diagnosable disease. These lab ranges have broadened over the last few decades as health of the American population has declined. By doing this, we see how these different systems influence one another to cause a constellation of symptoms. Our minimally processed, small-batch formulas for everyday health concerns combine multiple herbs long used by traditional healers to support the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Methi seeds can be taken early in the morning or can be added to preparation in a powdered form. I like viewing web sites which comprehend the price of delivering the excellent useful resource free of charge. If you take that herb, it may or may not work depending upon whether or not it addresses the underlying or root cause of the constipation. Notice that this approach to using herbs is no different from the way MDs prescribe drugs, which basically is let's try this and see if it works.
Even if you come into my office with your pain being a 10 on the 0 to 10 pain scale, I will reduce your pain. If this kind of pain relief appeals to you call Dr.
It’s also been found to have a relaxation effect on the stomach as well as the nervous system. If you have the opportunity, buy some dried chamomile flowers and brew them for a more intense flavor (and pretty cup of tea!). When you’ve come down with a bad cold, ginger is great for loosening phlegm and soothing sore throats. Not only that, but nettles are very high in iron and vitamin C, making it great for anyone with anemia or chronic fatigue. I miss the productivity rush, the taste and the comfort of the habit, but I don’t miss the mid day sleepiness or the effects on my digestive system.
This web site is known to have some of the best herbal treatments for any kind of ailments. Repeating the affirmation helps imprint a new image of health so that the body can then produce health.
We include a month of ear seeds, in depth information on the NADA protocol and how to work with this amazing process! Ginseng, the traditional cure-all, has been said to relieve almost every ailment aggravated by stress and anxiety, according to traditional Chinese medicine.
It is believed that oxygen shortage in the brain (hypoxia) is at the core of the pathogenesis of a migraine attack.
Long term use of Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil help prevent aging skin, menopausal symptoms, promote better circulation, lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, reduce heart related risk, and the pain of arthritis.
Pearls are an excellent source of minerals, amino acids and calcium carbonate, the most absorbable form of calcium.
These unique blends come in .35 oz roll on bottles for easy application and also come with instructions on additional acupu-points for individual situations.
These oils increase the circulation of blood and improve the ability to concentrate and remember.
The heart is the emotional body, the Kidneys "root" the mind with determination while the Lungs maintain our psychological boundaries. Anger is a necessary and creative force, but when it is out of control, we set ourselves up for a destructive pattern. Disempowerment can be seen as a lack of determination, feeling vulnerable and resistance to change.

It helps to sooth Liver Qi (wood), refresh the spirit, by tonifying Heart (fire) and Kidneys (water), grounds the Spleen (earth) and clears the Lungs (metal). This all natural product is designed to clean bacteria from the pores, clear away accumulated remnants of sebum and effectively prevent alopecia.
It is highly effective in regenerating new hair, so long as the hair follicles are not atrophied.
This is the MOST effective oil for this type of injury because it contains very aromatic herbs and oils, which penetrate this kind of obstruction.
These pills strongly break up blood stagnation and move fluid accumulation due to bruises, contusions, sprains and fractures.
This unique blend of Chinese herbs works deep down into the tendons to stimulate circulation! 701 plaster is used with remarkable results to help heal bone spurs, in areas not covered by thick muscles, including heal spurs and bone spurs in the shoulder area. In conjunction with Acupuncture, a combination of Osteophyte Powder, 701 Plaster and Tendon Soak is the best remedy for bone spurs!
It is also highly regarded for menstrual cramps, where the stick is waved in a circular motion over the abdominal area.
This allows us to match your signs and symptoms exactly, and enhance the formulas positive effects. Understanding how certain foods could be negatively affecting your health is a cornerstone to restoring optimal wellbeing. Essential oils easily cross the blood-brain barrier affecting brain chemistry, which in turn causes a response in these reactive areas of the body.
Elizabeth has over 3000 hours of training in Oriental Medicine and is NCCAOM Herbal Board Certified. One tool we use to accomplish this is to interpret blood tests using functional ranges which outline the parameters of good health.
As a result, more and more people with real health problems are told they’re fine because their lab results fall within these wide ranges.
In case of stomach ache, indigestion you can add a pinch of hing to buttermilk and have it after the meal.
If it doesn't work, let's try this other one. What this means is that the person prescribing the herb does not understand the underlying root of the problem. That is why the correct diagnosis and complete assessment of the status of your whole body is so important to effective herbal use. Eichenauer at 941-926-4711 to schedule your appointment or for a free telephone consultation. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. He helped me with every problem I ever presented him with. I even had major surgery for a complete bowel obstruction and he got me back to work months faster than the hospital MDs told me was possible. Green tea and white tea are both tops for antioxidant content while providing that little caffeine boost.
In the summer, nothing beats a fresh mint tea picked straight from the garden (just make sure you wash the leaves first!) after dinner.
Rather I work with clients to build health through a whole foods diet, an active lifestyle, and relaxation techniques.
Further, this web site also has an e-commerce link through which you can buy your products as well. At present, several Asian countries are prescribing this particular type of Ginseng as treatment for several illnesses, including heart conditions and to enhance overall health. As an anti-inflammatory agent, the extract is effective in substantially alleviating the problems and pain related to rheumatism or osteoarthritis and gout. Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish and Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil help to protect against heart and blood vessel disease. Pearl powder contains proteins which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides which strengthen the muscles and the metabolism.
Pearl Cream is recommended to speed the skin's natural metabolism in order to tone and rejuvenate complexion.
Sun Si Miao's analegesic herbal formulas, which were regarded by Taoists as sacred medicine. Trauma pills are for short term use and should be taken the first 24-36 hours of a sprain or during the first week after a contusion, break or fracture.
It is used for conditions such as aching of the legs and back, spasmodic tendons, falls, sprains, trauma, sprain of the lumbar region, cold pains of the abdomen, dysmenorrhea, conglomeration and masses.
It acts to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and infection, and aid in the regeneration of the damaged tissues.
Home remedies and natural cures offer us powerful and often inexpensive ways to heal our bodies, or fix any embarrassing or annoying problems and can ensure that we are healthy and happy.  Home treatments are a great alternative to western medicine, which although can be very useful, usually fails to treat our sicknesses holistically, giving us relief from symptoms, but failing to tackle the root cause of our ailments.
They do not contain harsh chemicals, fillers, alcohol or preservatives, and are very gentle to your system.
There are, however, plenty of reasons to choose decaffeinated drinks instead – by which I mean herbal teas. The opinions and suggestions expressed on this website are purely my own and are offered as a general guide for good health and happiness. The people in this company make sure that they are preparing the right formulation of various Chinese herbs. This company also specializes in providing customized remedies for one’s specific individual ailments. Studies of Western herbal medicine show that panax ginseng's ability to regulate the immune system has potential advantages in effectively preventing colds, flu, and some forms of cancer.
Natural, essential fatty acids are essential to normal human cell and tissue growth and maintenance. Used for scar therapy as well as beauty treatments, pearl powder contains a unique combination of natural substances and minerals, which when applied topically keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. Moxa Therapy treatment brings warmth and helps strengthen the activity of the blood in any stiff, cold or stagnate areas that are cold or have pain.
This combination of nine herbs helps the body to clear any residual blood stagnation, promotes circulation, prevents atrophy, repairs damaged tissue, tonifies the kidneys, which in turn, strengthens and heals broken bones and encourage the body to heal itself. Additionally, much of western medicine can cause unwanted and nasty side effects, and even end up making us worse.
Taking single herbal remedies may work some of the time, but often just makes things worse, because a single herb usually can't balance the whole body.
Utilize these wonderful formulas for treating many disorders and for healing and maintaining a balanced life. Case studies show that panax ginseng proves effective in lowering the sugar content in the blood and cholesterol levels. Gunpowder tea is astringent and mildly bitter and you can add a very small pinch of Stevia or Spearmint to soften the taste. To inhale, apply a few drops of White Flower Embrocation on a handkerchief and place over nose and inhale deeply.
Adjustments and modernizations of processing techniques were made to the original formula to further its clinical effects.
Rub a generous amount of ointment directly into the affected area after it has been thoroughly cleaned.
Not only can you cure your conditions with my home remedies, but you can also help to prevent future illness.
All you have to do is log on to the web site and read about the company and make your purchase orders on the web site itself. Consequently, panax ginseng may prove beneficial when used in connection with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from high cholesterol. These fatty acids are especially abundant in brain cells, nerve relay stations (synapses), visual receptors (retinas), adrenal glands, and sex glands. Pearl powder prevent pigmentation by slowing down the development of melanin which controls the color pigments of the skin. The area may be covered with gauze to further reduce possibility of infection and irritation. What do you think? Which brings up the question of the safety of Pharmaceutical Drugs or Medicines, which is what some poorly informed optimists like to call them. The extract is effective in reducing blood sugar levels and the amounts of insulin required for diabetic patients.
Pearl powder filters the sun's rays - Chinese experts claim that pearls can correct the damage done to the skin by the sun. Note that this ointment, like many Chinese ointments and liniments with a red color, can stain clothing. By home remedies I mean things that you can take at home, without having to go to the doctor, frequently using ingredients that either come from nature or perhaps that you can find in your cupboard!  (Apple Cider Vinegar and honey are two key ingredients!) They can consist of dietary changes and detoxing, making use of herbs and natural ingredients, stimulating your immune systems through exercise or other lifestyle changes. A wide variety of illnesses and annoying conditions can be cured or relieved by using home treatments.  I will be initially adding the most popular remedies and sought after cures, but eventually this site will become a large resource for anyone looking to heal themselves in their homes. The extract is effective in clearing up a large variety of skin allergic conditions either due to food or airborne allergens. Common ailments and problems that can be effectively treated or cured include coughs, colds, sinus infections, cold sores and sore throats. Ganoderma extract has been found to be useful in detoxifying the kidneys and improving its overall function. I will also explain how to relieve pains associated with irregular periods, tooth ache and headaches, as well as some great preventative tips for those suffering from migraines and asthma. Patients receiving hemodialysis should find that the duration and frequency of the treatment could be reduced.
Other home remedies on this site provide help with embarrassing conditions such as relief from excessive gas, zits and pimples, head lice, piles and hemorrhoids, wart removal, sweaty armpits and dandruff. The extract has been shown effective in reducing or eliminating excessive menstrual pain and irregularities. Ganoderma extract has been found effective in addressing a variety of cardiovascular problems.
As well as treating existing ailments and illnesses, home remedies can also be used to improve our wellbeing, and make us generally more healthy and happy, and I will tell you some brilliant tips and tricks for getting glowing skin, how to get rid of razor bumps, some excellent info on teeth whitening, natural cures for depression, and tips to improve your digestion which can help those suffering from gout and heartburn. But in particular if you are embarrassed to go to the doctor about your problem, or don’t have the money to go, or you just want to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. Despite what I’ve said about western medicine If you have a persistent illness or symptom, I highly recommend you do visit your local physician, as sometimes it may be a symptom of a larger problem, and certain aspects of western medicine are very useful.  That said, for many smaller ailments and illnesses you may find that you need to visit your local health care provider much less after reading my handy guide to self healing! People have been using natural treatments to cure common illnesses for centuries, and there is a good reason for this – they work!
In this site I will show you the best natural cures that I know of, and I will be drawing from folk and indigenous knowledge from around the world, as well as medicine systems such as Chinese, Ayurvedic (Indian), American Indian and African. So take a look round the site today and get healthy and happy with my wonderful home remedies!

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