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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disorder characterized by intense that cannot be cured with sleep.
Oct 18, 2013 · Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome come with a host of symptoms that can leave you wondering what in the world is going on your body! Nimodipine is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker that was originally developed for the treatment of high blood pressure. Although chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was first named in the 1980s, it is not a new disease and has been referred to by other names since 1700s. Aug 29, 2014 · Get information about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) symptoms, Epstein Barr, Treatment, Support, Weakness, Diet, Cure, and more. Aug 25, 2014 · Through my healing process I have experienced the biggest shifts and greatest miracles by redefining what a happy successful life is to me. Weariness, fatigue and exhaustion are problems which cause a person to be unable to continue working, due to a total loss of physical and mental energy.
Symptoms: Loss of appetite, apathy, lack of energy, depression, melancholy and body aches. Hypothyroidism, improper functioning of the thyroid, and therefore of the metabolism which must assimilate foods in order to convert them into useful energy. In every cell there is a component called the mitochondrion responsible for combining glucose (sugar in the blood) with oxygen and thus producing energy, carbon dioxide and water.
Nevertheless, if we provide energy through complex carbohydrates (potatoes, beans, etc) instead of refined sugar, the glucose produces will nourish the blood system little by little and give the pancreas the opportunity to produce the necessary insulin without being sued up. On the other hand, when coffee stimulates the central nervous system and produces stress, it will cause the liver to discharge all its glucose reserves into the bloodstream which it maintains for moments of emergency, stress or danger. Large quantities of complex carbohydrates (whole grains lentils, beans, proteins (fish, milk and eggs), fats (preferably from cold water fish like tuna, salmon and olive oil). Take frequent breaks and, at least once a week, relax and take your mind off the things. There has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from lifestyle related disorders like diabetes, obesity and chronic auto-immune diseases like arthritis etc. Types Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome There are 5 different types of chronic fatigue syndrome, namely post exertional fatigue, brain fog fatigue, wired fatigue, energy fatigue and flu-like fatigue.
Though the exact cause of chronic fatigue is not yet known, a number of researches suggest that it may be a result of other existing diseases of the individual such as cardiovascular disease, lung disease or kidney failure.

The signs and symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome are quite complex and differ from person to person.
Early treatment is essential to avoid progression of the disease, even in chronic fatigue syndrome.
Risk Factors Though chronic fatigue syndrome can affect almost any individual at any given time, there are certain people who are more at the risk of developing this condition.
Overview Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disorder characterized by intense fatigue that cannot be cured with sleep.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition characterized by extreme, long-lasting exhaustion.
The first thing we do is prepare ourselves a strong cup of coffee with a good measure of sugar. When refined sugar is consumed it goes directly to the blood without being previously transformed as is the case with complex carbohydrates (beans, potatoes, etc).
The discharge of insulin by the pancreas is done suddenly due to the large quantity of glucose – sugar found in the blood, thus rapidly using up the insulin reserves and leaving the person without anyway to introduce glucose in to the cells for the rest of the day because of the lack of insulin.
At the same time, additional quantities of oxygen will not be required for combustion within the cell.
Chronic fatigue is one of the severe debilitating conditions, affecting thousands of people worldwide. Read below to find out more about this condition- its causes, types, treatments, symptoms and risk factors.
The Centers for Disease Control indicate that stress, infections and toxin exposures may lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.Infections of Epstein-Barr virus, human retrovirus, fungi, and bornavirus and Lyme disease bacteria may be one of the major causes of chronic fatigue syndrome in many individuals. Certain common signs and symptoms include short term memory impairment, loss of concentration, sore throat, extreme weakness, feeling tired always, muscle weakness, cramps, pain in the joints, lethargy, dizziness, tender lymph nodes, swelling and redness of joints etc.These signs can be confirmed as chronic fatigue syndrome only after they persist for more than 6 months and fail to respond even after medications. Several researches have confirmed the fact that patients who are diagnosed and treated for chronic fatigue syndrome in the first 2 years respond more quickly and efficiently than those who were diagnosed later.Drug therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome include use of medications including Buopropion, sertraline and others. Statistics reveal that this condition is most commonly diagnosed among people of the age group 40-50 years and in the elderly group.Also, women undergoing menopause may be at a much higher risk of developing this condition.
These are, to say, thrashed little by little, unfolding in simple sugars (glucose) which later are slowly fed to the cells with the help of insulin. One way is to reduce the amount of caffeine and refined sugar that you consume and allow the insulin activity to regulate it. These drugs may help relieve symptoms, especially those associated with pain and sleep changes. Certain studies also suggest than women in the menopausal stage have 4 times a much greater risk of developing this condition than other women.

Some physicians use placebos, which in some cases has resulted in a lessening or elimination of pain. Researchers speculate that viruses, hypotension, immune impairment, and hormonal problems could all be contributing factors. Blatman, MD is the founder and medical director of the Blatman Health and Wellness Center, and a nationally recognized specialist in treating myofascial pain. Genetic predisposition, allergies, stress, and environmental factors may also increase your risk.
He is credentialed in Pain Management and Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and in Integrative Holistic Medicine. The most common symptom is fatigue that is severe enough to interfere with your daily activities.
For CFS to be diagnosed, fatigue must last for at least six months and must not be curable with bed rest.
Other symptoms of CFS may include: loss of memory or concentration feeling unrefreshed after sleep muscle pain headaches multi-joint pain without redness or swelling frequent sore throat tender lymph nodes in your neck and armpits You may also experience illness or extreme fatigue after physical or mental activities. If you have the condition, you do not look sick and your symptoms are common to many illnesses. The following conditions all have symptoms in common with CFS: Lyme disease mononucleosis lupus fibromyalgia hypothyroidism multiple sclerosis You may also experience symptoms of CFS if you are severely obese or have depressive disorders or sleep disorders. The side effects of certain drugs, such as antihistamines and alcohol, can mimic CFS as well.
Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes Modifying your lifestyle can help reduce your symptoms.
Limiting or eliminating your caffeine intake will help you sleep better and ease your insomnia. Create a sleep routine; You should go to bed at the same time every night and aim to wake up around the same time every morning. In many cases, CFS can trigger depression, and you may need an antidepressant to combat it.
If lifestyle changes do not give you a restful nights sleep, your doctor may suggest a sleep aid.

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